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Posted 09 Sep 2015 19:00 #131
OE say they have suspended John Margetts while they carry out an investigation, though I have no doubt that he was simply following the guidelines in their Patient Advisory Flow (PAF), basically a sales manual.

While Mr Margetts certainly embellished the details, the PAF does advise that the counsellor (sales person) should tell prospective patients that the technology is the same used by the Military and NASA astronauts!

I gave a copy of the PAF to Stephanie Holloway’s legal team last year, which convinced the Court that her account of the sales process she underwent was true.

I have no sympathy for John Margetts, but following my complaint to the GOC on Monday I will point this out to their investigation panel.

A word of warning to all at OE: be careful what you tell patients as you never know who’s listening - or recording.
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Replied by admin on topic BBC Points West 8 September

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Follow up to BBC Inside Out West exposé yesterday :kiss:

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I posted details about this on 31 May: www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...to-all.html?start=60

Last week a very angry creditor sent me a copy of the creditors report, and I forwarded it to David Leask at The Herald.

"The Scots businessman behind Optical Express is at the centre of a growing row over the collapse of a private clinic that treats English Premiership footballers including Wayne Rooney.

Optician turned entrepreneur David Moulsdale was a director of the prestigious Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester, whose patients included the Manchester United and England striker, Manchester City's Sergio Aguero and Crystal Palace winger Wilfred Zaha.

The hospital went bust in May this year with debts of nearly £4 million.

However, Mr Moulsdale was a director, but not a shareholder, of a new company that bought the hospital's assets for just £150,000 after its liquidation.

Manchester Labour MP Lucy Powell said: "I understand why people owed money would be cynical about the fact that Mr Moulsdale is a director of the new venture.

"I think that Mr Moulsdale has some important questions to answer as to why this should not be considered a phoenix operation.

"People who were owed money deserve a full explanation."

Documents filed at Companies House show that Mr Moulsdale was a director of its corporate entity, Bridgewater Hospital (Manchester) Limited, a subsidiary of DCM Optical Holdings, the trading name of Optical Express.

He is also a director of the new operator of the hospital, Bridgewater Clinic Limited, which trades as Bridgewater Wellness Clinic.

The sole shareholder of this business is Granada Investments Limited, registered in the offshore tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

This company's correspondence address is the same as both Bridgewater Hospital (Manchester) Limited and Bridgewater Clinic Limited.

A spokeswoman for Optical Express, which is a creditor of the liquidated Bridgewater Hospital Manchester Limited, stressed that assets of the new firm did not include the hospital's building, which is leased.

She said: "Bridgewater Clinic Limited acquired some of the assets of Bridgewater Hospital (Manchester) Limited from the liquidator and also made offers of new employment to some of the employees who they considered would be helpful to establish and build the new business in Manchester.

"David Moulsdale is a director of the new company, but he is not a shareholder."

Liquidators Scott Moncrieff admitted their sale of the hospital's assets was quick. In their creditors' report, they said: "Whilst it is recognised that the assets were not placed on the open market we believe the sale was carried out with a view to achieving the best possible realisation of the assets and represents the best outcome for creditors with minimum disruption to patient care."

They added: "If a sale had not been concluded, we believe the alternative of realising the assets would not have been as beneficial to creditors."

The new company, in a statement issued through Optical Express, earlier said many of the old staff had been offered new jobs. It also suggested that the business would continue to offer eye surgery, a speciality of the Optical Express group.

Optical Express this week featured in a BBC undercover investigation showing that one of its eye experts wrongly claimed RAF pilots had to undergo such surgery.

An optometrist filmed by the BBC also insisted that such procedures were "100% safe".

The company last night distanced itself from such remarks, saying its staff were always told to spell out the potential dangers of laser operations on the eyes.

NB: I will publish Scott Moncrieff's creditors report in due course :kiss:
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Posted 07 Sep 2015 21:53 #134
BBC undercover investigation :kiss:

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Oh boy have Optical Express shamed themselves this time, is there no end to their LIES??

'Laser Eye Surgery mandatory for fighter pilots'!!!

And as usual it's 100% safe .

Saying that Julie Williams' eyesight has been improved when this lady is sat telling a TV reporter that she has major problems just smacks of their total arrogance.

My consultation was the same, I was never given any literature explaining the risks, just a quote and then taken in to a room by a sales girl who was desperate to get me to sign on the dotted line...

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Replied by admin on topic Laser eye surgery is "mandatory" for RAF pilots!

Posted 07 Sep 2015 14:00 #136
It gets better :kiss:

"He also made claims to the BBC reporter that fighter pilots were required to have laser eye surgery.

Mr Margetts added: "The new visor systems where you can see 40 miles away, the laser tracking systems that shine off your corneas, mustn't have a parallax error. So you have to be lasered to match the visor, so it's now called a biometric enhancement
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Posted 06 Sep 2015 15:40 #137

It's been so hard keeping quiet about this, and I've nagged the producer for months asking,"When, when, when…?"

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed - and to Suzanne’s clever autistic son George for sorting out the GoPro footage filmed inside the clinic during our Bristol demo on 12 May.

And a special thank you to the person with a conscience who made it possible :kiss:

Watch tomorrow, BBC Inside Out West @ 7.30pm on BBC 1 West!

As soon as it's available on iPlayer I'll post the link here.

And, if you're overseas and unable to access iPlayer, it will be uploaded to YouTube asap!

The optom is John Margetts; would you buy a used car from this man, let alone eye surgery?

He is not fit to practise and is being reported to the General Optical Council. Hopefully other OE optoms will think twice about risking their careers before lying to patients to meet sales targets!

An optom emailed me earlier to say that, if "inter-molecular gravitational traction" existed, the name implies that you are relying on gravity to keep the flap on, so don't lie face down!
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Posted 14 May 2015 13:23 #138
Interview with Danny Kelly on BBC Radio this morning :kiss:

Start listening @ 02.09.46 mins in...

NB: Paul Snape is an Optical Express patient, and Ashley Richards an Optimax patient.
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Posted 04 Mar 2015 19:20 #139
I am happy to confirm that the proceedings issued against the Daily Mail by Optical Express have not been resolved and remain very much active.

The Daily Mail simply apologised for their mistaken claims of 'blindness' and 'class action'.

And rightly so!

Of course none of OE's "more than 600,000 patients have ever gone blind”! At least not permanently, that I know of - yet!

And it is completely untrue that more than 50 patients have joined a class action law suit, because there are in fact more than 100 patients so far, and the lawyers have decided to issue individual claims for each
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Replied by Important to you guys on topic Read this

Posted 03 Mar 2015 20:19 #140


admin: I have only just read this post… Optical Express issued a legal claim against the Daily Mail last month, and last week I spoke with the Mail's lawyer and provided information to help their defence.

There was no suggestion of a public retraction then and I am therefore shocked to read this, especially because it’s misleading!

I will make enquiries tomorrow.
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