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Sasha Rodoy v Russell Ambrose (Optimax)... 09 Jun 2016 17:30 #91

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I know everyone is eager to hear what happened in court, and I will post details as soon as I have time - too busy now dealing with further legal proceedings!

For the moment I can tell you that (as expected) Russell didn't show up, but both his expensive barrister and lawyer did!

Sasha Rodoy v Russell Ambrose tomorrow 06 Jun 2016 14:44 #92

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Sasha Rodoy v Russell Ambrose (Optimax)...

2pm @ Willesden County Court, NW10 8UX - hearing open to public :kiss:


New GMC rule 28 May 2016 22:14 #93

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If this weren't so sickening I'd be rolling on the floor laughing :kiss:

'this has worked well previously' my a%*@!

If so then OERML wouldn't exist and none of you reading here would ever have heard of Sasha Rodoy!

'Ambrose told Optician: ‘New GMC rules stating that a surgeon must only perform a refractive surgery on a patient that they have personal consulted with prior to the day of surgery and allowed a sufficient “cooling of”’ period.

‘Previously, consultation, recommendation of surgery type and the taking of informed consent have been widely performed by optometrists. Although this has worked well previously, employing the optometrists’ excellent skills, this is no longer permitted.

‘At Optimax we are pleased to comply with these new guidelines from June 1 without extensive changes to our current protocols, and Optimax’s optometrists continue to play important role in this life-changing procedure. We believe that such changes will benefit refractive surgery patients by helping them to make considered, informed decisions regarding their refractive surgery.’

Too late for me and thousands of other Optimax patients!

However, this new GMC rule is seriously flawed, and if I've spotted the loopholes then you can bet your life Russell has! (David Moulsdale is still trying to get his blood pressure down after turning purple when he and his OE playmate Steve Schallhorn threw all the toys out of their shared pram when given this news)

Coincidentally, the GOC recently dismissed my complaint (and subsequent appeal) against Optimax optometrist Swati Malkan, who I hold as culpable as the surgeon for ruining my eyes!

NB: I should have the GMC decision on my complaint against surgeon Wilbert Hoe by July.

GMC info: www.gmc-uk.org/guidance/ethical_guidance/29160.asp

The truth!! 27 May 2016 13:31 #94

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Optimax Ruined My Life 20 May 2016 11:39 #95

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If Russell is offering a proper Dry Eye clinic, then he absolutely should be listing Laser Eye surgery as one of the modern day and very common causes of dry eye.

He doesn't mention it here www.optimax.co.uk/treatments/dry_eyes/

What a money grabbing idiot.

Optimax joke? 19 May 2016 17:37 #96

  • Jester
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Offered to patients (discount?) after they've had surgery I assume B)

Optimax Patients 05 May 2016 11:43 #97

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3.5 years on and allowing Optimax to ruin my eyes with Lasik is still the biggest regret of my life. It's a daily struggle that so many of us have had to learn to live with. My vision is blurriest in the morning and improves slightly throughout the day, never good though, I get daily eye strain associated with this. I miss so much the comfortable consistently clear vision that I had with glasses/contacts.

I learned too late that eye surgery should only be done if absolutely necessary. Unnecessary elective eye surgery just makes healthy eyes sick.

Optimax what you and others like you are doing to people is inhumane.

Complaints - It is a farce 07 Mar 2016 16:55 #98

  • Abdul
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Nahida Khan has now left Optimax and is an adjudicator with the Financial Ombudsman. This is a farce. After giving out rubbish to Optimax patients who knows what kind of justice she is going to give at the FO.
admin: Much as I’d love to I am not willing to allow the rest of this post. Anonymity is fine, but please be honest about your interests as far as possible.

Optimax Ruined My Life! 01 Mar 2016 19:54 #99

  • Jane
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I never realised how happy I was until I had Lasik and my life changed forever. Only now, over 3 years since my surgery, do I feel able to look back at old photos of myself before surgery.
Seeing myself in glasses, the innocence and true happiness on my face which I never appreciated at the time, and unknowing of what I was about to go through. It's taken me a major breakdown and 3 years to get myself to a place in my mind where I have to accept what has happened.
My eyesight is ruined and my life has changed forever because of Optimax. :(

5 years ago today... 18 Feb 2016 13:09 #100

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5 years ago at this exact moment I was on my way to ruin the rest of my life :kiss:

In a million years I would never have imagined that my journey would lead to where I am now!

Last year, after Russell Ambrose forced me into heavyweight litigation, I decided it was time I did the same thing I advise my clients to do...

So I complained to the GOC about Ms Swati Malkan, the optometrist who sold me life changing surgery, and to the GMC about surgeon Wilbert Hoe (undeserving of being addressed as ‘Dr’) who irreparably ruined my beautiful healthy eyes exactly 5 years ago today.

My complaint to the GOC was closed but I am of course appealing this decision as they completely ignored a number of salient points I had specifically asked them to consider.

It’s interesting that Swati Malkan claimed she was unable to recall the details of our meeting - while I remember almost every word - yet she provided a 5 page letter in response to my complaint!

The GMC accepted my complaint which is currently being investigated and I have been advised that Wilbert Hoe has chosen not to provide a response.

However, I will be amazed if the decision goes against Wilbert Hoe, because every single complaint made to the GMC that I am aware of, against numerous OE surgeons all with multiple legal claims, has been closed in favour of the surgeon.

In one report I read, the GMC expert wrote, “The overall standard of care falls below the standard to be expected of a reasonably competent Consultant Ophthalmologist…” (but) “…in my opinion the standard of care offered by Dr X to Patient X did not fall seriously below that to be expected of a reasonably competent Consultant Ophthalmologist”!

NB: The GMC report highlighted ‘seriously’ in bold.

I have no doubt that the leading culprits in this industry will soon be gone from our high streets, but people like me will sadly never be able to forget the anniversary of the day our eyes were ruined forever!
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