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16 Mar 2021 18:47 #550


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'ACES, founded in 2007, is an independent provider of an NHS Eye Service where patients are able to receive eye care in the community from Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons. Our aim is to provide ophthalmic care of the highest standards in a community setting that is convenient and comfortable for our patients.’ www.aces-eyeclinic.co.uk

Reassuring advertising, until I tell you about the new owner :kiss:

Company number 05632363

Consultant ophthalmologists Neil Johnson and Clifford Jakeman sold their company to David Moulsdale in January, enabling and supporting Optical Express' insidious entry into the NHS cataract surgery market!

These two consultants should be ashamed of themselves - especially with so many 1,000s of Optical Express damaged patients relying on the NHS for aftercare!

Sadly however, there are too many greedy people who don’t give a damn about the impact their actions will have on others, because money talks, especially if they’re offered enough of it!

Whilst Moulsdale’s purchase of Anglia Community Eye Service should scare the sh*t out of everyone concerned - not least the patients, I wonder how Johnson and Jakeman’s colleagues feel about their newly bonded relationship with Optical Express!

In addition to the two featured money-grubbers, these are the ophthalmic consultant surgeons listed on the website:
Mr Andrew Ramsay BSc MBBS FRCOphth
Mr Sivanandy Nagendran MBBS MS FRCSEd
Mr Safdar Alam MD MSc
Dr Lee O'Mara MRCOphth
Dr Aiga Harrington

And how long before Anglia Community Eye Service offers refractive surgery I wonder...
13 Feb 2021 17:57 #549


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Before the pandemic nightmare began, I was a frequent visitor to Moorfields Eye Hospital, both NHS and Private, be it accompanying MBEF clients, or attending for my own treatment…

Last Thursday I was booked in for a consultation rescheduled after being postponed in March 2020 :kiss:

Having driven there (it’ll be a while before I'm prepared to risk using public transport) any concerns I had about social distancing etc… were immediately allayed on arrival, and I needn’t have been at all concerned, because the lengths the hospital management have employed to ensure the safety of patients and staff alike truly impressive, and it is my pleasure to be able to praise them (on this occasion at least!)

Outside the entrance there were at least three staff members (wearing gloves and masks) checking people had an appointment before allowing them through the door, face masks essential.

Once in, approaching the main clinics, another checkpoint offered hand gel and extra masks if needed.

Anyone who has ever been to Moorfields Eye Hospital will know what an incredibly busy hospital it is: Clinic 4 often crowded with 100 patients or more waiting for treatment, but on this occasion there were probably less than a dozen people seated, everyone spaced apart.

Instead of the usual one hour minimum wait I was seen super fast (friends in high places!) and I was further impressed by the strict adherence to safety protocol exhibited by all medics I met.

Waiting for a prescription later, I watched the NHS TV ads, which highlighted just how conscienceless, greedy, and irresponsible, private refractive surgery providers are!

With NHS hospitals going the extra mile to protect people, putting their staff on the front line during this pandemic, it is horrifying that Optical Express, Optimax aka Ultralase UK, Optegra Eye Hospital, et al, advertise and actively encourage people to leave home to travel during lockdown, for entirely unnecessary and non essential purposes!

And you can bet their in-house TV ads won’t be about the risks of Covid!What’s even worse, some ophthalmologists employed by the NHS are moonlighting in the private sector at this time, performing laser and lens exchange surgery simply for profit, and they should hang their heads in shame and beg forgiveness from NHS colleagues - whose lives and health they're putting at risk.

In fact, they should be prosecuted for treason!
20 Jan 2021 17:04 #548


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I was considering lens replacement surgery, but thanks to Sasha Rodoy I have decided I just don't fancy it after all. Too risky. I saw my own optician today, been a client for 20 years, and the practice doesn't offer it surgery so they had no financial interest. She said that unless I have a clinical need to replace my lens she recommends I don't do it, that if I get diagnosed with cataracts then that is the time to reconsider the treatment.
I have known her a long time and I trust her opinion, and Sasha's info on Facebook and the forum last night made it an easy decision.
I'll save my pennies and stick with specs.
I'm glad I asked for advice and I am incredibly grateful to Sasha and all the others who share their experiences on the forum as the weight of this information made me decide it's just too risky.
Thank you and keep up with what you are doing, I feel like I've dodged a bullet to be honest!
01 Jan 2021 16:37 #547


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Unfortunately last year didn’t quite go the way I'd expected - in more ways than one, but there is good news on the horizon :kiss:

Posted 1 January 2020: 'I am confident that 2020 will ultimately be OUR year… with two good reasons for my prediction tucked in my pocket until I am able to publish - one hopefully by the end of February or March...'

One of my two ‘good reasons’ was the GOC v Optical Express Fitness to Practise hearing scheduled last September, persistently argued by OE lawyers, resulting in a postponement until November, but the allegations suddenly and astonishingly dropped by GOC Case Examiners and case closed.*

My second good reason was the hope that General Medical Council (GMC) Case Examiners would refer a doctor to a Fitness to Practise hearing after a lengthy two year investigation. Regardless of which, if the doctor wasn’t referred to FtP, the story would generate press cover and public outrage for that reason alone!

In late June however, the GMC advised those of us involved that the Case Examiners had referred the doctor to a FtP hearing - and finally able to exhale with relief, we owe the examiners a huge debt of gratitude, who left no stone unturned, exercising incredible due diligence, instead of simply accepting the report from the GMC appointed medical expert at face value.**

FtP hearings are normally heard within 6 months of referral to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, but the MPTS are coping with a backlog of cases unavoidably delayed by the pandemic.

Unlike the GOC, the GMC will not be closing this case before it goes to FtP hearing, expected by June latest and publicly listed approx four weeks beforehand.

And although the GMC acknowledged that they couldn’t stop me publishing details should I choose to do so, for pragmatic purposes I agreed that I would wait until the hearing is listed on the MPTS site, essentially to ensure maximum publicity.***

Meantime, I’ll keep on doing what I have been doing for almost 10 years, and all I ask in return is that you PLEASE support my work by sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

*I will be publishing more about this when I have information I’ve requested under an FOI.
**Outwith his expertise in my opinion! The topic of GMC appointed inappropriate medical experts on my list!
***Shockingly, the tragic suicide of Optegra Eye Hospital patient #PaulDance failed to get the media/press exposure this deserved.

And whilst JessicaStarr’s suicide on 12 December 2018 (2 months after SMILE laser eye surgery performed by Dr Shabbir Khambati at Lake Lazer Eye Center in Michigan) received worldwide press and media attention, to the best of my knowledge nothing more has been published since April 2019, and I suspect that an out of court non-disclosure agreement (NDA) may be the reason for this: money being the industry’s oft used tool to silence so many of their victims and families.
20 Dec 2020 19:45 #546


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Earlier this afternoon I tried to return a box of tiles to a nearby retailer, having been assured by the manager yesterday that if I parked outside and phoned the store, someone would come and take the items from my car :kiss:

Not happy therefore to arrive and be told by the staff member sitting behind the counter that they were a ‘non essential’ shop (Tier 4), and not allowed to trade since last night.

I pointed out that all he had to do was take a box from the back of my car, which has a hatch door, allowing zero personal contact, and the refund could be dealt with by phone.

But no, he wouldn’t do it… (and I was so frustrated having wasted my time that I didn't think to ask why the store lights were on, doors unlocked, and staff behind counter!)

Yet whilst I can't return a box of tiles, go to a restaurant, or get my hair trimmed, I have been assured by an Optical Express call centre rep that their London stores will be open as usual - for NON ESSENTIAL close up consultations and NON ESSENTIAL surgery!

30 Nov 2020 16:47 #545


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As another recently lied to, damaged and botched eye surgery victim I hope these ruthless surgeons and companies are finally made to stop these surgeries. Eye surgery should only be used when it is the last resort .The adverts portraying these surgeries as a quick easy perfect fix should be banned ..They are all made up of lies and Mickey Mouse research done by these companies themselves.