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Make FDA complaint for all bad outcomes 21 Jan 2017 18:51 #131

  • Nancy Burleson MD
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Anyone that has an adverse event from refractive eye surgery, please take the time to report it to the FDA. It is for world wide reporting of bad outcomes.

They will not help you individually, but the total number of complaints DOES make a difference.

Make your voice heard!

The family way! 10 Jan 2017 23:30 #132

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Lazy journalism from Eyeworld (2015 article republished today) because of course Steve Schallhorn is now at Carl Zeiss - who choose not to mention his previous association with Optical Express, while Stevie still hasn't updated his LinkedIn page!


Read about the Schallhorn family's links to the FDA and AMO to understand more about the corruption within this global industry...

Happy New Year! 01 Jan 2017 06:30 #133

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Yesterday was David Moulsdale’s birthday, and as founder and CEO of Optical Express I thought this should not go uncelebrated by OERML!

Two years ago, on this same day, David sent a five page email to his senior staff, summarising the company's activities in 2012-13, and predicting 'substantial growth’ in 2014.

Hmmm… while clairvoyancy is obviously not one of David's talents he’s certainly an optimist!

The Scotsman, 12 January 2016:
'Healthcare entrepreneur ­David Moulsdale is eyeing a return to profit at his Optical Express empire this year – despite latest figures revealing it has continued to rack up heavy losses.

The costs involved in closing a number of underperforming stores contributed to pre-tax losses at the company behind his retail business, DCM (Optical Holdings), more than doubling to £15.4 million in the year to 27 December 2014 as sales dropped by more than £9m to £134m.

DCM said trading conditions had remained challenging in 2014, but that it had continued its investment programme with new surgery centres for laser vision correction, refractive consultation centres and optical stores.

“At the same time the directors reviewed all trading locations where the leases were approaching a break option or end of lease and either renewed on more favourable terms or closed the store where the location was not optimal for future trading and profitability,” it said.

During the year the company also disposed of its dental ­clinics, and following the financial year end a subsidiary of the company, Bridgewater Hospital (Manchester), was placed into liquidation after making heavy losses.

In 2014 Stephanie Holloway won a landmark victory when she was awarded £569,000 (plus interest) following her highly publicised trial v Optical Express and surgeon Joanna McGraw.

Won on the grounds of lack of informed consent alone this set a legal precedent, and opened the floodgates for hundreds of similarly damaged patients to issue claims against OE and the operating surgeons.

And the damaged patients keep on coming, and will do so until long after OE shut up shop and go into administration...

That's my prediction for 2017 :kiss:

Dr Muhammad Kazmi 28 Dec 2016 22:32 #134

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:blush: Right I’m booked in to have my laser eye surgery next month (Dr Mohammed Shabbar Kazmi) in Manchester I’m a little worried my eyes are not great 0-75 and 0.80 I have a few friends who have had it done and no problems at all but after doing some research and I have found websites like this
If I’m honest I would love to be able to wake up and see etc. but the question I keep asking myself is what happens if something goes wrong
Any advice would be great I’m 33 and in good health if that’s any help
admin: 'what happens if something goes wrong'? Then you will join the non exclusive club of estimated tens of thousands of people suffering with irreparable damage and side effects as a result of unnecessary eye surgery!

And, with respect, if your prescription is only -0.75/0.80, this is a small refractive error that most of us damaged patients envy!

You could of course be one of the lucky ones who has successful results (it really is luck!), but Muhammad Kazmi is personally responsible for damaging many of his patients' eyes!

Optical Express monitor my sites closely and will read this, so should you sensibly cancel and ask for your deposit to be refunded they will try to to discredit me/OERML and persuade you that Kazmi is a great surgeon and has damaged no-one... then they'll offer you another surgeon.

In the event of the above, ask OE the following questions:
1. If what I have written is untrue then why are they (and Muhammad Kazmi) not suing me for libel?
2. How many patients have been left with problems after surgery performed by Muhammad Kazmi?
3. How many people are suing Muhammad Kazmi?
4. Has the alternative surgeon they may suggest had any complaints from his/her patients?
5. Is the alternative surgeon in litigation with any of his/her patients?

I advise that you record the conversation, because they will lie!

For more info - or help chasing your deposit that OE will refuse to refund - send email with your phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After reading this however, the Wee Shugster (OE Group Operations Director Hugh Kerr) might authorise your refund without dispute - simply to prove me wrong!

NB: I am currently overseas but will be back in my office on 3 January

Thanks to a bottle of fenny! 27 Dec 2016 14:31 #135

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On xmas day, as I was paying for the pictured bottle of coconut fenny, a young couple came up behind me, commented that they loved fenny, and so we got into conversation...

They introduced themselves as Tom and Monika (not their real names), and told me that they were from Holland!

Although under strict instructions from my friends not to talk about eyes while I'm taking a break, how could I not tell them about the Zembla documentary!

I briefly explained what it was about, told them to look at OERML for the link, and then realised that their mouths were hanging open as they looked at each other in amazement.

The reason being, Tom told me that his wife had intended to have lasik earlier in December, but had postponed because they left to travel for a few months!

Until speaking with me they had no idea of the risks, and I told Monika that I was definitely her best xmas present!

All thanks to a bottle of coconut fenny :kiss:

Namaste from India! 25 Dec 2016 02:58 #136

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As some of you know, I have been here since 9 December, my only break from OERML and My Beautiful Eyes since my previous visit exactly one year ago (see history).
Not previously announced because, while the cat’s away the rats do play :kiss:

Although I travel with few clothes, my bag is filled with necessary eye related paraphernalia, including 6 pairs of prescription glasses, prescription swimming goggles, prescription ski goggles, Blephasteam goggles, eye mask, heat pads, Omega 3 oil, and eye drops.

When I took this photo the local people were amazed, asking if I actually use them all - I was wearing sixth pair!

Last year, after just 24hrs in Delhi, my eyes were in agony due to dust and pollution, and I suffered with such severe MGD that my eyes were almost sealed shut - hence the ski goggles this year!

Also, I had Lipiflow (£1,300) the week before I left London, which has helped enormously, but even so, the incessant smoke and ashes from funeral pyres at Varanasi’s Burning Ghat (where I visited last week) was painfully abrasive, and I left earlier than planned because of this.


It’s bad enough coping with post op eye problems in the UK, but I cannot imagine having to suffer these for the rest of my life in a place where pollution is so bad that it’s hard to breathe, with no access to expensive LipiFlow or NHS treatment. I truly don’t think I’d want to carry on living!

This might sound melodramatic to someone simply reading here out of interest, but believe me, in the US there have been a number of suicides recorded as a result of depression following debilitating refractive eye surgery, and I have no doubt that there have been unrecorded cases in the UK too.

I regularly counsel people who contact me desperate for help, suffering dreadful side effects and problems caused by these unnecessary and barbaric surgical procedures. So many have told me that they can’t face living like this for the rest of their lives.

According to Russell Ambrose, in 2011, when many of the problems I now live with had not presented, my operating surgeon Wilbert Hoe allegedly said that I ‘would get used to it’!!

As I have said so many times, refractive eye surgery - be it lasik, lasek, PRK, IOL, RLE/lens exchange - is NOT COSMETIC!

Like a dog, the horrific side effects and problems are not just for xmas, they’re for life!

Dimitri Kazakos 07 Dec 2016 09:35 #137

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The saga continues....
I leave a bad review on Trustpilot and OE report it. They leave a footnote asking me to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Just had my 8th e-mail bounced back. Looks like my e-mails are directed to a non existent employee. Sent the same e-mail from my wife's account and bingo, it goes straight through. Customer Service? They have to be joking.

Dimitri Kazakos 07 Dec 2016 00:02 #138

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A very informative post from Carol Hasler on the Deposit Refund topic yesterday included this scribbled note from her intended surgeon Dimitri Kazakos.

I was surprised to discover that the website belongs to Dimitri Kazakos himself, seemingly moonlighting as a cosmetic surgeon...

Or, with so many legal claims currently in process against him, maybe he's honing up his cutting skills for the day when no UK medical insurer will indemnify him for refractive surgery!

I’d have called Dimitri to check out his prices (joking!!!) but there’re no clinic locations or phone numbers listed on his page, so perhaps OE are letting him use their premises to road test cosmetic surgery as a possible alternative to laser and lens exchange, in preparation for the guaranteed fallout after the Daily Mail (Associated Newspapers) trial next year!
The following user(s) said Thank You: Jimmy B

Vintage LASIK Report - 2008 04 Dec 2016 17:13 #139

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I especially like the enlightening insight in this report from Marguerite McDonald, yet another (paid) member of OE’s incestuous IMAB (International Medical Advisory Board - owned and controlled by CEO David Moulsdale!)


'In 1999 during the initial boom in popularity of LASIK, Marguerite B. McDonald, noted refractive surgeon and then Chief Medical Editor of EyeWorld magazine, stated in an editorial:
"We are only starting to ride the enormous growth curve of LASIK in this country. There will be more than enough surgeries for everyone to benefit if we keep our heads by sharing information openly and honestly and by resisting the temptation to criticize the work of our colleagues when we are offering a second opinion to a patient with a suboptimal result. Who was it who said, ‘When the tide comes in, all the boats in the harbor go up?

Exactly why it's so difficult to get honest medicolegal reports for legal claims :kiss:

Vintage LASIK Report - 2008 04 Dec 2016 16:00 #140

  • RogerB
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A report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology published in 2002 states that dry eye is the most common complication of LASIK surgery.

'The perceived benefits of LASIK surgery are obvious, whereas risks and adverse effects are not widely known by the general public. It is unwise to assume that a surgeon who has a financial interest in a patient’s decision to have LASIK will provide adequate informed consent. LASIK is irreversible and may result in long term, debilitating complications. There are permanent adverse effects of LASIK in 100% of cases, even in the absence of clinically significant complications. This is unacceptable in the context of an elective surgery when safer alternatives such as glasses or contact lenses exist'

'Patients should be informed that LASIK surgery severs corneal nerves that play a crucial role in tear production, and that these nerves do not return to normal. Inability to sense and respond to dryness may lead to ocular surface damage.’

My LASIK dry eye is not a minor problem, as downplayed by some ophthalmologists. It's a disability. I estimate that I am blind approximately 10 percent of the time due to my eyes being closed because of the pain. At the time of my surgery, I was told only a small number of patients experience a complication from this procedure. There is substantial evidence that shows this crippling side effect to be relatively common.
admin: Please note that LASEK complications are as common as LASIK complications, it's simply that there are fewer LASEK (& PRK) ops performed.

I spoke with someone earlier today who, when researching laser eye surgery, only found sites referring to lasik complications. So thinking it was safe, she went ahead with lasek (as I did) - sadly it wasn't!

This is why I stress references to refractive eye surgery, not just lasik