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Total Refund 24 Feb 2017 18:46 #151

  • Chris Buss
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Looked at my Bank Account today and wow £4990 back into my account !!! Sasha you have been amazing in helping us get our money refunded after 2 months of waiting I'm so happy that this nightmare is over for us , You deserve so much credit for what you do . Good luck in the future X
:woohoo: :woohoo:

Decided Against Surgery! 24 Feb 2017 17:10 #152

  • Mr Stuart Cunningham
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On 3rd September 2016 my wife & I visited Optical Express in Bluewater with the hope of Laser eye surgery being a possibility for me.
After examining my eyes I was informed by the so called consultant, who I will now call ‘sales woman’, that laser surgery was not an option for me. I thought this may be a possibility as I have a high astigmatism in one eye and a lower one in the other. I thought fair enough.
However the sales woman explained to me I would be much better going for lens replacement which was so much better than the laser surgery anyway as my prescription would be permanently fixed. I questioned this surgery as I had not heard of it and they explained it has been going on for years, longer than laser treatment, that its basically a simple cataract operation which is easily done and the bonus would be with new lenses that would be put into my eyes it means I would never get cataracts. Well it all sounded like a walk in the park, but bearing in mind I am an electrician by trade I needed more details, plus the price they quoted was £8590 and on my salary this was a small mortgage, so I said no.
The sales woman then contacted her manager Shezan Akhtar with the promise that he may be willing to adjust the price. He did, it dropped to £7,000 in just a few seconds. Still undecided, but told we could think about it but would need to pay a deposit and as long as we cancelled before any further consultations we would get the deposit refunded, but at least it would hold the price we had been offered, which was worth doing at such a great discounted rate :-/ .
Well here I am today trying to get my deposit back as I do not want to go through with the surgery after investigating whats involved. If my sight were damaged in any way then my career, therefore my quality of life, like so many others here would be finished. The lovely sales people at Optical Express have now become nasty, ramming a 7 day cooling off period down my throat saying that my deposit is not refundable. Bearing in mind my next consultation was booked for a months time and there was apparently every chance the surgeon may so no because of my eye problem this is utter rubbish!!
Scott who works in the cancellations department had a good old shout down the phone and then had the cheek to tell me to he would terminate the call should I continue. "Continue what" I asked, "listening to you shouting"!!! (though in fairness I did have to shout this as he was too busy shouting at me!!!
This could have been so easy as I need new glasses and my prescription isn't cheap, so I was going to suggest that we used my deposit towards new glasses, but I wasn’t;t given the chance!
This is no longer an option as all I want is my money back, and further research proves that I was duped regarding my deposit, which is just another word for scammed, because if Optical Express were true to their word then I wouldn't be writing this!!
Lets face it, Optical Express don’t give the best bedside manner to someone considering putting their life in their hands!
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Success! 23 Feb 2017 20:43 #153

  • Terry H
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Today I went back to Spec Savers where I get my glasses from to look at getting Contact lenses instead, and explained about why I had decided against using OE and lens replacement. The specialist there was very surprised that OE had not insisted on me using multifocal contacts for a few months before any surgery to see whether I thought multifocal lenses would suit me. She explained that single vision would always be better that multi, but at least I would have known roughly what to expect in the way of final results (assuming that the surgery had been trouble free)
This was something I had not thought of before her mentioning it, but makes sense now

Success! 22 Feb 2017 22:02 #154

  • Terry H
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Got my refund in full today, after a call from the refunds dept at the end of last week. I did have to threaten to stand outside their Bluewater store wearing a OERML T shirt, but it worked. Got my refund within days, but after I ordered the T shirt, lol. It has not arrived yet and should be here in the next day or two, so if anyone wants a T shirt in XL then let me know.

refund from optical express help 20 Feb 2017 16:59 #155

  • Ian Hunter
  • Ian Hunter's Avatar
Went for consultation on January 8th and paid £500 deposit, then I cancelled straight away but they said I had to wait 28 working days for a refund. Once the 28 days were up I rang and they said I have to wait another 10 days even though they have breached the contract and still won't pay back the deposit. I have contacted my bank to retrieve money back after not getting anywhere with Optical Express. Don't think they have a refunds department.

Please could anybody help me
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Decided Against Surgery! 15 Feb 2017 14:13 #156

  • Chris Buss
  • Chris Buss's Avatar
Hi ,the same has happened to me , went for the consultation , was told I was suitable to have the laser surgery , gave them £500 deposit , got an appointment to see surgeon on 28th December and surgery to be done on Jan 13/14 , but before I saw surgeon I received a call saying I needed to pay for the surgery so like a fool I paid another £4490 . The surgeon then tells me that my left eye is ok and that my right eye can be done but I would gain my short sight but lose my long sight , basically waste of time ,so straight away cancelled 28th Dec only to be told that I need to wait 28 working days for refund , after phoning them loads of times to get a definite date but being fogged off all the time , the 28 days were up 6th Feb . Only to be told I have to wait another 7 to 10 working days , rang again and again saying their breaking to law under their terms and conditions which they really don't care about .
so now we'll waiting for Monday 20th Feb to go through it all again
admin: This is illegal - and totally unethical - do not wait until 20 Feb!!
Send your phone number for more details
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Decided Against Surgery! 12 Feb 2017 20:44 #157

  • Jason and Vesela Thomson
  • Jason and Vesela Thomson's Avatar
We are having difficulty getting a refund after my wife visited the Harley Street Clinic in November. She paid for Lasik surgery and then changed her mind after considering the risks. I wonder if anyone has any advice - or contact details so I can escalate our complaint within OE.

30/11/2016. Initial consultation - money paid in full £4190.
6/12/2016. Called to cancel - told she was within 7 day cooling off and it was no problem.
7/12/2016. Accounts called my wife and she was told it could take 28 days to refund.

Nothing from OE for weeks. We kept checking to see if the money had been refunded.

1/2/2017. Called back - told yes our refund was overdue, but it would still take 7 to 10 days for someone to call back and take our credit card details to issue the refund. (That wasn't clear initially.)

12/2/2017. I found your website. (Amazing job by the way.) Now we started to get concerned.

If anyone can suggest the best way forward - small claims court or recover money through credit card company, or...

13/2/2017. In any case, I'm going to call them tomorrow and try to escalate to senior management if I don't get satisfaction. Will also start proceedings with my credit card company.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Jason and Vesela Thomson
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Refund not given 10 Feb 2017 15:33 #158

  • Mark
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I am having the exact same problem, it is now over 40 working days and still waiting for my refund. When I call they say they will call me back and no one does. Do you have any numbers that I can try as I have still not got to the stage where I give them my bank details.
admin: Send phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Deposit finally refunded (Dublin) 10 Feb 2017 10:31 #159

  • Christina
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Christina wrote: Update from Dublin office. Ashling, Manager, rang me on Thursday and assured me that I would get a call on Monday 6th of February to return my deposit. Guess what?? No phone call and no money in my account. More empty promises. Terrible company, no word. Whole experience terrible. My biggest shock was when I discovered that the lady carrying out the initial tests was an administrator not an optometrist.

Money finally in bank. Took 2 months from my last appointment. Unreal people to deal with.

Refund not given 08 Feb 2017 19:32 #160

  • haz52
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Heres an update to my story and hopefully my illegally held deposit is winging its way back to my account as of today.
As earlier stated it was over 28 days from my original cancellation date when I contacted Optical Express and was told there was a 7-10 day delay. Well yesterday was the 10th day and as they hadn't called me I had to call them. They were robotically apologetic and told me there was unfortunately another 7-10 days delay as there was a backlog of refunds to be done, to which I pointed out, if Optical Express had a backlog they should be employing more staff to deal with the refunds and not illegally extending their own deadline. It was like talking in circles, I was given the same excuses as 10 days before. Got off the phone furious again. Managed to get hold of phone number for Hugh Kerr, told him I wanted my refund or I would be escalating it to the small claims court, he seemed totally unfazed until I pointed out that Optical Express are in breach of their terms and conditions by not refunding within the 28 days and are therefore operating illegally, at which point he laughed and told me he would get someone called Lindsay Shaw to call me today and issue the refund. Lindsay Shaw didn't but someone else did. They took my card details to process the return of my money. Whilst I waited yesterday I went on every review site I could find and posted my story, I also posted my story on a comment on their Facebook page. Possibly these things also helped.
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