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23 Aug 2019 17:31 #99


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Having finally agreed to meet with me in 2014, but postponing/rescheduling at least three times in the interim, when Daniel Poulter stepped down as health minister in 2015, Seb Corbyn joked that he’d done so as a last ditch attempt to avoid meeting with me :kiss:

(Dr Dan sent an email to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell saying that he'd told his successor Ben Gummer he should meet with me asap!)

I've lost count of the number of health ministers who have agreed to meet with me but cancelled at the last minute (incl Gummer), or claimed they're too busy - with more serious matters to deal with than people who've had their eyes and and lives irreparably damaged, costing NHS England and NHS Scotland untold millions in lifetime aftercare, and surgery trying to fix the damage caused by private and corrupt refractive eye surgery providers.

Greg Brady and his partner Catherine Froud met with Ranil Jayawardena MP earlier this year, and he arranged a meeting with Caroline Dinenage, the Minister of State at the Department of Health and Social Care, within a matter of weeks - and it wasn't cancelled!

I wasn't invited, as Greg and Catherine had explained to Ranil that I needed to be, and they initially saw no point in going without me, as they told their MP. However, after discussing it at length, we decided they should not miss the opportunity to talk to at least one health minister face to face and tell them about this scandal.

Armed with documents and information I provided, including copies of copy/paste letters from various health ministers over the years - claiming all’s well with the refractive surgery industry - they met with Caroline Dinenage at the House of Commons on 20 May. They told her all about my work, my campaign, John McDonnell's involvement, etc…*

So when Greg and Catherine told me that she had promised to contact me and arrange a meeting, I didn't hold out much hope, especially as none of us received replies to our emails chasing this meeting a month later.

I therefore cannot tell you surprised I was when I received a phone call late Wednesday afternoon from the Policy Support Officer, asking me if I would meet with Jennifer Benjamin, Deputy Director of the Department of Health and Social Care, and two members of the Professional Regulation Team.

Finally, a government health minister who has listened - and actively responded!

However, I won't get excited unless I am given reason to when we meet in early September, and expect that I will still be asking for a meeting with the Minister of State for Health - whoever s/he may be after Boris has sorted out Brexit (!!)

*Following the 20 May meeting, I found a 2017 email from Caroline (before she was a minister), replying to another of her constituents damaged by laser eye surgery, who had criticised the lack of government regulation and asked for Caroline’s support, so she was aware of problems before meeting with Greg and Catherine, but didn't admit to this.
26 Jan 2019 17:32 #98


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I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this latest bullsh*t copy/paste letter from Steve Brine, another corrupt and uninterested health minister, forwarded for my attention whilst I was in Manchester attending Dr Bobby Qureshi's MPTS hearing :kiss:

I will of course be writing my response for Theresa Villiers to forward to this stupid man, who does not have a clue what he's talking about, not even understanding that laser eye surgery IS a refractive procedure, not something different!

As for his claim that, 'The Department is working closely with stakeholders... to identify where standards could be improved', not only is he lying (£££ being the only concern for this corrupt government, happy to take the industry's bribes to ignore me), but I believe the most important stakeholders are in fact the patients!

And like so many of his predecessors, he insults me and every other damaged patient by comparing refractive surgery to cosmetic procedures!

I would draw Steve Brine's attention to the current MPTS hearing, and invite him to meet just a few of Dr Bobby Qureshi's patients who are registered legally blind, having completely lost the little vision they did have prior to a totally unregulated prodecure carried out by Dr Qureshi.

Although, by the time Theresa Villiers writes to Steve Brine, he'll probably have been replaced with another useless MP who knows zilch about health issues, least of all eyes!

I arrived home from Manchester late last night, and am heading back early Monday morning, but I will update you tomorrow with a summary of yesterday's MPTS hearing.

Meanhwile, in addition to my regular work, these trips to Manchester are expensive, with train fares, accommodation, and food to pay for.

No matter how small an amount, contributions towards my costs would be very much appreciated ????

Donate button at top of page, or click here: www.paypal.com/donate/?token=dw7iOanlfX-...try.x=US&locale.x=US
10 Oct 2018 17:20 #97


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Which part of 'PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MP' did you not understand :kiss:

Addressed to each one of you damaged by this industry, yet even after my explaining how important this is, only a small percentage of you have bothered to email or call your MP!

To have teeth in parliament it is vital that your MP has knowledge of this scandal - no matter which party they belong to, because this is a cross party issue!

And of course I know the health minister will reply with a copy/paste letter, but that's fine, because what they say is bullsh*t - they have got it so wrong, and unwittingly handing us a stick to beat them with, which will be explained at a later date!

And when you get a copy of the health minister's reply to your MP, please send this to me via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meanwhile, to the people who've actually shown support and contacted their MP, if you haven't yet done so, please send me their name and I will add it to my list for John McDonnell's attention.

NB: If you contacted your MP a while ago, and told me at the time, please remind me to ensure I have their name on the list.

I'd really like to move on with more interesting posts, but until I see more active support for my campaign, I don't feel inclined to so do!

07 Oct 2018 17:34 #96


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There are 650 MPs in parliament, and with so many thousands of damaged refractive eye surgery patients, it is statistically impossible that there is not at least one in every constituency.

I expect that most of you will have had cause to make a complaint at least once in your life, and received the response, ‘No-one else has ever complained’!

When I first met with Optimax owner Russell Ambrose, on Friday 13 May 2011 (definitely unlucky for one of us!), he told me that it was rare if he had one complaint like mine a year.

Hmmm… now I come to think about it he wasn’t lying, because it would indeed be rare if he did have ONLY one complaint a year :kiss:

Those of you who have read all my posts in this thread, since 17 September, will now be in no doubt of the government’s deliberate refusal to address this scandal; denying that there is a problem, while patronising all of us damaged by this unregulated and corrupt industry with their bullsh*t letters.

The way to force the government to pay attention is to publicise the fact that it is costing the NHS £zillions to clean up the damage caused by private providers, and in state benefits for those no longer able to work as a result!

Most MPs hold regular constituency surgeries, where you have the right to meet with them - no matter who you voted for!

Some MPs require that you make an appointment, while others hold open house and you just turn up on the specified day. Contact their office to find out.

I recently asked some of my strongest supporters and campaigners if they’d contacted their MP, and these were a few of the replies!

1. 'My MP is useless.’
It doesn't matter, we need your concerns on record!
2. 'I did a long time ago but didn't get a reply.
Try again until you do!
3. ‘I haven’t had time, but he’s a Tory so it's not worth it.’
(i) If I have time to do what I do then you sure as hell have time!
(ii) Some Tory MPs are supportive, including my own - it’s the government ministers who toe the party line!
(iii) They are there to act on behalf of their constituents.
4. ‘I will…'

The reason you need to meet your MP - unless physically impossible - is because meeting a damaged patient face to face and hearing their story is far more emotive than any written words.

One damaged patient recently met with her MP who was completely shocked, and apparently moved to tears when he heard her story. He has since contacted me and John McDonnell to offer support for our campaign.

And if we only have 100 MPs reacting like this it’s enough to spread the word and cause the government to think about their involvement with, and support for, this corrupt industry!

And trust me, there is total involvement from some government members - entirely financial!

Many of you reading this would not be receiving NHS treatment or legal representation without my help, and luckily I ask very little in return, because that’s exactly what I get!

And with a few exceptions, the majority of you have no idea of the amount of time and effort I put into my work, juggling a dozen balls and more - every day! I won't argue that it is my choice to do so - at the expense of my health (and sanity at times) - but when I’m faced with apathy and defeat from those I’m representing, I have to question why I’m bothering!

I could have sold out to the industry years ago, for more money than I’d ever need - but I didn’t, and I never will!

So help me out here, PLEASE PLEASE contact your MP, because when I do at long last meet with the health minister - any health minister (Steve Barclay current favourite) - we need as many MPs as possible onboard to add their voices in parliament.

But the only way they'll know about this scandal is if YOU tell them!

I need active support from all of you, and if you don’t know who your MP is check here: www.writetothem.com

Google their home page, where you’ll find the constituency office phone number listed. Call to ask to meet with them, and don’t give up until you do!

And when you have a response, please let me know!

And if you’re in Steve Barclay’s North East Cambridgeshire constituency, his numbers are: 01354 656635/0207 219 7117

To give you an idea why government ministers do their utmost to ignore this scandal, this is how MPs keep their ministerial positions...
'Stephen Barclay has never rebelled against their party in the current parliament.

Contact me if you need more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
28 Sep 2018 17:51 #95


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I’d intended closing for the weekend with a different image, as you’re probably bored reading the same copy/paste letters from government health ministers - as I have done for SEVEN years - but yet another from Steve Barclay arrived in my mailbox this afternoon :kiss:

Earlier this year I was contacted by a family member of an Optical Express damaged patient; unable to work, suffering with painful and poor vision, and depression, desperately needing reparative surgery. Unless resolved this man will remain dependant on state benefits to support his family, a perfect example of cause and effect.

Cause: No regulation + refusal by providers to provide aftercare.
Effect: Damaged patients + NHS costs.

Cause: Damaged patients refused NHS treatment.
Effect: Unemployment + benefits.

In 2012 a little birdie told me that Optical Express had appointed Lord Jack McConnell to the board as a non-executive director, because David Moulsdale knew that I would get this to parliament, and Jack would then lobby ministers on their behalf.

And he did!

On 20 November 2103, John McDonnell presented a Private Members Bill calling for government regulation of this corrupt industry.

For three weeks prior to this, Lord Jack McConnell repeatedly called John’s office trying to get a meeting with him. John refused to speak with him, but as we later learnt, Jack did manage to lobby corruptible MPs - a practise that OE has continued with MPs who are willing to take bribes in one form or another!

A few months later Russell Ambrose tried his luck!

John forwarded this to me (with a comment that I won’t publish, but translated roughly = ????)

In the same way that he'd ignored Lord Jack McConnell, John intended to ignore Russell too, but I had a more amusing suggestion!

Back to serious…

The government have proven that they have no concern for the tens of thousands of damaged eyes and lives, nor for the thousands yet to come. But, just like the industry responsible, they do care about ££££!

These are approximate NHS costs:
• £45 per GP visit.
• £108 per A&E visit.
• £110 per hospital outpatient visit - assuming you don’t see the consultant.
• £963 per lens extraction +IOL insertion.

Next week I will explain how each of you can help me make the government listen to us!
26 Sep 2018 19:22 #94


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Steve Barclay’s letter was a result of Karen Smith having met with her MP, Nigel Mills, asking him to support the campaign for regulation, explaining that she is now dependant on the NHS for aftercare.

At least the writer was observant enough to replace ‘laser surgery’ with 'eye lens surgery’ in yet another copy/paste letter.

But other than that, the small selection of letters I’ve published, from health ministers and Dept of Health officials, are fit for nothing more than a game of Snap!

And while Karen - and untold thousands of other people damaged by the private sector - is being treated by the NHS, many more are being refused urgently needed treatment.

To be continued :kiss: