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Deposit Refund & my awful optical express journey 13 Aug 2019 08:53 #61

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I am 30 years old, and was told i qualified for laser eye surgery a few months back, which i was very excited about. I notified them about a medical condition i have, they told me it would be fine to still go ahead with the procedure and were quick to take my deposit money from me. I had a call from my surgeon, and i got my doctor to sign my letter off.

On the day of surgery, i met with my surgeon, who read the letter from my doctor, and told me due to my recent blood tests i was not able to go ahead with surgery, or id become blind! NOBODY advised me of this, nobody advised me what the test results needed to be to go ahead with surgery in my consultation, so why take my deposit money before telling me this awful information!? The surgeon displayed no compassion, and in fact was very rude to me, so rude he had me leaving the building in tears.

I am now being told 2 things, i have to wait up to 28 days for a full refund on my deposit, but they have told me the date to expect my refund and it isn't within 28 days its the full 28days!! I just want my money back and to forget about the whole experience. If you have medical conditions, do not listen to Optical Express, do your own research and ask your doctors prior to booking anything. Optical Express just want your money.
admin: Optical Express have no legal right to keep your money for 28 days, and the optometrist should be reported to the GOC!
For more info pls email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Lasik idesign 18 Jul 2019 23:23 #62

  • Madiya
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Hi Sasha
Just a quick update for you. 

I recieved a call from a man named Rusell from OE refunds dept on the 21st June.

He advised me that a full refund has been issued in the form of a cheque and will posted 1st class the same day.

I was hoping to recieve it by the Monday but I recieved it Saturday the morning after.

So grateful for all your help and for this forum.
Thanks again for your help Sasha.  Xx

Lasik idesign 19 Jun 2019 15:20 #63

  • Madiya
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Hi Sasha
I have read you've helped many people get a refund from OE. I went in on the 25th May for a checkup and to see if I'm eligible for Laser eye surgery. I left £150 lighter that they took as a cash deposit from me. 

I'm a single mother and couldn't afford the £500 at once. Anyways I wasn't given a receipt on the day as I paid in cash. I was booked in for 2 weeks later and was told i could pay in 24 month interest free installments. 3 days later I recieved a call for someone to put my finance through. (Which I thought had already been put through as on the day I went in they was happy for me to pay in instalments) that was the impression that was given to me. I told them my credit was low and was worried I wouldn't be accepted for finance so obviously was delighted when they came back and said yes to the interest free installments. Anyways the person whk called me on day 3 was very rude. He basically told me OE hadn't done their job properly and they shouldn't have even offered me the instalment plan when I didn't have an income from a job. I tried to explain yes I am not working but I do still have an income as I have 4 young children. I was told unless its income from a job I cant go through with it unless I paid the whole amount cash. So as it was their fault for not explaining this to me beforehand, I was due my refund. Which after numerous phone calls back and forth was told will be refunded within 28days. 

I've not had no emails letters or anything from them since. I've tried calling back to speak about my refund but with no luck. 

Please help me out Sasha. 
Kind regards,
admin: Hi Madiya, pls send your phone number This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Decided Against Surgery! 19 Jun 2019 15:20 #64

  • Dave D
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I came across this very informative site after having a consultation with OE Preston.

I decided to contact Sasha who has been exceptionally helpful throughout the below experience:

Deposit paid over phone around 15:30

(Found OERML) Called Preston to cancel, was told retentions will call in 48h
I asked for email confirmation, not been received.

Follow up email sent - no reply

Called and spoke to Kimberley
Told I will get a call on Monday from retentions (17/6)

Called and spoke to Terry (female)
was told will hear from retentions today - didnt

Called and spoke to Sheila
Told her the 48hrs has passed, no call from retentions
She just said they will call

Email from OE after 2 missed calls
Dear Dave,
I have tried to contact you today regarding the recent cancellation of your treatment, here are my contact details If you’d like to get in touch with me for anything, please reply to this email or give me a call on the number below. I’d be happy to answer any questions, be they treatment or finance related.
Kind regards,
Chantelle Moss
Clinical Care Associate | Head office
UK: 0800 023 2020
ROI: 0044141 248 8234

Called back and spoke to Chantelle (recorded the call)
Explained I want refund
She said 28 days and CS will be in touch to issue it.

28 Working days from the 13th June would be 24/07/2019 - this is when I expect my refund to be issued by.

What an atrocious experience! STEER CLEAR OF OPTICAL EXPRESS AT ALL COSTS!

Getting my deposit refunded 17 Jun 2019 16:50 #65

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Apologies in advance for this being a long message, but I want everyone to know my whole situation in the hopes that more people will claim against OE and also be successful in getting their money back. Sasha dealt with my case personally and was so helpful and informative and guided me every step of the way, leading to my full refund of my deposit. :)

I had already resigned myself to the fact I wouldn’t get my money back as that’s how deposits work, it was only after reading things on this forum and others about OE that I started to research a little more and thought I might as well try.

So first of all I’ll start with my visit to OE... I recently went for a consultation at optical express and like many other people who have written on this forum, I left £500 lighter, even though I only went in to chat about the procedure. I was planning to get it done in November maybe, but they booked me in for less than two weeks time, it all seemed very pushy and rushed, they're very good at convincing you to do what they want you to do.

After leaving I now knew the name of the surgeon [Luca Antico] and after doing a little research I discovered a few negative things about him and the Exeter branch of OE. This spurred me into really doubting about the procedure at all, I figured my eyes aren't 'that" bad yet, so why risk making them worse until they are, so I decided to cancel my appointment and requested my deposit back as it was only a day after I booked in, they said they have put my details to another team and they will be in contact, two days later still nothing. Which proves what a lot of others on here have said... ‘the second you cancel or have any problems, OE want nothing to do with you’.
After my consultation I had letters, messages and emails galore! The second I cancelled... nothing!

I messaged OERML to seek advice and promptly received a message from Sasha saying that she would call to discuss the next steps. After a brief chat she said I would definitely get my deposit back, all I had to do was file a claim using an MCOL. I was having a few problems with the government website and Sasha kindly stayed on the phone with me and helped me with everything. We filled in the form and filed the claim. The MCOL cost £35, but this will be refunded by OE along with your deposit.

Whilst on the phone Sasha also informed me of how corrupt the whole laser eye business is, I had read a few things but I learned so much more and I’m even more thankful now that I didn’t allow this procedure to go ahead! It’s crazy that the government allows it to continue legally.

For example, there is a statement on the terms and conditions they give you in your welcome pack which says ‘These terms and conditions are still valid even if they have not been signed’ which is completely illegal, so if you too have paid a deposit already and haven’t signed these forms... you’re all good! And don’t need to worry :)

Two days after I filed the claim I had a missed call and a voicemail from someone at OE stating that my refund, including the £35 for the MCOL, had been issued and would be in my account within 3-5 working days. Sure enough, 3 days later it was in my account. Thus proving that as soon as any legal documents were issued, OE couldn’t react quick enough to settle up and not have to go to court, because they know legally they have no leg to stand on! They obviously make all their money from people who don’t pursue them to get their money back, it’s terrible!

I hope anyone who reads this will now have the confidence to go ahead and try to get their money back and not allow OE to take another easy £500 from someone.

Many many thanks again Sasha for all your help and advice!

Decided Against Surgery! 18 Apr 2019 19:35 #66

  • Mei-che Yuen
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28th February 2019 - I attended free consultation for laser eye surgery at Optical Express Bath store and optometrist told me I was suitable for lens replacement surgery.
3rd April - Spoke to Optical Express & booked bilateral lens replacement surgery for 27th May. Paid £500 deposit without meeting surgeon or knowing who it was!
5th April - Optometrist phoned me & told me not to have both eyes done on the same day & to reschedule. I cancelled & asked for refund. Was told someone would contact me that day to arranged this. No one did.
8th April - Email from OE asking me to contact them if I had any questions. I replied saying I wanted my deposit refunded.
9th Apr - Recieved email from OE saying that refunds take 28 working days according to their T&Cs. I replied that this was unacceptable as I did not sign or see T&Cs and that they are not legally entitled to hold my money. Had no reply from them.
With the help from Sasha I have put in a MCOL and it was issued 11th April.
I am claiming my £500 deposit plus interest plus £60 court fee. Still waiting.
admin: Mei-che received her £500 refund + £60 court fee from Optical Express a few weeks after issuing her MCOL.

I asked her a number of times to update her post with this info, to let others know that they too can get their deposit refunded.

On 3 July she finally responded with this message:
'Hi. When I can i will do.'

Obviously a very busy young woman, I've saved her the effort of doing so :kiss:

Trying to get my £500 deposit back. 23 Feb 2019 09:08 #67

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After reading a bit more information on the practices of Optical Express and the surgeon assigned to my surgery I decided that there was enough evidence to convince me not to go ahead with surgery.

I phoned the Bristol branch to cancel and was told that the cancellation team would be in touch. They phoned at at time in the morning which wasn't convenient so I asked them to call back at 1pm - They phoned me at 5pm - again I couldn't answer.
After this I took the initiative to call them however I was put through to a standard call centre employee, when asked to be put through to the cancellations team (the girl that left me her name) I was told that it was not possible to do that because the girl was off sick, when asked if I could speak to someone else, this was also refused.

So now with the help of Sasha I have put in a MCOL against OE to recover my £500 deposit plus court fees, this has been submitted and I am currently awaiting the outcome and a reply from Optical Express. I will update once received.
admin: Unfortunately, even after asking him three times, Ben Sandford is apparently too busy to update his post with the news that his deposit was refunded as a result of my help :kiss:

£1,000 Deposit 23 Jan 2019 10:04 #68

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Stumbled across this forum when looking for OE cancellation terms!

I attended a free laser eye test check Friday 18th Jan and all was well,everyone is familiar with the process,I was then asked about booking a date price total £5590 although I’m an angry looking bearded man lol so the sales team didn’t pressure me when I said I’ll go away and make my decision when I can at least read .

I received a courtesy call Mon 21st and they dropped 10% so I went ahead with £1000 deposit.

Read the pre op terms agreement this morning Wed 23rd and decided there is to many negative risks involved and called to cancel.

Phones up head office,was told they have took note of my cancellation and i will receive a callback within 2 days from the cancellations team.

After reading this i don’t look forward to the process.

P.s can I not get a reversal from my bank?
admin: Contact your bank and ask them, or email me for advice:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please come back and update your post when you have your refund, as it helps others who find themselves in the same position

A rollercoaster I wish I never jumped on! 14 Dec 2018 16:34 #69

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27th Oct 2018
I attended my free laser consultation in Hull.
For the past 7 years I have been contemplating laser eye surgery with OE and visited them on many occasions to get my free laser eye consultation. Each time I went they told me I was suitable for laser but never really went ahead with it until this year.

I was given an initial price of £4390 for both eyes, LASEK iDesign. But was told I got an “on the day” discount of £300 which took the price to £4090. I haggled further and got this to £4000 after she called her regional manager. Don’t be fooled by their “on the day” discount as they appear to offer this regardless. To be honest I think they make their prices up on the spot as there seems to be no formula for their calculation. It’s funny because over the 7 years I attended I was given discounts of xx% off and sometimes up to £500 off.

I didn’t decide on the day and I came away to think about it. £4000 was a lot of money and was not something I could afford. The “buy now start finance in March” seemed very appealing so I approached family who offered to help me get a large deposit together.

2nd Nov 2018
I paid £3000 deposit and confirmed a surgery date of 16th Nov 2018 at Leeds. I also opted to have a telephone consultation with Dr Muhammad Kazmi (who was my consultant of choice) for 6th Nov 2018. I had spent a lot of time comparing OE surgeons and found that patient satisfaction/surgery number was high for Dr Kazmi. I also set up my £1000 finance agreement to start in March.

With my surgery date booked in I decided to purchase my travel and hotel to Leeds. I had a follow up appointment the day after so made sense to stay over at a cost of £76.85 non-refundable.

6th Nov 2018
Had a call from OE customer service telling me I couldn’t have a telephone consultation and that the surgeon requested to see me. My surgery date of 16th Nov 2018 now became my face to face consultation with Dr Kazmi and my surgery date was pushed to 14th Dec 2018. I emailed OE customer service to express my anger and they advised me I would be refunded for my lost funds in travel and accom once my surgery had been performed.

16th Nov 2018
Had extra tests at Leeds branch and spoke with the surgeon. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was not a suitable candidate for LASEK and that he advised against it. I was told having the surgery would probably result in me needing a follow up surgery and would weaken my eye muscle and could potentially create another eye condition. I was also told he could not guarantee the 20|20 vision nor could he assure me my eye sight would be better than what I can see through my glasses. He also added my cornea was thin and the back of my eye wasn’t a perfect shape and he’d have to calculate aka guestimate where to perform the laser.

I decided not to have the surgery in which Dr Kazmi said I was “making the right choice”. When asked about my refund he told me he would contact head office and they’d be in touch.

Before I came to OE I had already come across the OERML forum and saw all the horror stories including how bad OE are for refunding. I thought “this wont happen to me” – Oh how wrong I was. I knew instantly from cancelling my surgery that this was going to be a battle getting my money back. The thought of OE hanging on to my money for “up to 28 days” didn’t sit right with me. After reading through the deposit thread on OERML I knew that my refund wouldn’t be a simple process and I was not willing to wait 28 days to then have to battle for it.

18th Nov 2018
I emailed Sasha that evening for advice.

19th Nov 2018
Had a phone call with Sasha to go through my options and expectations. Sasha also made me aware that Dr Muhammad Kazmi was currently being sued – something which I was not aware of.

On the advice of Sasha, I emailed OE to advise them of my recent visit to the surgery and that I wanted a full refund including the money for accom and travel they said they’d give me. I asked that OE called me by the end of the day to process the refund – OE never responded.

21st Nov 2018
Submitted a MCOL against OE for the amount of £3076.85. This was for the deposit, claim fee, interest, accom and travel. They now had until 11th Dec 2018 to respond.

Coincidentally the same night I had a voicemail from Chris Cunningham from OE wanting to discuss my surgery etc. Nothing about a refund. Chris tried again a few days later but I ignored them on the advice of Sasha.

4th Dec 2018
I’ve had no contact from OE thus far and nothing from my MCOL. I emailed a copy of the MCOL to Stephen Hannan and requested a read receipt.

9th Dec 2018
Received a read receipt from Stephen Hannan

10th Dec 2018
OE requested an extra 14 days to review my MCOL putting the new deadline date at 27th Dec 2018.

12th Dec 2018
Received an email from Niamh Mceachen (Accredited Paralegal | Legal Department) from OE stating she acknowledges receipt of the email I sent to Stephen and my MCOL request. She then advise they’ve reviewed my case and have confirmed that a refund of 100% of my claim will be processed by the end of the day and I would be notified. That’s right.. They’re paying me back for everything including interest.

13th Dec 2018
Didn’t hear anything from OE and have not yet received my refund. Responded to Niamh to let her know but have not had a reply.

14th Dec 2018
Started losing my patience with OE poor customer service so I sent Niamh another follow up. She replied hours after stated I had been sent a text on Wednesday previous to confirm receipt of refund (Which I have not had). She also said her latest email contained receipt of refund (which it did not). I responded to Niamh to advise. She quickly responded with a copy of the receipt from their card machine which stated the refund has been processed of £3286.80.
4pm: Received the full amount in to my bank.

A side note for anyone who comes across this and are contemplating getting laser eye surgery. Ask yourself – how clear can you see with your glasses? If the answer is “pretty darn good!” then I urge you not to get laser. The risks are not worth it and you have no guarantee you will be better off with it. I wanted laser for so many years because I just did not want to wear glasses. Yes! They’re annoying. They steam up, they fall off, they break. But, after my journey with OE, I’m so grateful I can see so clear through them.
I’m also grateful for Dr Muhammad Kazmi who was brutally honest with me and said not to get it done. I was massively disappointed and was a little sad. But, I’m glad that door is now closed forever. If you actually read through OE terms and conditions and paperwork they hand you, you’ll see how much they don’t cover for and the limited 12 month aftercare is a little concerning. They also say they charge £150 fee if you cancel the surgery. Luckily in my case I got all my money back.

I’d also like to thank this forum and Sasha for being a big help and for reassuring me when it felt like a never ending “David and the Goliath” moment. Thank for you giving your time up to help people like me!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

OE won't give back my £6,390! 23 Nov 2018 10:07 #70

  • Clare Nye
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I am SO sorry for the delayed response - my fiancee has been really poorly over the last couple of weeks.

As Sasha said we now have payment in FULL from OE which we received on 26th October - bizarrely after OE said they were going to defend the claim!

It's clear OE have no idea what's going on internally but the upshot of it all is we were refunded in full including the court cost.

Many thanks to Sasha for helping us get this back!