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04 Jul 2020 14:47 #27


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Read my previous post re 'I then spent a lot of time trawling through Moulsdale's labyrinth of companies, and those of directors and shareholders, and will share some of what I discovered with you in due course.’

On 6 January 2020 June Findlayson (née Moulsdale) was removed as a director and replaced by Tweedles aka Stephen Hannan.


This begs the question why Moulsdale made this move?

One theory is that he plans to put Optical Express Ltd into administration and will remove himself as a director before doing so - obvious that Tweedles will inevitably and eventually be OE's fall guy, though far from an innocent in their shameful and immoral practices!

If he did so - as with Optical Express (Southern) soon after its name change to 123 Leeds Ltd, and Bridgewater Hospital (Manchester) Ltd rebranded as 'Bridgewater Wellness Clinic' - Moulsdale would still be able to trade as Optical Express (Westfield) Ltd.

I dug up way more than this, but if you’re interested in the complex structure of Moulsdale's myriad companies you can do your own research: start with the links in 18 April post and follow the paper trail.

On the steps of 200 St Vincent Street, and I doubt that the IMAB members who are allegedly paid more than £20k per year to put their names to OE's bullsh*t 'advisory board’ were impressed by the location, with previous IMAB jollies conferences in the Cayman Islands and Mallorca.


Front row: Stephen Hannan • Coleman Graff • Stephen Dell • Marguerite McDonald (Dimitris Kazakos over her left shoulder) • Burkhard Dick (let’s not be childish people!) • Jan Venter • Manek Patel - and others some of you will recognise as being the person who damaged your eyes.

This is an old photo, and Manek Patel is no longer with Optical Express - but he can rest assured that I’ll be giving his new clinic some publicity with a well deserved shout out in the next few days!
18 Apr 2020 19:31 #26


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I am underwhelmed by Sir Tom Hunter's £100k donation to the nhs.uk, not least because the 'kind-hearted billionaire' can easily afford to donate many millions, all tax deductable (tax avoidance a favourite topic with publicity seeking Sir Tom and his good friend David Moulsdale) :kiss:

www.thesun.co.uk/news/11367043/sir-tom-h...navirus/kind-hearted billionaire

An email with a link to The Sun article was sent to me last week, titled, 'Kind hearted my a**! What about money for damaged OE (who he propped up) px?'

This prompted me to refresh my memory about Sir Tom Hunter's involvement with David Moulsdale and Optical Express - scroll down!

I then spent a lot of time trawling through Moulsdale's labyrinth of companies, and those of directors and shareholders, and will share some of what I discovered with you in due course.

Recommended reading before I do...

1. 'Individuals may create shell corporations to protect assets from lawsuits.'
'• Evading taxes. Wealthy people may hide money in shell corporation to shield it from taxation.'

2. 'The business incurred a multi-million pound bill for store closures amid tough trading conditions in 2014 during which an overseas corporation, Insight Global Holding, took a controlling stake in it.'

3. www.jpintegra.com/eduardo-da-silva

Meanwhile, Captain Tom Moore completed 100 laps of his garden, on a zimmer frame, at the age of 100, and deserves our respect for his achievement - raising more than £17 million and counting - far more than a billionaire who simply lifted his hand to sign a cheque for a pathetic 100k!

And I think most of you will agree with Piers Morgan, who said: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if actually we didn’t feel temptation to give it [knighthood] to business people who pay money for the honour, we didn’t give it to celebrities for singing nice songs, but we give it to someone like him. That we make him Sir Tom.'
04 Feb 2019 21:05 #25


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Published in October 2018, the HeraldScotland need to find a more recent photo of David Moulsdale, because this one is at least ten years old :kiss:

Read the article to put my annotations into context...

And it would be ridiculous to believe gossip that David Moulsdale skimmed millions from Optical Express over the years and put it in his off shore accounts in the Cayman Islands. As if an honest and reputable businessman would do such a thing!

It's simply coincidental that Eduardo D'Angelo Pereira Da Silva, a Director with 200 St Vincent Street SPV Ltd, is a Cayman Islander...

And again just coincidental that Eduardo D'Angelo Pereira Da Silva was a Director with Pacific Shelf 1741 Ltd, linked to Sir Tom Hunter who bailed out OE in 2013.


More details below...
20 Sep 2015 14:41 #24


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OE's deep awareness of the suffering of others is simply awe-inspiring and unbelievably generous. (Tax deductable?)

Such a shame for David Moulsdale that he no longer has a snowball's chance in hell of the knighthood he allegedly craved before OERML upset his aspirations :kiss:

NB: The STV Children’s Appeal was established by STV and the Hunter Foundation.

11 May 2015 17:02 #23


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I emailed Sir Tom Hunter yesterday:

This morning I received a reply from Ewan Hunter (no relation).

"Dear Sasha

Thank you for (your) email.

To confirm Sir Tom Hunter has no involvement in Optical Express.

Kind Regards
Ewan Hunter

I replied, and queried the Sunday Times article.

Ewan replied, "We exited Optical Express and have no involvement in it."

I replied, "Pleased to hear it! Will publish and update press."
10 May 2015 16:43 #22


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About to suggest that OE's damaged patients contact Sir Tom Hunter for help I discovered that his wife, Lady Marion Agnes Hunter, has her own Trust, which funds charities that help those with visual impairments!
I wonder if Lady Agnes would consider supporting My Beautiful Eyes/OERML :kiss:

FAO Sir Tom: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.