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24 Jan 2020 16:10 #525

OE victim999

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Bloody cheek....these people have scammed us of our money, damaged our eyesand left us with no aftercare or help .. and have the cheek to moan about poor service??? The entire family seem to spend their entire time complaining when they aren't scamming patients. How about having our eyes for a day Noelle, Mousdale and Hannan family and see how you like it 😠😠😠
24 Jan 2020 14:52 #524


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When complaining to Optical Express you’re always fobbed off by the detestable Clinical Director Stephen Hannan. Our eyes have been ruined thanks to him and his colleagues who do not care, so these tweets from the equally detestable Mrs Hannan disgust me!

Her expensve new car was bought with money made from our damaged eyes, and I dont know how she has the front to complain about "customer care"!

What a hypocrite Noelle Hannan is!

24 Dec 2019 14:33 #523


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To anyone reading here who is planning to give laser or lens exchange as a gift to a loved one tomorrow, please do some more research - beyond the glossy and misleading ads :kiss:

Because over the years I have spoken with too many well intentioned partners and parents who paid for refractive eye surgery as a xmas or 21st birthday gift, subsequently racked with guilt when the recipient was left with irreparable damage as a result.

For those who heed my warning, if you’ve paid in advance for surgery, be it a deposit or the full amount, but the person hasn’t yet had a consultation, no matter what you’re told, you CAN get your money refunded.

And whatever you’re doing tomorrow, I hope you have a good time, unlike one of my clients who contacted me earlier telling me he was very concerned about problems that had recently developed in his left eye, but said he’d wait until January to get it checked at Moorfields Eye Hospital - where he’d had an explant following problems after lens exchange surgery at Optical Express.

I advised him not to wait but to go to A&E at Moorfields immediately...

Three hours later he called to tell me that he’d been diagnosed with a retinal detachment and is booked in for surgery at 7.30am tomorrow!
08 Nov 2019 13:38 #522


's Avatar

You could cut out the middle man and just go to Optical Express 😳

18 Oct 2019 13:39 #521


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Some good news that greeted me when I woke up this morning :kiss:

On 18 Oct 2019, at 00:25, brent jesperson wrote:

Hi Sasha
Long battle but victorious....

Huge congratulations to Brent, this is closer to the amount of compensation that ALL damaged patients deserve for the irreparable damage to their eyes and lives!

'This week, a Toronto judge ordered Dr. Yair Karas to pay him $5.6 million* in compensation for what she deemed a poorly done and misleadingly explained operation.'

*Approx £3.3 million

'The case points to the potential fallout of an elective surgery that was performed on thousands of nearsighted Canadians for years, before being replaced by safer, more effective laser procedures.'

The report of course unfortunately downplaying the risks of laser eye surgery!
10 Oct 2019 13:47 #520


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It was my pleasure and privilege to meet with Dr Pedram Hamrah last week, at Tufts Medical Center in Boston Massachusetts :kiss:

For those of you unfamiliar with his work, 'Dr. Pedram Hamrah researches and helps patients with neuropathic corneal pain from natural or surgical causes.'

I was at the clinic for more than four hours, undergoing countless different eye tests (plus a few extra to provide data for his corneal neuropathy research programme).

On this occasion I’m breaking from tradition, and will not be publishing details of Dr Hamrah’s answers to my questions about risky and unregulated refractive eye surgery, as I agreed our conversation was off the record!

Suffice to say, Dr Hamrah is not only committed to his research (importantly not a refractive surgeon so without related financial interests), but he actively helps many patients suffering pain after unregulated refractive eye surgery.

I can however mention that I took the opportunity to discuss Greg Brady, who is suffering a number of very serious problems, that no specialist in the UK has yet managed to diagnose, or provide any significant pain relief.

Greg suffers with persistent debilitating pain, and off the scale photophobia, following PRK surgery in December 2016 at AccuVision - The Eye Clinic in Fulham.

Going by what I'd told him, Dr Hamrah agreed that Greg most likely has extreme corneal neuralgia.

On the positive side, he said that he had successfully treated a few people as badly damaged as this, and he also gave me the name of a specialist in the UK who might be able to help.

I was pleased to be able to relay this welcome news to Greg, and his partner Catherine Froud, both of whom are suffering with depression and undergoing counselling as a result of Greg’s devastating eye surgery.

Whilst waiting for my confocal microscopy scans, seated in a small area, I overheard two people talking about the Corneal Neuralgia Patients Facebook group. I introduced myself, and suddenly there were at least six people exchanging information about their problems resulting from laser eye surgery!

Like those I met, many people regularly travel to Boston from all over America to be treated by Dr Hamrah, from Canada too!

Unfortunately, there is no NHS equivalent in America, and the majority of patients have to fund any treatment themselves, or depend on medical insurance to cover their costs - but for a limited time, like Diana Wozniak (who committed suicide in May), left facing an unbearable future with her pain relief meds stopped when her insurers withdrew funding.

Here are a few links related to Dr Hamrah’s work, but if you google his name you’ll find plenty more.

'Neuropathic dry eye can be due to diverse ocular conditions (e.g., DED, infectious/herpetic keratitis, radiation keratopathy), as well as surgical interventions (e.g., cataract and refractive surgery). Systemic conditions, such as fibromyalgia and Sjögren’s disease, also cause neuropathic dry eye. Symptoms can be potentiated by comorbidities like anxiety and depression.' (Page 2)

'In this case, tear replacement/conservation therapies alone would have been futile, leading to perceived treatment failure. Instead, the identification of corneal nerve damage caused by the refractive procedures led to effective and long-standing symptomatic control with AST.’ (Page 3)

'Corneal nerve damage, particularly post-refractive surgery, can result in hyper-excitability and subsequent chronic neuropathy, manifesting as severe corneal pain.'