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23 Jul 2020 21:54 #555


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This latest sales pitch from Optical Express is hysterically funny - and tragically desperate!

The function that vision plays in our everyday life is quite staggering.’ No sh*t Sherlock :kiss:

‘What is the solution?
A short term solution would be to improve the fit of your mask. If you are wearing a surgical mask, mould the bendable strip to fit your nose, this should better conceal your face which in turn should lessen the chance of your breath escaping from the mask. For cotton face masks, simply tighten the sides of your masks to ensure a better fit around the nose area. However this is only a short term fix, with the need for face masks showing no signs of letting up any time soon, it may be time to consider a more sustainable vision correction option such as a laser eye or lens replacement surgery.’
21 Jul 2020 18:12 #554


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Katie is just one of a number of Optical Express employees who've contacted me over the last few months after being made redundant :kiss:

'A young woman has claimed she was made redundant just 48 hours after telling her employer she was pregnant.

Katie, from Southampton, Hampshire, said: "I think it's purely because it's an inconvenience to have someone pregnant working for your company.

And even her long term close friendship with frequently sacked Wee Shugster - aka Hugh Kerr* - didn't help keep Fiona Morton off OE's rapidly increasing redundancy list recently, responsible for sacking many people during her eight years as one of David Moulsdale's core team.

I've been expecting Optical Express to go into administration for almost two years, but they keep hanging on (not refunding deposits helps motivation), and with the entire refractive industry struggling right now, it will be interesting to see if this happens before the General Optical Council Fitness to Practise tribunal in September, because the guaranteed negative publicity can only make things worse for the company!

NB: Disgruntled employees always welcome to contact me with any inside info. Confidentiality guaranteed.

* www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/opt...ared-calling-6875203
17 Jul 2020 17:58 #553


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OE working with skeleton staff in virtually all departments I’m hearing.
Heard from a source that Moulsdale’s sidekick (well he was then he wasn’t but seems he is again) the delightful Hugh Kerr, seems to be running the show. Sending emails out to the stores.
Consensus is that the company wasn’t well prepared with PPE equipment with stores opening before the equipment was delivered, no clear instructions coming out of their head office advising staff on what to do. Basically thrown the staff in at the deep end.
Removing Optoms from diaries and telling them they are putting them on ‘furlough’ for those days, can they actually do that?
Regional Managers all made redundant...............
This is a sinking ship, will be keeping an eye out for the outcome of the GOC hearing!
17 Jun 2020 19:21 #552


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I have been made aware of people today that have been made redundant with one weeks notice. I'm guessing a lot more to follow.
11 Jun 2020 15:35 #551


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Hearing of several redundancies again within Optical Express. Fiona Morton (Head of Projects) rumoured to be one alongwith quite a few Regional Managers and Store Staff.
This is on top of all the staff who were made redundant before the country was put on lockdown.
This is a Company on the skids, not going to be surprised if the lovely (sarcastic) Mr Moulsdale files for Administration (again).
Watch this space.......
24 May 2020 18:41 #550


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On 15 February, I criticised refractive surgeon Allon Barsam, who’d told his 100% Optical audience in January, that in theory, 'you could have this procedure [laser] in the morning and go back to work in the afternoon. There is no real feeling of downtime.’

I discovered that I was not alone in my criticism, his peers also shocked at this misleading claim, some now highly critical of the fact that Allon and his colleagues at Ophthalmic Consultants of London opened their doors to perform non-essential eye surgery more than a week ago!

Such irresponsible behaviour is expected of Optical Express, but even they are not opening until 1 June (no doubt to save cash because they will have to start paying wages as soon as they ‘unfurlough’ staff) - but OCL surgeons are also employed as NHS ophthalmic consultants and should know better :kiss:

And whilst I agree that Boris Johnson delivered a mixed message to our nation on 10 May, leaving many people confused about what they can and can't do (reminding me of the Hokey Cokey song), he made it clear that, 'This is not the time simply to end the lockdown this week. Instead we are taking the first careful steps to modify our measures.'

'He hoped the next step "at the earliest by 1 June" would be for some primary pupils to return to school in England.

In an address to the nation, Mr Johnson said this stage would also involve reopening shops - but he cautioned this would only happen if supported by science.

The next step could see some hospitality businesses and other public places reopen - "if the numbers support it" - but not earlier than 1 July.’

'BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said that, while the coronavirus has started to come under control, the PM's cautious announcement was "certainly not some kind of dramatic flinging of the doors open".

Clarifying the conditions in which schools and shops would reopen, Mr Johnson said: "Throughout this period of the next two months we will be driven not by mere hope or economic necessity.

"We are going to be driven by the science, the data and public health.

"And I must stress again all of this is conditional, it all depends on a series of big ifs.”'

From OCL’s website: 'The health and wellbeing of our patients and staff is our greatest priority. We are a ‘Green clinic’ in that we have full control over who walks in (by appointment and pre-screening only) and unlike NHS hospitals we don’t have unwell patients in our building at any time.’

I don't care what screening is in place, how can they know if there are any unwell patients in the building? This gives patients a false sense of security.

How do they equate necessity and risk? Is it worth risking travelling to undergo unnecessary surgery? Are the toilets cleaned and disinfected after every visit by each individual, the door handles wiped down, etc, etc…?

I personally know many people who’ve had the coronavirus during the past few months, one of whom suffered none of the widely publicised symptoms, but as primary carer for a severely disabled child, to be safe, last Tuesday she and her husband took advantage of the drive-thru test centres now accessible to all.

Shocked when her results came back positive on Thursday, and by Friday she had developed severe symptoms - three days AFTER going for the test that she expected to prove negative.

His test negative, her husband still shows no sign of infection, nor does anyone else in the household, but his wife is now very unwell.

This begs the question, having opened their doors so early, do OCL patients have to sign a disclaimer in case they subsequently present with Covid-19, and does the clinic's medical indemnity policy cover this possibility?

The government continue to urge people to stay at home where possible, with NHS hospitals only recently and cautiously starting to provide urgent clinical services, important routine tests, and planned surgery.

Both Moorfields Eye Hospital and Moorfields Private Eye Hospital continue to defer all non-urgent treatment, and I am advised there are no plans to change that as yet.

As Ophthalmic Consultants of London surgeons are also employed by the NHS, I am especially disappointed with their actions, as they exhibit an appalling lack of social responsibility and poor professional standards at this time.