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Genuine reviews from real people coming soon B)

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Replied by Poirot on topic Silence is golden...

Posted 05 Jun 2014 18:34 #263
What screams out here is good old fashioned bribery - compensation in return for silence!! I am amazed that Optimax posted this on Youtube!

Just a stab in the dark (bit like corneal erosions but not so painful) but I'm guessing Amanda hasn't kept her receipts for eye drops over 7 years?

Can anyone enlighten me on what "formally disputing" means?

I can understand suing her for libel or slander, which would be the way to go if she is lying, but "formally disputing" is a new one on me! :unsure:
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Posted 04 Jun 2014 15:20 #265
Amanda received this email below from Optimax two days ago:

She questions what they’ve done to help her over the last 7 years as she hasn’t received so much as eye drops from Optimax.

It was only after Amanda asked Sasha Rodoy @ My Beautiful Eyes to represent her that Optimax agreed to pay for her consultation with Professor Harminder Dua. Although agreed Amanda has heard nothing more!

It is a fact that Optimax CEO Russell Ambrose totally ignored Amanda until after she had told her story on BBC 5 Live Investigates:

Amanda has asked me to publish her letter from Optimax on YouTube and ORML and will be adding her own comments after her response has been sent to Russell Ambrose!
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Replied by Henry on topic Optimax ruined my eyes!

Posted 27 May 2014 15:48 #266
Does anyone know of a good lawyer in Scotland so I can sue these people?

admin: No advertising allowed so if you have a recommendation please send it to me and I will forward to Henry.
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Posted 26 May 2014 23:08 #267
It's about time Optimax left the playing field as they are ruining peoples lives just like OE are.

If their call centre sales staff don't don't know what MGD is they should find another job where people's vision is not put at risk.

Optimax sales staff work for commission & don't care if the person they've made money off ends up blind like Myra Pridham!

Their surgeons play with people's eyes like a computer game, programme settings in at a guess and hope to win, like Dr Malcolm Samuel who programmed the wrong laser setting and damaged Mark's eyes. All covered up with a payoff!
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Posted 23 May 2014 15:07 #268
In response to comments regarding aftercare, I too am having the same issue in terms of accessing 'comprehensive and lifetime aftercare.'

Over the 5 years that I have continued to suffer problems following LASIK surgery by Optimax, they have tried to 'lose' me out of their routine of appointments on more than one occasion. its only through sheer determination that I continue to be seen on a regular basis - not that it does me any good, but it is their duty to offer this and ensure damaged patients receive the aftercare they most definitely need!

However, be aware that once in litigation Optimax will do their utmost to limit the care they offer as well as go back on their 'lifetime aftercare' by refusing referrals to specialists and the ongoing care damaged patients need from other sources, making the problems faced so much worse - I can most definitely state that Optimax HAVE ruined my life.

My suffering goes on!!!!
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Posted 19 May 2014 20:15 #269
"New" Website Updates via Youtube and Optimax Facebook.

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Replied by Anonymous on topic Permanently damaged Optimax victim

Posted 19 May 2014 10:17 #270
Do you think Mr Russell Ambrose is happy with his company name and his own name? I wouldn't be if my company name and personal name spelled out this. He has failed to tell us all the real meanings behind his name:

O......operate and damage
P.......pain and suffering
T.......trauma and tears
I........irreparable damage
M.....MGD Guaranteed
A......aftercare not included
X......xtreme cases

R.....recurrent erosions
U.....unhappy customers
S.....surgeon disasters
S.....selective memory
E.....eye damage
L......life changing
L......lack of care

A.....abrasions and attacks
M....misleading information
B.....blindness and bed ridden
R.....ruined lives
O.....over and under correction
S......star bursts and halos
E......extreme pain and discomfort.

How about asking him if he fancies advertising the truth hidden in his name.
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