OE BEST of BEST says Steve Schallhorn!!!

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Dear Mr Schallhorn,

I think you must be the only ophthalmic surgeon in the world who would represent OE on the radio!

You contradicted Harminder Dua with yur drivel, one of the most eminent and respected ophthalmologists in the UK!

I wonder why you haven't registered with the GMC in the UK?

Presumably Moulsdale paid you enough for this attempted whitewash!
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This little tribute to Steve Schallhorn is provided to you folks courtesy of Craig Mellor - whose f•cked up eyes (according to Optical Express spokesperson) are NOT a result of undergoing EIGHT eye operations, performed by OE surgeons Stefan Klopper, Jan Venter, Andre Oberholster, et al!

See www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...-ruined-my-life.html

Craig is working on an improved version - video not eyes, which are unfortunately beyond repair!
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More rubbish from the seriously deluded Mr Schallhorn:

OE's recent promotion offering free laser surgery to optom's and other folk in the industry resulted in a claimed 847 procedures from 1100 consultations,

Hmm... lets have a closer look at this!

847 procedures = 424 people. OE like to manipulate stats and 847 looks far more impressive than only 424.

So of the thousands upon thousands who work in the industry, only a few hundred actually took them up on it.

They are so bad they can't even give their botched up procedures away for free!!!
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Steve Schallhorn is not registered to practice medicine in the United Kingdom so it is worrying to know that he may be advising David Moulsdale on the commercial aspects of his business, according to post yesterday on OERML Facebook www.facebook.com/OpticalExpressRuinedMyLife

Why would a medical practitioner not want to be registered with the relevant professional bodies in the regions where he gives medical advice or leadership?

If Steve isn't registered to practice in the UK why should any medical practitioner in the UK follow his advice and why would David Moulsdale would want to recruit a medical director who is not answerable to the GMC as the bulk of their business and procedures is in the UK?!
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I posted a message on this YouTube video today, but the message was removed very fast.
The message was a negative feedback, and that's the reason why it was removed.
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The clue is in the job description.

A DIRECTOR is presumably paid to DIRECT.

But it would appear that Mr Schallhorn is turning a blind eye ( excuse the unfortunate turn of phrase) to what the staff at the organisation are getting up to.

He has emphasised in his medical publications that it is essential to strictly pre-screen patients .

And yet unsuitable patients are allegedly being operated upon on a regular basis and this would appear to be borne out by the real life experiences described here.

Should MR Schallhorn not be doing a bit more directing....or does directing have to stop when it interferes with profit.

Should Mr Schallhorn not be questioning financial incentives which have the potential to discourage effective screening

Note the SOURCE of this excerpt found on : www.lasikcomplications.com

Begs the question : are we the guinea pigs in (as well as paying for) an ongoing experiment furthering the 'career' of Mr Steve schallhorn.
Please note the statement....." Refractive surgery is forever"
Preliminary results of photorefractive keratectomy in active-duty United States Navy personnel
Excerpts from commentary by Leo J. Maguire, MD:
"If the mission is to give all troops 20/20 uncorrected photopic visual acuity 1 year after surgery, then the mission is accomplished-- at least in the first eyes of these two Navy SEALs and 28 other Navy personnel. If the mission is to provide a service that consistently preserves optical quality and accurately corrects refractive error, then we find casualties among the volunteers and some information missing in action".

"Unfortunately, we also have the postoperative minority with severe halos, severe glare, and disabling night vision -- all in a group with relatively low myopia. One can always discontinue contact lenses, but refractive surgery is forever."

"The results are mixed. The surgery is successful in the majority of patients, but the laser still takes prisoners. Upgrades in laser design and study protocols may eliminate these problems. Until then, the Navy should maintain the regulatory guard, and continue to gather intelligence".

Source: Schallhorn SC, Blanton CL, Kaupp SE, Sutphin J, Gordon M, Goforth H Jr, Butler FK Jr. Preliminary results of photorefractive keratectomy in active-duty United States Navy personnel. Ophthalmology. 1996 Jan;103(1):5-22.
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It would appear that Optical Express employees are ignoring the opinions if their own CHIEF MEDICAL DIRECTOR Mr Schallhorn in relation to strict pre-screening and the importance this has on surgical outcome.

The big question is : why does Mr. Schallhorn not appear to be taking a proactive approach to ensuring that procedures essential to the best interest of the patient are put into place.

Could the answer be in the NUMBERS GAME where profit depends on turnover and profit takes precedence over patient interests.

It would be nice to get an answer to this question from MR STEVE SCHALLHORN CHIEF MEDICAL DIRECTOR OPTICAL EXPRESS but I don't expect we ever will.

Here is a short extract from a paper jointly authored by DR S SCHALLHORN Chief Medical Director Optical Express UK :

Avoidance, recognition, and management of LASIK complications.
Schallhorn SC, Amesbury EC, Tanzer DJ.

Department of Ophthalmology, Naval Medical Center, San Diego, California 92134, USA. SCSchallhorn@nmcsd.med.navy.mil

".............many potential complications can occur after LASIK. The risk of many complications can be mitigated by appropriate patient selection and preoperative, surgical, and postoperative care.
...........Complications as a result of LASIK can threaten vision and may cause debilitating symptoms in an otherwise healthy eye. Advancing our understanding of the prevention and management of the complications of LASIK is an endeavor that must be continued as long as refractive surgery is performed"

Clearly the emphasis is on making sure that unsuitable candidates for surgery are identified by careful screening and pre existing problems in patients who are still deemed suitable must be stabilised before surgery is perfomed.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, there appears to be a huge chasm between the advice given here and the actual practices at ground level Optical Express. Who is at fault.....an urgent answer is needed as the continuation of the 'numbers game' is causing a lot of people a lot of misery
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I tried to leave post on this video but was blocked! Can't imagine why :whistle:
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