Fiona's Story

I had Lasik treatment in October 2009 at Optical Express, Silverburn, Glasgow.

I had dry eyes before getting this done which they were aware of and at the initial consultation when I was told I was suitable for laser eye treatment, I was given bottles of Blink eye drops and told to use regularly before the actual treatment.

I have had terrible problems with dry eyes ever since. My eyes are always red and sore and it looks like I've been crying. If I even attempt to wear makeup, my eyes are very irritated for days afterwards.

I have since found it that if you have dry eyes you should never be considered for laser treatment as it tends to make it worse. This information was found from articles on the Internet and also an optician from Boots said they would never have considered me suitable.

Although my distance sight is good, I would never have got this treatment if I had known this would make the dry eyes problem worse as my eyes are so uncomfortable and irritated most of the time, and because of the fact that I can no longer wear eye makeup.

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