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23 Feb 2019 17:24 #31


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A fun day out in Glasgow today @ Optical Express 200 St Vincent St :kiss:

All Optical Express patients who attended the demo were operated on by David Teenan, all in litigation...

Ronnie (wearing beanie) is blind in one eye, while his friend Dougie's case is listed in court on 5 March.

Sadly I won't be there, because it won't happen - but I'd love to be proven wrong!

OE cannot afford any more major negative publicity, but I have no doubt that Dougie will be pressured by his lily livered legal team to accept an out of court settlement - as has been the case with hundreds of other legal claims since Stephanie Holloway's landmark award of £569,000 (+interest) in 2014.

There are two law firms I am well acquainted with who need to realise that OE play great poker - grow a pair and call their bluff boys!

NB: Do contact me if you are in litigation and have any concerns about your solicitor as I'm happy to share information that I may have about them.

12 Mar 2016 17:45 #30


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Hello my name is Arturas and I am from London. I have problems also with OE
Next week can I join with you?
admin: Hi Arturas…
I have hidden your email address but will let you know when the next demo is
04 Feb 2016 15:35 #29


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A little birdie told me that Jan Venter has been flown in from his ranch in Sth Africa, to treat the problem patients that no-one else can...

So two days ago four of us made flying visits to Optical Express stores in White City (Westfield), Shaftesbury Avenue, and Harley Street.

We made it inside all except Harley Street - where they now have an entry system and CCTV to keep out unwanted protesters!

No demo, simply to hand out flyers and cards to patients inside the clinics.

On previous visits to Westfield on operating days the upstairs waiting room was always full of RLE patients. This time however there were only two post op patients, sitting outside the operating room wearing fresh bandages on their eyes and resembling a scene from the disturbing dystopian novel, 'Never Let Me Go’!

I guess OERML must be doing something right as all locations were almost empty, and the handful of potential customers we spoke to on their way in/out of Harley Street and Shaftesbury Avenue stores definitely won’t be going back!

A number of people have contacted me for advice about standing outside their local OE store to hand out flyers and warn people of the risks. So if you would like to join up with others in your area please send an email and I will do my best to link you up: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I can also provide PDF for flyers and new OERML cards :kiss:

Apologies for the delay in posting Part 2 of the College LAG meeting but I will get it written as soon as I have time...
(Read Part 1: 28 Jan, www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...phthalmologists.html )

09 Jan 2016 05:13 #28

Mark Clerkin

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Hi everyone!
I went to OE Harley Street clinic this week and stood outside handing out copies of OERML’ True Stories’ to people going in.
While there I met 2 middle aged men who can't work anymore as a result of their poor eyesight after having their eyes treated by OE. That makes me even more determined to make people aware of whats going on and I did manage to persuade one man not to have it done!
Minutes later surgeon Dimitris Kazakos came out very upset and tried to justify himself to me, but we all know he’s only concerned with filling his pockets with money.
I’ll certainly be making more appearances at Harley St and Shaftesbury Ave.

If anyone wants to join me please email Sasha with your details and I’ll contact you.
05 Jan 2016 18:44 #27

Mark Clerkin

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Hi everyone, my name is Mark Clerkin and this is the first time i've posted here.
My wife Nichola had lasik surgery at Shaftesbury Ave in May 2012 and has had problems with her eyes ever since. wont bore you with the details as you've probably heard them thousands of times before, but it's so annoying to think how they fooled me and her into believing it would be so easy to get great eyesight.
I now know it was all crap they told us, but unfortunately for Optical Express I am the most determined bastard they will ever meet and nothing will stop me getting what i believe my wife deserves. I was at the 2014 OERML demonstration in Harley St, and the Bad Eye Day lobby at the House of Commons last October, and yesterday went to Shaftesbury Ave with a load of copies of OERML True Stories which I handed out in the waiting room before I was asked to leave.
Tomorrow I'm going to go to Harley St before it opens so i can warn people before they go in, and as I'm on the public pavement there's sod all they can do to stop me!
13 Nov 2014 20:03 #26


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What a busy day!

It started with a flying visit to Westfield shopping centre with Shabir and Jimmy B, just to say hello to everyone and hand out a few flyers.

Shabir went upstairs and gave flyers to those waiting to go into surgery and begged them not to do it.

The OE salesman (pictured facing my balloon) told Jimmy that "one of the girls" has had to have counselling because we're causing a lot of problems at Harley Street!

Poor thing! I can imagine it must be very distressing to have people with damaged eyes standing outside her workplace handing out flyers and trying to stop others risking their eyes in the same way

Then a woman almost ran past me into the store, her head down, pulling a travel case with a flight tag attached. As she was welcomed by the staff I recognised Fiona Morton, OE’s acting Head of HR, her hair now dyed black - chestnut was more flattering Fiona.

I almost expected Hugh Kerr to follow, as the pair seem to attend a lot of meetings together, including a 'stripping’ visit to Japan earlier this year.

We had little time to spare today, so we left for Harley Street, where - as we'd expected, they were expecting us. The blinds already closed and door locked!

But this rather backfired on OE as of course the customers couldn’t get in, giving us more time to talk to them!

One young woman arrived for a consultation during her lunch break, spoke to Jimmy and Shabir, then told us she was going straight back to work, without even attempting to go in.

One man arrived from Northamptonshire, suffering unresolved problems after RLE surgery 2 years ago.

He had not previously heard of OERML, and was quite angry when he heard that he was one of many with similar problems to Jimmy!

We were about to leave when we heard sirens approaching...

This time OE’s 999 call brought two plain clothes officers and one dog handler, in two vehicles (last Friday it was five officers and three vehicles). Again they were surprised to find just a few people standing around chatting, no-one even on OE premises this time!

The senior officer did his best to rescue the absurdity of the situation, said we could be prosecuted for wasting police time if they continued to be called out to us. I pointed out that as it was OE who had called them, I didn’t think so!

As usual, we explained why we were there, gave them flyers, told them to look at OERML website, and please warn anyone they knew considering eye surgery to do the same.

Unfortunately I had to cut the conversation short as I had a 2.00pm meeting scheduled across the road at the GOC. This was a very productive meeting and I will provide details tomorrow.

Interestingly, it seems that two or three people staging a low key ‘pop-up' demo upsets Optical Express far more than a high vis demo with banner and balloons, when we have no problem with police as I inform Westminster events of our plans the day before.