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Like MGD which so many of us suffer with after laser surgery yet OE tell us we had it pre surgery even though none of us knew we did & it wasn't written on our pre op reports :dry:
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Maybe corporate private health insurance will cover the eye problems occurring that are "not linked" with the eye surgery?
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Entirely due to concerted efforts of the MBE campaign team, the selling of laser eye surgery vouchers on Ebay was recently stopped.

Now comes a dubious new marketing ploy in the form of "Corporate Saving"

Optical Express are 'teaming up' with organisations like Tesco, Co-op, RBS, Standard Life, British Airways, etc... & the 'scheme' is open to any company with more than 10 employees.

In return for publicising the scheme the partner company's employees are entitled to 'special offers'.

Optical Express get FREE advertising, publicity and an association with a reputable partner, whilst the employees get - what exactly?

Quite possibly the opportunity to pay MORE than if they had gone to OE direct!!

The fact is, the savings currently listed under the Corporate Savings initiative are advertised on the OE website which is open to the general public so there is NO saving.

As OE change their offers almost daily, just to cause more confusion, what is on offer under the scheme could be worse in the future than the offer to the general public.

£150 discount vouchers were offered for sale on Ebay, while OE were offering 30% to 50% off on their own website, which amounted to a far bigger saving for most people.

Clever, but UNSCRUPULOUS!!

I am writing to participants (and potential participants) of this scheme to alert them to these facts.
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