Jacqui's Story

Update: January 2015
Optical Express settled with Jacqui out of court.  After signing the agreement OE's lawyers told her that they would not pay her unless this story was removed from OERML.  I refused (see T&Cs) and spoke with Jacqui’s lawyer.  He agreed that OE had no right to make this demand and advised their lawyers that they would go go back to court.

Jacqui received her compensation without further problem, but the Agreement included a gagging order so she is unable to talk about her case, or divulge the amount she was paid.

Regardless of the money, like tens of thousands of other people, Jacqui’s eyes are irreversibly and permanently damaged.

NB: A number of patients also damaged by David Teenan are now pursuing legal action.  Mr Teenan is the current Optical Express UK Medical Director.


Trusting the surgeons knew what they were doing, in April 2010, I had Refractive Lens Exchange surgery (RLE) at the Optical Express ACE clinic in Giffnock, Glasgow

That was the day my life was wrecked!

My eyesight is worse than before surgery and I'm left with seriously disabling night vision, halos, grey curtain effect, and worse.

I was medically retired from my job after 11 years due to my vision being no longer fit for the computer work involved.

I suffer with depression and need medication just to stabilise.

I'm living an ongoing nightmare!

Health care professionals are supposed to provide a duty of care to their patients, which Optical Express failed to do as they did not carry out the correct pathology.

If they had done so I would never have had surgery!

I began legal action more than a year ago and my lawyer recently sent me for an examination with an independent specialist.  

The specialist submitted a report suggesting that Optical Express, operating surgeon David Teenan, and optometry development manager Lisa Webb, were all negligent.

We are now in litigation and I will keep OERML updated.

If you've been damaged by Optical Express my message to you is fight back!  

Don't let these bas***** get away with it, and if you live in Scotland I have the best lawyer for you!

David Teenan says, "The most enjoyable part of working for Optical Express is getting to meet patients, being able to change patients' lives. Patients come in wearing glasses and after a few minutes they leave being able to see."

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXGVgxQE2fM

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