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Optical Express – Laser Eye Enhancement Surgery 08 Jun 2019 14:43 #11

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This is not a a horror story of sorts, it is more of a question to all those who have had Laser Eye Surgery with Optical Express. Since my initial treatment almost a year ago, I have been informed I have to have an enhancement procedure as my eyesight has deteriorated.

Therefore, my question is - has anyone had a laser eye enhancement procedure and if yes would you mind letting me know in either circumstance (good or bad) how it was? Did it make your eyesight better or worse or if there were any complications etc?

I would really appreciate your thoughts and advice on this!
Thanking you in advance!

20/20 Vision or your money back 24 Mar 2019 20:25 #12

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Reames wrote: Did you have LASIK Laser Eye Surgery in 2009 and were you aware of the offer of 20/20 vision or your money back?

They are still offering that I believe. If that applied to me, I'd ask for a refund and if I didn't get it I'd sue for breach of contract. You'd have 5 years in Scotland, 6 in England. I wonder if anybody has ever done it?
Incidentally, certain post Lasik complications eg ecstasia can occur years after the surgery. I read about one case that occurred 10 years post surgery! I think it would be reasonable to argue in such cases that "time" didn't start to run for the purposes of time-bar until it developed and you knew or ought reasonably to have known it was caused by the surgery.
Tecnis Symfony lens patient.

20/20 Vision or your money back 13 Mar 2019 20:19 #13

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Did you have LASIK Laser Eye Surgery in 2009 and were you aware of the offer of 20/20 vision or your money back?

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 24 Feb 2019 08:55 #14

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I sincerely hope for this person's sake the surgeon says NO to operating on his one "good" eye.
Tecnis Symfony lens patient.

Can i sue Optical Express? 04 Dec 2018 17:33 #15

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I am new to this website but have been driven here through pure desperation.
In April 2014 i had laser eye surgery after wearing glasses from age 5. I thought this would be the start of something great but it was the opposite.
I had a consultation around a month or 2 before my surgery where the guy was more like a sales professional. Said i had dry eyes so based on this i couldn't have laser eye surgery but to put dry eye drops in for a couple of weeks and then i should be fine and then we could book me in.. i had no idea about dry eyes so just went along. Looking back this seemed shifty. Just to have my eyes looking ok for the surgeon so the sales guy got a sale.
Anyway after surgery i got extremely bad severe dry eye for years up until now. Been on all sorts. Still on optive fusion, lacrilube, heated eye patch, omega 7 sba24 tablets, optrex actimist. I went to Optical Express back and forth after my surgery but they basically said they couldnt help as permanent damage to my nerves were done. And after the 2 years aftercare were going to charge me for appointments. The cheek!.
Anyway i had to fight to be seen by the NHS Opthamology department and have been with them for 2 years. Who have been great to be fair. I am trying to get ciclosporine (Ikervis) prescribed but they dont seem to want to help. My GP said they cant prescribe it and the ophthalmology department said they cant and to go to my GP. I cant go to Optical Express as i will be charged according to them.

I am in severe pain daily due to Optical Express. Can i sue? I was told i cant as i was told about the risks before my surgery which i signed. But isnt the sales guy who gave me eye drops to put in to make my eye look good for surgery liable ?

How do you guys suggest i get ciclosporine prescribed?

Any help would be massively appreciated.
admin: It is impossible to answer your question without knowing why an NHS ophthalmologist refused to prescribe ciclosporine.
And every single person I know currently in litigation (and all those who have successfully sued OE) signed a Consent form, including Stephanie Holloway who went to trial in 2014 and spectacularly won!
The issue is whether or not you were fully informed - and you're unique if you were!
Your optom (sales guy) should most definitely be reported to the GOC.
For more advice pls email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Double vision 21 Jan 2018 13:07 #16

  • ronald
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Hi can you help me ?
On the 22nd September 2016 I spent just under £3000.00 for idesign lasik eye surgery at Optical Express in Bristol with surgeon Dr Luca Antico. 3 weeks after surgery I had double vision, to this date I still have double vision and cant read a car number plate 3 car lengths away.
Before the operation I was told that they would be able to achieve 20 20 vision if not better in both eyes!!!   I was so excited at the time thinking I wouldn’t need reading glasses anymore. Now I need glasses to correct my vision, my eyes are much worse than before. Soon as the 12 months was up the said I am now outside my terms and condition contract.
Now they want to charge me for appointments and any other work on my eyes.
After looking at this site optical express ruined my eyes I feel like I have been scammed.
I would like to know what procedure I can take plus can my eyes be corrected after what they have done .

Kind regards

Ronald Todd
admin: Pls send your phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:


My rights 02 Jan 2018 17:04 #17

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Hi everyone just after a bit of advice from past OE patients here’s my story.
Had lasek surgery on October 2016, didn't improve a thing, so for the next few months I was back and forth being monitored. Eventually in June 2017 I was told I needed corrective surgery and the surgeon would contact me. After 2 month passed I got in touch telling then that I'd not heard anything from anyone. I eventually was given a date November 2017 for surgery and a date for the surgeon to call. Well I waited and waited but no call, so I phoned OE on several occasions and they said someone would call back but nobody did, until 2 days before my surgery date, saying the surgeon had phoned but on a different number and I'd missed the deadline of 48 hrs and would have to rearrange. I explained I'd booked time off work and it. was too late to cancel. They apologised but couldn't do anything about it eventually we rearranged surgery to Decomber, over the Christmas period when I had time off for recovery. Well yet again the surgeon did not phone at the time arranged and again surgery was cancelled.
What are my rights, can I get my money back, do I have a case for medical negligence ? It's been 15 months now and my eyes are worse than before surgery. Personally I think they’re stalling for time as I've heard you have to pay for any treatment after 2 years.

Take the survey. 02 Jan 2018 15:46 #18

  • Morris Waxler, Ph.D.
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Refractive surgeons should not break what they cannot fix. However, they should make every effort in attempting to do so. We must force them to help; not continue to harm, lie, and fail to take responsibility.
Take the survey, send it to everyone you know. docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ss_T2UPnu9crtoy...R_eQWM5rCteVvY8/edit


My eyes 20 Dec 2017 14:56 #19

  • Amanda Johnson
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Hi, I've been contacted by Optical Express regarding laser surgery but after reading all these comments I'm not going to have anything done. I've got really poor shortsightedness as well as posterior vitreous detachments in both eyes so I think I'll leave well alone. Can't have them becoming worse.
Thanks to everyone for their comments. And I really feel for all of you who have suffered with problems. It's my worst nightmare.

Lasik/Lasek Problems 22 Nov 2017 15:44 #20

  • Tinky
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Really and truly shocked to read of all the terrible experiences people have been having.
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My friend who used Optical Express had eye pain for quite a few months.