I am aware that this page is long overdue for an update, but as Patient Advocate, and campaigner calling for UK government regulation of the industry, I'm juggling at least a dozen balls at a time, and it is low on my list of priorities for the time being. 

In the meantime, there is a shocking story soon to be told, planned for 2020 but delayed for a number of reasons, including of course the pandemic. 

The details will highlight the urgent need for government regulation, and expose the corrupt refractive eye surgery industry for the scandal that it is.

To keep up to date, news is regularly posted on both 'OERML' and 'Sasha Rodoy My Beautiful Eyes Foundation' public Facebook pages, and on Sasha Rodoy LinkedIn page.

Sasha Rodoy, 11 April 2022


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If you are considering surgery, before making a life changing decision (not necessarily for the better), please read the OERML Forum and True Stories from damaged Optical Express patients.

NB: Patients currently in litigation will have their stories updated when legal process is completed.  

When a 'gagging order' is not enforced, we will publicise the outcome.  However, as can be seen in the OE agreement sent to Sheena McNabb (True Stories), this is a condition often applied to an out of court settlement.

Because of the practical help offered to increasing numbers of damaged patients contacting OERML, Optical Express desperately tried to silence the author of this site, Sasha Rodoy, campaigner calling for the government to regulate the refractive eye surgery industry. (See OERML Domain Name Victory link)

Following the debilitating results of her own laser eye surgery, in 2012 Sasha launched My Beautiful Eyes campaign and free advisory service. 

It is estimated that tens of thousands have been damaged by laser and refractive lens exchange surgery, and MBE campaigners are calling for the government to regulate the refractive eye surgery industry as a matter of urgency.

In 2012 serious threats were made against Sasha (police involved), whilst abusive and anonymous comments were regularly posted on the internet in frantic attempts to discredit Sasha and her free advisory service My Beautiful Eyes Foundation.

In fact, it is only thanks to Sasha's intervention that so many people have been helped with refunds, paid referrals to independent surgeons, retreatments and free legal advice from specialist lawyers.

With thousands of visitors every week, this site has cost Optical Express an astronomical amount of money and a lot of bad publicity. As a result, in 2013, Optical Express made a "corporate decision" to ban Sasha from accompanying her numerous MBEF clients to their consultations with Dr Jan Venter @ OE's Harley Street Complex Cases Management Team Clinic

Optical Express also now refuse their damaged patients paid referrals to independent surgeons AND charge patients £50 for copies of their medical records - previously provided at no cost.

In July 2013 CEO David Moulsdale rescued his company from bankruptcy, buying its £30 million debt to the RBS for an alleged 20% of its value, partly funded by Sir Tom Hunter according to reports.  Understandably OE's finances are likely stretched to breaking point.

In March 2012, Optical Express employee and 'troubleshooter', Patrick James Green, was recorded offering a bribe to Sasha on behalf of his employer David Moulsdale.  Having asked how much it was worth for her to give up her campaign for government legislation, Sasha replied, "Not for a million pounds!". (See Patrick James Green link)

Later that year information was provided detailing a poster in Optical Express staff rooms which displayed a nameless image of Sasha lifted from a YouTube video, claiming she was using stolen credit cards in OE stores with instructions advising staff not to approach her but to contact Stephen Hannan, OE's Clinical Services Director.  Lawyers were involved.

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