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13 Mar 2018 22:40 #45


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A belated update on Dr Kanackal Alex George aka Dr Duck (self named) :kiss:

25 December 2017, I published an email from Dr Duck, in which he had written, "In the very least, both of you owe me an apology [me and his damaged patient Paul Holmes] and Sasha Rodoy, you need to publish a retraction of your false allegations and accusations against me in your OERML web-site and Facebook pages. You have no right to make any statement against me or that I 'damaged' any patient unless backed by clinical evidence and the judgement of a Court of Law."

More ranting and lies, and then, "I give you both a month to apologise and publish the retractions however I will reserve the right to initiate legal action at all times. I shall also send the contents of this communication to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbin [sic] and the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell who need to know about your misdeeds against me."

I didn’t respond, and purposely waited exactly a month before publishing the letter...

Less than two hours after doing so I was amazed to see a response from Alex George, and he astonishingly continued to post here...

From one of his FIVE posts on 28 December, "My one month grace period given to her [Sasha] is over now I shall now commence civil proceedings. Her web site is a travesty, jeopardising the results of my surgery and her political patrons need to be made aware of the detriment she and her web site poses to the public."

ROTFLMAO when he posted on 1 Jan 2018, "She [Sasha] had requested a meeting with me in 2018 [Liar - obviously puffed up with self-importance because I had/have no interest in meeting with this creep] and I had agreed to meet her if she heeded my demand to first clear the air by apologising for her libellous actions but she seems to have difficulty in making amends for her misdeeds."

But on 3 January 2018, when Dr Duck posted 'Bang Bang!!’ on this forum, I hoped that he was simply being childish, yet other people interpreted it as a threat, taken seriously when considered alongside a genuine threat made by OE's General Ops director Patrick James Green in 2013 - see www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...ick-james-green.html

I provided David Moulsdale’s phone number and the Met police officer called him in person to ask for Dr Kanackal Alex George’s phone number. This took a few weeks, because of course David made the Met jump through Data Protection hoops!

Three weeks ago I was told that Dr Duck had been warned not to contact me or post here again, and I imagine that David was none too pleased with Alex George's behaviour, not the sort of advertising he wants for Optical Express surgeons!

Meanwhile, I’ve heard nothing from lawyers with regard to Dr Duck’s claim that I libelled him, while the numerous legal claims against him continue!

And as for Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, I’ll leave you to guess what they thought about the Duck's foolish letters!
23 Jan 2018 21:51 #44

Duck Hunter

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21 Jan 2018 17:47 #43

Chase Watkin-Jones

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Alex George wrote: Do your research and only come forward for it if you understand your responsibilities that you have a 50% role in making it a success.

Dr Alex George, how can a patient be 50% responsible for making an operation a success? If you have a heart transplant or knee replacement then the patient must of course follow the doctors orders for taking it easy or physiotherapy exercises. But ONLY the surgeon is 100 % responsible for advising the suitability of the patient for any operation, giving fully detailed informed consent, and performing the op. You DEMAND that Sasha Rodoy provides you with an Optimax consent form that has ZERO relevance to you, but you have not denied her claim that you are being sued by many more of your patients.

Please tell us how many of your patients have complained of poor results after surgery (do OE even tell you?)?

Alex George wrote: I had agreed to meet Hazel’s family but Sasha Rodoy first needed to apologise and make amends for her libellous propagation of lies against me. My one month grace period given to her is over now I shall now commence civil proceedings. Her web site is a travesty, jeopardising the results of my surgery and her political patrons need to be made aware of the detriment she and her web site poses to the public.

Incredibly you say you refuse to meet with Hazel Jones’ family unless Sasha apologises to you! What does Sasha Rodoy have to do with the fact that Hazel died after a massive stroke caused by the stress she suffered because you damaged her eyes & life?
20 Jan 2018 15:12 #42

Alex George

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Sasha Rodoy, you haven’t posted my comment of 18th Jan denying that I was Al Gorge. Hopefully you are busy looking for an honest job?

BTW, what happened to your Optimax LVC Consent form - Chicken eh ?

Bang ! Bang!
17 Jan 2018 21:34 #41

Alex George

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Not that I am bothered what you, Sasha, or anyone else surmises, Al Gorge is not me. It’s probably one of the benighted subscribers to your TOXIC web-site.
Another scrap to keep you excited for a few days!
17 Jan 2018 15:22 #40


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He gave me 2 stars last time :kiss:

Reported again...


Al Gorge aka Dr Kanackal Alex George has retaliated by challenging Trustpilot...

Those of you who've ever attempted to leave a negative review on Optical Express' Trustpilot page will appreciate the irony of Dr Duck's review!

On a serious note, how can Optical Express continue to allow this seemingly unstable surgeon to operate on trusting patients?!

Let's hope they google "Dr Alex George"!