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TOPIC: I'm due to have LASEK Friday...

Strange Vision Problem 31 Oct 2013 04:00 #1

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After Lasek a few years ago, I've noticed recently, at a distance of a foot or two, I can see 'red on black' while wearing glasses, but can't make out 'blue on black'. I have to bow my head down and look over the rims and visa-versa to see each colour. :blink:

If 'inthebusinessnotOE' is reading this, perhaps he could comment as to why this is?

I'm due to have LASEK Friday... 29 Mar 2013 08:37 #2

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Hi Bungle

Thank you I was not trying to put you off your LASEK OP just thought you needed to know what they do not tell you!!!!!

Hope it all goes OK for you today let us know how you get on please take care and good luck.

Lasek side effects 28 Mar 2013 22:53 #3

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Hard to believe this industry is unregulated & people continue to fall for the sales pitches & risk their eyesight just to give up wearing glasses :unsure:

Record your Q & As from the surgeon 28 Mar 2013 19:08 #4

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Bungle wrote:
PS my first post didn't show up. hopefully this one will.

Thanks to the high incidence of spam attacks against this site, posts from unregistered users must wait for approval from a moderator. We try to do this is as quickly as possible.
If you decide to go ahead I advise you record your pre op Q & As with the operating surgeon in case of any problems.

This is something I believe everyone undergoing eye surgery should do in the event of complications and the arguable validity of fully informed consent!

Meanwhile Bungle, please keep us updated.

I'm due to have LASEK Friday... 28 Mar 2013 17:14 #5

  • Bungle
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finshed reading your story now Pat.

it sounds like an absolute nightmare. i was certainly not aware that it could cause retinal detachment.

i really do feel for you because me just having slightly worse eyesight and more halo in one eye has caused me a fair bit of discomfort and annoyance. so i can't imagine how you've coped with your problems, which are 100x worse. certainly puts mine into perspective.

i hope things look up for you in the future.

I'm due to have LASEK Friday... 28 Mar 2013 17:02 #6

  • Bungle
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thanks for the advice folks.

yeah i think maybe i'm hoping for too much that my halos will match!

i'm still in 2 minds about it. i suppose what i want is guarantees from my surgeon tomorrow but i know they can't be given.

i also wish we knew exactly what percentage of people have lifetime problems from LASEK/LASIK but i suppose we'll never know. i'm a logical type of guy and if i had figures to work with then i could make the decision much easier. cos the decision is just whirring round and round in my head.

but if i do decide to go ahead with it i'm certainly asking about the MMC.

i'll read your story now Pat.

PS my first post didn't show up. hopefully this one will.

I'm due to have LASEK Friday... 28 Mar 2013 10:31 #7

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I had lasek nearly 2 years ago and will regret it to my dying day!

The use of MMC is standard at most clinics so I repeat what's been said, do your research as it's an unlicensed drug and the long term outcome unknown!

The pain following lasek is excrutiating and you can be left with painful eyes for years after, if not forever. I was told this ONLY when I complained about the state of my eyes after surgery and the surgeon said this is common with lasek!!! Nobody told me this before surgery!

I would love to be in your position having an option not to go ahead!

Too late for me but you need to ask the surgeon all these questions before you make your decision - the surgeon not the optometrist!

I think you're expecting too much to have matching halos in both eyes though as each eye is different and any surgeon will tell you (if honest) there are no guarantees!!

I'm due to have LASEK Friday... 27 Mar 2013 22:46 #8

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Hi Bungle

Sorry to hear about the eye problems you are having if you have not read the TRUE STORIES yet please find time to do so BEFORE you go on Friday for your LASEK SURGERY.

I had a Enhancement with LASEK on both my eyes In August 2009 and it was the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life please read (Pats story)
At the end of the day it's your choice only you can decide but please choose carefully!!!!!

Let usknow what you decide to do good luck.

I'm due to have LASEK Friday... 27 Mar 2013 16:34 #9

  • Bungle
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i had LASIK done 4 years ago. had dry eye which passed over time, but the left eye was never really up to scratch. a noticeable enough difference to mean i wear glasses to watch tv at night, which i didn't expect after LASIK.

now i'm being retreated with LASEK in only my left eye. i get halos in both eyes but would be fine with that if my left eye halo's reduced to as much as my right eye. it's the difference which causes me bother. i just want two eyes the same. so if my prescription in my left eye matches my right after LASEK, will the halo be equal in each eye?

i'm not one who particularly regrets having LASIK but i do wish they'd have got it right first time.

my op is Friday but i've been reading so many horror stories about LASEK. i'm nearly at the point now where i just resign myself to wearing glasses for watching tv and driving for the rest of my life. or should i take the risk?!

i'm really in a quandry about this. this site basically suggests not having eye surgery... but lots of people have success, such as my wife. so i don't know what to do. i'm umming and arring.