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Optimax Malaysia 15 Feb 2017 14:38 #81

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Hi , i am a victim of refractive surgery . A year from initial surgery but still suffer from negative side effect.
All these due to misrepresentation before surgery and surgery didnt go smooth.Encounter too many issue thru out the whole surgery.

I have reported my problem to management of lasik centre.But their doctors throw all nonsense reason ,blame my eye problem and indirectly force me to accept all the negative side effect. No explanation from management or opology ?

Post op vision is poorer than pre op ,suffering negative effect and doctor from lasik centre commented this "enhancement cant rectify my vision" .

Feel depress and regret .

Anyone here can teach how to proceed or lasik centre to responsible ?

thank you
admin: Hi Sasa, I have googled Optimax in Malaysia and can find no link to connect it to the Optimax company registered in the UK, owned by Russell Ambrose.

If you have evidence that it is the same company, please let me know

Optimax Ruined My Eyes 06 Feb 2017 16:58 #82

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Hi everyone,

I have been caught out by the Lasik eye scandal and had my eyes damaged by OPTIMAX on 11 September 2015.

Since then I have had an appointment every 2 weeks for over a year regarding my eyes!

I have dry eyes, floaters, bad night vision, lasik induced astigmatism, halos, redness and veins due to a reaction to drops I was told to use for over 12 months!

After I threatened legal action Optimax offered me £2881.50 refund of my payment on 21 December 2016.

I ignored this and on 3 February 2017 the offer increased to £5000 - this time from Ultralase!

I'm ignoring this one as well, and if Russell Ambrose wants to make any more insulting offers he needs to discuss them with my lawyer!

Take a look at my website for more information.

Twitter and Facebook coming soon!


Damaged by Optimax 23 Nov 2016 23:31 #83

  • Caro
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Hi Jane,
I know how you feel, having suffered for 9 years myself........but we have more strength in our little finger than Russell Ambrose has in the whole of him. In my opinion he is weak and pathetic, enslaved by his own immense greed fed by the ruination of so many eyes and lives!

4 Years of Suffering 23 Nov 2016 16:30 #84

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Four years ago today, and unknown to me at that time, I was enjoying my last day of crisp and clear vision with my glasses, which corrected my -3 short sighted eyes perfectly and comfortably.

The following day, on 24 November 2012, Optimax Ruined My Life when they performed Lasik on my healthy eyes. Without realising at the time I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life. I was confident in my decision to have the surgery having only heard positive things about Lasik. I was not properly informed so I did not understand the risks involved. At only 31 years old my life was about to spiral out of control and I was thrown into a deep hole of panic and depression.
Four years on and I am still struggling every single day with my eyesight, as do thousands of other people who have also had Lasik. At home, at work, everything I do is made more difficult because of this unnecessary eye surgery.

My eye prescription now is ‘apparently’ 20/20, so nothing can be done to improve it! Looking through my eyes that couldn’t be further from the truth. Glasses do not help. 20/20 is just a number it does not measure the quality of vision. My sh*t and uncomfortable vision, I’m told by one consultant this is due to the dryness of my eyes caused by Lasik,, and another consultant tells me I have ‘central islands’ caused by the laser missing bits (decentration). But who really knows? These are two different professional people giving me different answers!! In my opinion once the surgery is done it’s hard to get proper answers from anyone! One thing is for sure, nothing can be done about this and I have to live with it for the rest of my life.

I mainly suffer in silence. My life has changed forever and I have suffered for four years, and it is utterly exhausting. I’d rather have two broken arms and two broken legs than this, because they would heal and there would be an end to it. There is no end to damaged eyesight - it is forever.
I feel emotionally broken because of all of this, it’s taken me years to regain some sort of control over my life again, and I’m still not 100%, but I get by.

People need to be made aware of ALL the possibilities and outcomes when deciding on laser eye surgery, I was denied that and my life spiralled into a mess.
The only good thing that can come from my experience is that my kids will NEVER EVER have Laser Eye Surgery, they will never have to suffer like I have, they will love their eyesight for what it is, whether they need contact lenses/glasses in the future, I will ensure that they appreciate what they have.

I hope you are reading this Russell Ambrose, and believe me when I say I HATE OPTIMAX, and I HATE you Russell Ambrose for knowing that people’s lives are being destroyed by this unnecessary eye surgery, yet you allow it to continue!!!

You could help put a stop to this right now before you harm anyone else. Do the right thing. But No! You just want to line your own pockets, simple as that, you want to become richer and don’t care who you hurt in the process.

Sasha Rodoy v Russell Ambrose/Optimax 14 Oct 2016 22:55 #85

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And before I rest my weary head, latest news on me and Russell Ambrose aka Optimax...

Russell couldn't afford not to fight my recent claim - read 'Particulars of Claim' :kiss:

And by doing so he has saved me the cost of legal fees to instruct a contract lawyer and issue court proceedings to determine the definition of 'unlimited' - as I'd always planned to do at some point!


EyePredict 03 Oct 2016 15:44 #86

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I was a 'perfect candidate' according to Optical Express yet ended up wishing to have the pre surgery sight and quality of life!
'EyePredict You'll be Sorry You Had The Procedure' more like B)

Optimax EyePredict! 02 Oct 2016 18:54 #87

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Optimax have introduced a 'new service' that allows prospective patients to know the likely results of their surgery!

'Every Patient Results Forecast is unique, as it is tailored to your prescription, age and location. It uses live patient data to provide feedback, giving you an accurate representation of your likely treatment outcome.


The only way the ‘location’ could affect your treatment would be if the equipment and standard of treatment differed at each clinic!

The ad writers didn’t think that one through, eh Russell?!

And as for a 'new service'...

In February 2011, at my Optimax pre lasek surgery ‘consultation’, I was given contact details for eight previous patients of ‘similar age and prescription’.

I called all of them... two numbers were unavailable, three didn’t answer, one person didn’t know what I was talking about, but Jackie told me her vision was great - she'd had lasik and was sixteen years younger than me!

The only person close to my age with similar (pre lasek) prescription was Maggie, but when I called she was in bed with flu and vague about her results.

Later in 2011, collecting evidence for my initial claim against Optimax, I called Maggie again. This time she was happy to talk and told me that she’d suffered problems post op and had needed NHS treatment.

Earlier today I decided to call Jackie. I updated her on what had happened to me and asked how her eyes are five years post surgery.

No surprise when she told me she’s back to wearing glasses for distance - and that her local optician told her Optimax should have made it clear that the results would be temporary, which she assured me they did not!

According to Optimax Medical Director, psychic Amir Hamid (aka Hammy Hamster), ‘Accurately predicting a patient’s result allows them to make an informed decision regarding treatment and means that we can ensure high levels of satisfaction.


There is not one ophthalmic surgeon I know of who would agree that it is possible to ‘accurately’ predict a patient’s result!

And Hammy’s claim that a patient is making an informed decision because of this nonsense is going to be fantastic evidence for lawyers representing damaged Optimax patients in the future!

Shortly before he irreparably damaged my eyes Dr Wilbert Hoe told me that my eyes were 'perfect’ for this procedure - obviously he wasn't psychic!

Optimax have never asked me to leave my Patient Testimonial and talk to prospective customers, yet I'd be extremely happy to do so!

I noticed that Optimax have reintroduced Lifetime Aftercare...

But for how long this time :kiss:

Dr Seethappa Madhusudan 21 Sep 2016 09:54 #88

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Hi Nick

So sorry to read your story. My eyes were also ruined, at the SAME clinic - Optimax Manchester, by the SAME surgeon - Seethappa Madhusudan. :evil:

I had LASIK on both eyes in November 2012. Following the surgery I suffered terrible depression for several years due to the damage to my eyes.

Right now, my eyes are no better, but I'm feeling ok, time has allowed me to find acceptance of what has happened. I've had to get to this point to stay strong for my two young children.

I try to live life normally again, but the horrors never leave me
- fluctuating vision
- light sensitivity
- dry eye
- ghosting
- eye strain everyday

I too travelled the country from Manchester, to Nottingham, to London, looking for answers.

I feel so sad, seeing time and time again more people going through the same horrendous experience.

Best of luck with getting more attention to your website www.optimaxruinedmyeyes.co.uk/


New website! Optimax Ruined My Eyes (ORME) 17 Sep 2016 16:04 #89

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Hi everyone!

My name is Nick Roberts, I'm 27 and unfortunately had lasik eye surgery at Optimax Manchester clinic in September 2015.

The biggest mistake of my entire life.

This is what’s happened to me in the last 10 months:
19 visits back to Manchester Optimax clinic (140 mile round trip)
1 visit to Optimax Leeds clinic to see a 'specialist'
2 visits to my local eye hospital
1 visit to accident and emergency
Thousands of pounds on drops/gels/ointments/humidifiers/eye packs/sunglasses etc
Depression and anxiety

I suffer from:
Dry eyes
Ghosting (double vision)
Severe eye redness and the growth of veins.

I recently went to a meeting with my surgeon Seethappa Madhusudan and the manager of Optimax Manchester clinic, where it was admitted that there is NO 'fix' for my eyes, the only option is to monitor them and try to live my life.

I actually cried.

My eyes have been ruined by Lasik, it has altered my life, my well being and I am going to pursue justice to the end.

I discovered too late that Dr Seethappa Madhusudan has damaged a number of other people’s eyes - including Ashley Bures aka 'Mr Abs' who used to own 'Optimax Ruined My Life.co.uk' website that vanished along with his Facebook page and review site!

I have set up a new website to warn prospective Optimax and Ultralase customers of the risks they face at these clinics - both owned by Russell Ambrose.

Twitter & Facebook too - please post your stories there!

Back with more about me soon! B)

Optimax Advertising 14 Sep 2016 09:53 #90

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Since my eyes were trashed 9 years ago I've had recurring nightmares, but now I've had a new one, because I cannot believe that I recently saw an Optimax advert with a girl supposedly painting/drawing at an easel!
5 years at art school taught me that the foundation stone for artists is to learn to draw and that this involves training yourself to use your eyes, really, really use your eyes, to observe and study.
Artists need to see really well, and cannot afford to have distortions in their vision, loss of contrast sensitivity, loss of depth of field etc., all common side effects, and to hide the high risks of all these is an outrage. People should not have to struggle to see over 3 different distances with useless varifocals because surgery has ruined their sight, and Optimax must know by now that anyone with artistic and creative careers or hobbies is NOT suitable for surgery.
When will they ever start caring and behave responsibly?
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