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THank you for the "the truth" which basically supports what many believe in that Laser eye Surgery is fantastic, just the processes at OE involving laser optometrists is just not right for a SURGICAL procedure.
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Unfortunately I am an ex employee of Optical Express and I left as I could no longer be part of such a terrible company, a company which encourages lying to patients, which is all based on extracting the most money from each and every patient.

The problem with the company is in the higher levels of the hierarchy, many of the patients I spoke to confidentially were advised about the state of the company and how they don't really care for patients but do the minimum legally required.

The record keeping in the majority of the stores I have been in has been atrocious as well as the organisation of the stores generally.

Although OE is a terrible company, laser treatment does work for those who are suitable and I have seen many patients happy with the results.

I do think the industry need MUCH MORE regulation as some of the 'Laser Optometrists' seem to think almost everyone is suitable for treatment.

Before I left I had a conversation with a key member of OE's Laser problem team, agreeing that the majority of the problems caused are because the real risk to every patient is being understated in every consultation by the Laser Optometrist and the counsellors (The counsellors don't actually even know the basics of optics apart from a script they are taught so they can sell products effectively).

I have nothing to gain from bad mouthing OE but after reading many stories on this site I felt they are owed the truth.
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