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Dr Alex George & RLE 13 Oct 2013 15:40 #341

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I think that the optoms and surgeons sometimes forget how disturbing floaters can be and can be a bit lacking in empathy?
You do not say how old you are or if you have required a yag laser? Yag laser can cause floaters in your vision but should settle in time/your brain learns to not see them, so try to be patient. They forget that us Joe Public are not eye experts and probably also don't want to put us off having our lenses exchanged.......however in my opinion insufficient information is given for informed consent. I think that if patients are better informed of the various side effects or natural processes that can occur after surgery, plus given better support when they do occur, then they will cope a lot better and experience less worry and stress and also anger...
There is also the process of posterior vitreous detachment that I think they would do well to explain to patients at the consent process. This happens naturally as part of the ageing process and can bring about retinal detachment if you are very unlucky. It is known to occur within a few years of lens replacement surgery and I think that this information should be given to patients. Just because it may happen anyway is no reason to not mention it and it may happen earlier in your life through lens replacement? It can be a disturbing and upsetting experience if you don't understand what is happening to you. It should also settle down given time. Go back and ask them to fully explain the cause of your floaters to you.I hope that they settle and you can enjoy good vision as floaters are HORRIBLE.
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Dr Alex George & RLE 12 Oct 2013 18:03 #342

  • Hazel Jones
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Has anyone else out there had this procedure and suffered problems?

I had Refractive Lens Echange surgery in October 2012 and my eyes have now developed floaters making it very difficult to see as they are very big and always present. I was told that I would see through them eventually and basically to go away and get on with it. Having gone back again to another branch I was told it had nothing to do with op and would improve.

I paid € 3594 for this surgery but OE are not interested in the problems. My eyes are now worse than before surgery. The head office has so far ignored any complaints I have sent. I am waiting to get hold of my contract so I can see if I signed anything to disclaim their botch job.

Please can you help me or put in contact with anyone else in this situation.

Toric lenses for refractive lens exchange 10 Aug 2013 21:43 #343

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IDesign = iSpin.

Slightly better aberrometry for a platform that's not quite 21st century

Toric lenses for refractive lens exchange 08 Aug 2013 22:47 #344

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Ask OE if their iDesign aberrometer can capture an accurate wavefront scan in the presence of an intraocular lens should you require laser enhancement. Night driving is critical to most of us. See the earlier thread about night driving and conventional or standard laser by Mr Schallhorn.

"The iDesign aberrometer represents a new and exciting direction for diagnostic devices in the world of refractive surgery," said Steve Schallhorn, M.D., Global Medical Director of Optical Express."

I hope this thread is being read by those considering clear lens or refractive lens exchange.

YAG laser 08 Aug 2013 17:55 #345

  • anon
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Yag laser can be needed VERY early on after RLE and once that has been carried out lens exchange is much more hazardous. The position of the lens can also change after yag laser thus altering your prescription, so If you have already had a laser enhancement you may need another one!
If you have thin corneas the laser enhancement will be lasek not lasik and this is no quick fix, taking many months for the end result. (if you are lucky)
All this information could of course put potential customers off!
Been there too!
I think the promotion of refractive lens exchange should be kept for those with cataracts present only.

YAG laser 08 Aug 2013 17:44 #346

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Optical Express will perform YAG laser if you have problems with RLEs which can leave you in an even bigger mess!!

Toric lenses for refractive lens exchange 08 Aug 2013 17:19 #347

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anon wrote: Ask OE what the chances are that you will need laser enhancement after the toric lens exchange and if that enhancement would be lasek or lasik.

Valuable advice - GET IT IN WRITING!

if they refuse or fudge the issue then you should indeed be heading for the hills :unsure:

Toric lenses for refractive lens exchange 08 Aug 2013 13:53 #348

  • anon
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Though you have not given any details of your prescription it sounds like it is not the most straightforward to treat.

I strongly advise that you do not risk your eyes with any of the optometrist led clinics and instead go to one of the centres of excellence where you are assessed by the consultant surgeon from the very start.

Ask OE what the chances are that you will need laser enhancement after the toric lens exchange and if that enhancement would be lasek or lasik.

Toric lenses for refractive lens exchange 08 Aug 2013 12:58 #349

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If you lose your deposit for backing out, lucky you! This would probably be the most productive decision you could ever make in your life.

I had CLE surgery by OE and have not been able to work for 8 months, been lied to and have forked out for corrective surgery (paid for by a relative). My long term visual prospects are still a compromise compared to what I had before surgery.

Please also be aware that when it goes wrong your mortgage protection insurance WILL NOT PAY OUT, as they class it as elective surgery.

Be warned!

Toric lenses for refractive lens exchange 08 Aug 2013 11:16 #350

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I don't know if your lenses are custom made but OE's trick is to get your deposit quick so if you have doubts & want to change your mind the pressure of losing your money affects your decision.
Too late for me but anyone reading the stories on this website should just run for the hills!!