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I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 04 Jul 2014 09:04 #1

  • Frogdog
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i had idesign Lasik in Nottingham last week (24th June) after having done a decent level of research - mainly comparing the different companies and processes.

My prescription was -4.5 in my right eye, -3.75 in the left.

At my 24hr checkup my vision was great - able to read the 4/4 line. Over the next 5 days though my near vision got worse - still see well into the distance.

At my 7 day checkup i was told I had been 'over corrected' and both eyes were about +1 (described by the optometrist as a minor over correction). I was (and still am) a little shell shocked by this so didn't really ask any questions other than 'can it be put right' which i was told it can be by having a corrective (second) procedure in 3-6 months when the eyes have healed and settled down.

I was not offered (nor did I ask for) an explanation of how this could have happened - though I expect 'healing' to be the answer.

I don't, at the moment, have any other problems (touch wood I never will).

If I had known this would be the outcome (and yes I did read all the disclaimer and understood it could happen) I wouldn't have had it done. The implication through all the marketing is that errors and post op problems are rare, though now I have done deeper investigation clearly it is not that rare.

Over the last 48 hours I have discovered this website and facebook page and have scared myself to death with the stories on there - i feel for the people involved.

My question is - how should i proceed from here ? Should I request a meeting to explain to me what has happened, or my medical notes from OE in Nottingham ? Should I have the second process or live with being long sighted (which is far worse then being short sighted I must say). Are the risks associated with a second procedure greater than or the same as the first ? If my eyes did 'over heal' how come its exactly the same in both eyes ?

The general thread seems to be people mistrust OE - as do I now, but is there anyone with experience of a second procedure within 6 months ?

6 surgeries = glasses, headaches and sickness! 02 Jul 2014 15:58 #2

  • Emma Adley
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Hi, I found this site via the 'OERML' Facebook and wanted to share my experience.

I started treatment nearly three years ago and have had 6 surgeries, 3 on both eyes. I have been left with one highly long sighted right eye and one short sighted left eye. I feel sick without the glasses I now have to wear, cannot play county cricket as my 3D vision has been impaired and was treated dreadfully by staff who simply said I'd 'have to see if my eyes sorted themselves out...'

I've paid £4500 for 6 surgeries, never able to wear contacts again, stuck in glasses, suffer daily headaches and feel depressed as I hate glasses, the reason I started the process in the first place - I wanted to be able to get away from glasses forever! I have been cheated and lied to...

I am in the prime of my life, newly married and I should be happy and feeling confident, but instead I have no confidence due to the glasses - which I was bullied over when I was younger. Not to mention, if I wanted a decent pair of glasses OE told me I would have to pay for them myself. I could only select from the cheap CRAPPY selection which they offer damaged patients.

Not once have they bothered to check whether I am okay, or how my eye sight is. In fact at the last appointment the optometrist just said I'd have to see how I went with the difference between my eyes, even though I told her I was feeling sick and getting headaches, she offered no explanation as to why this might be happening so I got a second opinion from Specsavers who saw me for 40mins and checked everything (OE appt time 14mins - no checking of the eye, or thorough eye test carried out).. Specsavers gave me a prescription for my glasses and managed to spot the astigmatism in both eyes which OE hadn't even mentioned for my prescription.

I have considered taking anti-depressants but this would interfere with my work (i'm a teacher) but I am so unhappy with my vision and having to wear glasses all the time to stop myself from feeling sick. The glasses do help with the headaches but in order to aid with this the glasses have to be large lenses so that I cannot see around them as this makes me feel like I have motion sickness... The whole thing makes me feel like crying.

At every appointment I was told 'it will be fine' and 'this is normal' until the day after my last surgery where they measured my right eye as going from -0.5 to a staggering +2.5.. I have spoken to another surgeon at the local hospital who said this is impossible unless the surgeon miscalculated the laser time! So there are surely grounds for a case just from the last treatment.

Nobody ever told me that I may end up wearing glasses forever, or that my eyes may no longer be able to take contact lenses if the treatment didn't work. They also told me that my eyes were suitable for the procedure, all 6 times! Whereas a friend who is an optician said that the strength of my prescription would put me in the high risk for failure (original prescription -7.5 and -7.0)

I am seeking legal advice.

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 14 Jun 2014 13:05 #3

  • MRS x
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After my eyes have regressed to where they were before surgery, but with added side effects and problems, I've been offered free 'enhancement' surgery'!

But I have been told that my current symptoms would be worse than they are plus a lengthy recovery period.

I ma not risking damaging my eyes any further and won't be having their free 'enhancement'! I have sought legal advice and been told I have a good case while OE decide what they are going to do to help me.

I would not recommend this surgery to anyone, safer to stick with your glasses or contact lenses!

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 30 Jan 2014 20:47 #4

  • Dee gone blind
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Surgery done, really pleased, no after effects, no dry eye, the only thing I do now is stare and forget to blink :/

After 4 years I have now -1 right eye.

Back to Optical Express Saturday to see what they going to do, contract says 3 year guarantee, I did report loss of vision to them about two years in but they said it was because I was stressed!

So I'm going to argue my point that it was reported within the three years and was sent away with drops and told to relax.

I'll let u know what they say... I've heard some contracts are 4 years but I was told lifetime - but what they didn't tell me was that it was lifetime care, not lifetime guarantee.

Mis-selling IMO!

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 14 Jan 2014 19:22 #5

  • HazelJ
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Ok picked up glasses but there no good as depending which part of eye I'm looking through depends on what I'm seeing ! Tried them driving and nearly crashed as I can't judge distance ! Oh well back to drawing board

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 08 Jan 2014 17:47 #6

  • HazelJ
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Going to pick mine up tomorrow ,but these are for distance which wasn't a problem before RLE B)

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 07 Jan 2014 07:11 #7

  • Mr X
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Wow six years!

Mine lasted less than a week.

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 03 Jan 2014 19:55 #8

  • Zoe
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In November 2007 I paid £3,000 to correct my distance vision. My prescription was approx -4 and -5 .

After a recent eye test I need glasses for driving as my prescription is now -0.25 and -1.25.

Optical Express have told me that if I had gone back to them within four years of surgery they would have carried out retreatment free of charge, but now they can do nothing as it's out of time.

The optician contacted OE's Head Office on my behalf and was told that I could have 50% discount on 'top up' surgery (approx £1600), but understandably I have rejected their offer and told them that I will not be returning to Optical Express again.

I am now very happy with 2 pairs of glasses from Specsavers that I paid £69 for.

I am seeking further advice on this as surely eye surgery should last more than 6 years?

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 17 Jun 2013 12:41 #9

  • Mrshengy
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Mines was -1.75 & -1.25

I NEED GLASSES AGAIN 16 Jun 2013 22:30 #10

  • Robin
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It would be interesting to know what prescription you all had pre surgery... I am sure that long sightedness i.e. plus prescription is more of a challenge to correct ?