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Optical Express HAVE ruined my life! 21 Nov 2017 07:17 #21

  • Linda Stott
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Optical Express have ruined my life! They have scarred my cornea in my left eye and it's like a piece of cling film over it. My right eye was supposed to be for distance but I can't focus at all.
I wish I listened to my friend and not had it done!

OE screwed up my vision 13 Nov 2017 20:42 #22

  • Paul
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Only wish I’d done more homework before parting with £6k and allowing Optical Express screw up my vision. 3 of their optometrists and the surgeon - Dr Alex George - have said I need further surgery, (YAG in both eyes and corrective for my dominant eye) but their pen pushers won’t authorize it. Or at least not until after 12 months when they’d look to charge me more money for the privilege.

New YouTube OERML videos 14 May 2017 13:45 #23

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Two new YouTube videos from OERML :kiss:

Golfer Seung Yul Noh:

Maria's story:

NB: If you would like to make a video to add to the OERML library - even if only 30 seconds in length - please contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Operated on a lazy eye! Why? 13 Apr 2017 20:00 #24

  • mathsaddict
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Just told by Specsavers that there was zero chance of laser eye surgery helping a lazy eye! Amblyopia cannot be treated with laser eye surgery or even helped! What was the point in operating on it other than to take my money?

post LASIK dry eye 07 Apr 2017 20:59 #25

  • Maria
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I don't know how people cope with their post LASIK symptoms without good professional support. I can't thank my local Eye Hospital Emergency team enough for picking up where Optical Express so rudely left off. After a very uncomfortable night, I made my way to the unit fearing another corneal abrasion. All I did was walk passed some dusty roadworks. Right eye hurt, teared like mad and I had some loss of vision - could not stand light and spent hours with the warm compress over my face, contemplating my future. Good news - it was only good old dry eye.
LASIK, the gift that keeps on giving. In a few days it will be 3 years since the big op.
Big thank you to Oxford Eye Hospital Walk-in Emergency Service for looking after me so well today.

My experience.... 25 Mar 2017 17:26 #26

  • Dave
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My surgery was carried out in Glasgow, at the end of January last year. It was performed by Mr David Teenan. Throughout the whole process in the lead up to surgery, i was repeatedly mis-sold the procedure. I was told id have better than 20/20 vision. That optical express's machinery was two generations better than the competitors. Any fears i had over the procedure such as complications or risks were played down. Id be back at work in a few days and would be glad i had the op. I was a perfect candidate and they love my type as the difference they make is so great. When I asked about the consent docs i was told it was just a formality, not to worry about it and just sign as there would be no way id get any complications. If i paid/signed up on the day id get a discount....but only if i signed that day. Etc etc etc.

I of course now know id fallen for a sales pitch.

I was recommended for i design lasek as my corneas were too thin for lasik.

It took 3 weeks after the op to regain any sort of standard of vision.I was in pain for a lot of it. I was off work for the whole time. I kept getting told that everyone was different and that i just needed to wait and see how i was.

At each visit i kept getting told that they were unsure why i was taking so long to heal. "Its just one of those things, everyone is different" they said.

Around end of may/start of june they told me there was no need for me to come back. I explained that i was still having difficulty with my eyes but was told not to worry.

I left it a bit then contacted their head office to complain. I was advised to go back in for further tests around aug/september.

Again much of the same happened. I was told that i was still healing and may take longer than others. My eyes were fine. I kicked up a fuss and further tests were carried out.

After these tests were carried out it was ascertained that i had a residual prescription in my eyes. I had went from being short sighted to being long sighted. I was given contacts then glasses to try and see if my vision improved. It did, but i was still left with ghosting images, starburst, dry eyes and general bluriness. I also had a distinct difference in the vision from my right and left eyes. So much so that when i was driving the car in front would be a different distance away depending on what eye i used.
I was a marvel, no one could explain why id had these issues. I was recommended for enhancement but the surgeons knocked it back.

I complained again to head office officially and recieved a multi page response from Stephen Hannan basically saying it was my choice, nothing wrong with my eyes but if i wanted to go back to see them and pay(as my free year had elapsed) then i could and they may reconsider enhancement.

I have contacted my old opticians who admit i have a prescription left and issues with dry eyes.

Pressured to have correction Laser 25 Feb 2017 19:02 #27

  • Ryan
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What surgery did you have ?lasek or lasik
admin: Read the 7th word in Tracy's post for your answer :kiss:

Pressured to have correction Laser 03 Feb 2017 16:50 #28

  • Tracy Watson
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Its eleven months since I had Lasik surgery with at Optical Express Sheffield branch. Disaster!! Before surgery I could read a newspaper and work at my pc etc without the need for glasses. Now my life is ruined!! Yes I agree my distance vision is SLIGHTLY better, however my eyes are now constantly dry and Im dependant on a cocktail of various eye drops and totally rely on glasses to undertake basic tasks such as preparing food, the stuff we take for granted, the tasks which matter to us. I dont drive at night due to halos and my distance is not as good as when I wore distance glasses - its blurred/fluctuates. Had the surgeon Muhammed Kazmi taken time to explain my near vision would disappear the moment after laser procedure I would have run a mile and they could have kept my deposit, but the day of surgery I met him for the first time for a rushed five minute consultation. I had explained to all the Optical Express staff the nature of my work/lifestyle, that I was just annoyed wearing glasses for driving. My near vision was great, I could read a newspaper and carry out tasks without glasses. So why did they go ahead without telling me close vision would go?

I had to complain and fight OE to provide plugs to alleviate dry eye. Life is miserable but Muhammed Kazmi insists he should do a correction because he says my eyes are now not as dry so safe to do so. Is this because its coming up to 12 month post surgery? Well why would I trust their judgement, I dont have confidence, OE perform procedures fuelled by profit and clearly do not consider patients best interest. Ive met and been treated by a wonderful, impartial/trusted NHS consultant at Hallamshire Hospital who assured me it isn't safe and he doesnt recommend correction laser. He strongly urges me not to be pressured by OE - he said "They have a duty of care" to me! I know whose opinion I trust.

MR DAVID TEENAN 02 Feb 2017 21:31 #29

  • Gill
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Cale Phillips wrote: I was going to my surgery in January with the same surgeon you mentioned. Do you think the surgeon caused these issues to you?
Thanks a lot,
Cale Phillips

Hi sorry I've only just seen this when I came onto look for something else! I would never recommend anyone has surgery in Glasgow with optical express! Or with anyone really! I didn't discover until after my surgery that when it doesn't go to plan they have zero interest in helping you. Even trying to get an appointment to be seen turn into an ordeal! I still wear glasses & have excessively dry eyes (14 months after surgery) they have taken zero responsibility for any of this. I am currently using eye drops which cost around £200 a month, no idea of prognosis! If I want a consultation to listen to more of there lies then I have to pay to do so! That said when you read through this site I am one of the lucky ones.
There is zero compassion from optical express, they are simply not interested, there clinical director did my consulatation & lied throughout! Sadly you only find this out when it goes wrong.
This is also the point you find out that not only do optical express not care neither does anyone else and they don't have to answer to anyone which is why they get away with it.
They then only if forced refund you & try and put a gagging order on you so you can't discuss it ever again!
So hopefully you've not had surgery with them and have a good look through this site which will hopefully put you off .

FAO damaged patients in North West England 02 Feb 2017 20:15 #30

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A message for anyone damaged by laser eye surgery living in the North West of England i.e. Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool, Cumbria.

I have been contacted by a journalist in early stages of research for a TV feature on laser eye surgery who would like to talk to you!

This is open to ALL damaged patients in the NW region, no matter where you had surgery!

Please send me your phone number asap if you are willing to consider being part of this: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of David Teenan’s damaged RLE patients in Scotland told me last week, "I don't want to post on Facebook as none of my friends are aware that this stupid surgery went badly wrong.”!

As I repeatedly tell every person who contacts me and says how stupid they feel for having had this surgery - I.T. I.S. N.O.T. Y.O.U.R. F.A.U.L.T.

We trusted the surgeons not to harm us - how were we to know then that all they were concerned about was money and meeting targets for their unscrupulous and corrupt businessmen bosses?!

It is they - not us - who should be ashamed and embarrassed!

I miss no opportunity to inform people about the potential risks of undergoing elective refractive surgery, be it laser or lens exchange!

I hand out OERML cards to complete strangers I see wearing glasses… I ask people when I'm through to call centres, ‘btw, do you wear glasses?’, and direct them to OERML.

And it is amazing how many of the people I approach are at the time seriously considering surgery - but not after I speak with them!

In my opinion, if your eyes have been damaged, you owe it to everyone out there to warn them that if it happened to you it could happen to them!

Speak out :kiss: