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Posted 29 Dec 2013 19:43 #351
Have you explored the idea that you have Dry Eye Syndrome?

From my own experience I know this can cause the symptoms you describe, including the greasy feeling and hazy vision.

I had RLE on 12 and 19 December and am having similar symptoms of hazy/greasy vision. Very distressing. I hope you can get some relief.

OE have given me eye drops, 2 x Hycosan Extra and preservative free gel to insert in my eyes at night. I began this regime on 26 December but so far there is little improvement. I am still hoping that I will get relief and some clear vision soon.

I go back to OE in three weeks so I live in hope, though after reading some of the stories on this site I regret having the surgery at all.
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I am wondering if I am allergic to these lenses my eyes hurt constantly they are itchy and all I want to do is shut them. Its feels like when you get something in them like face cream just want to rub them, anyone else having these symptoms ? :pinch:
by HazelJ
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Posted 27 Nov 2013 18:19 #353
Just a quick update on my eyes. They are no good in the sun now even with sun glasses on. Only just managed to drive home the other day eyes streaming and very sore. Still waiting for my records to arrive from OE should make interesting reading. :S
by HazelJ
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Posted 06 Nov 2013 20:50 #354
Hi Ken R

I had RLE surgery just over a year ago I was 55 at the time. I was lucky my sight is or was ok, till I got larger floaters one in left then amonth later in the right. I was more or less told go away live with it it'll get better and you won't see them no still there no better! As for the halos never got any better and I can't drive at night as the on coming car headlights become blurred and I can't work out where they are. Sorry wish I could say it'll get better in time it won't like so many of us you've been screwed.
by HazelJ
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Posted 04 Nov 2013 10:14 #355
Well, I had my 1 week post-op appointment on Saturday and I have to say I received no surprises. I've never seen the optom before - that makes 5 different optoms since my first appointment! I explained that I still need to wear glasses for reading and computer work and was given the standard reply that it will take time for my brain to adjust. He also recommended I go to a Poundshop to buy the new glasses I still need as they would charge me £15 per pair! He said if there was no improvement after 3 months we would need to contact the surgeon and see what he recommends.

Having spent some time over the weekend reading several online papers related to neuroadaptation, I feel OE may be right and that maybe I should wait a little longer to give the procedure a chance. I have to say, though, I'm not optimistic. Most papers I have read state it can take up to 12 months for the brain to adapt. I certainly wasn't told that at my initial consultation!

I am keen to hear from anyone else who has had RLE surgery just to get some idea of how long it actually does take for things to improve - if at all.
by Ken R
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Posted 30 Oct 2013 10:47 #356
Hi Everyone

I am 57 and I had successful laser surgery at OE Birmingham 5 years ago, and, as expected, I had to wear reading glasses following the procedure. Over the last 6 months or so I found it more difficult to see my computer screen and ended up having two different prescriptions of glasses; one for reading and one for the computer. I work in an office environment and having to repeatedly swap glasses was extremely frustrating. My distance vision also seemed to be improving.

I returned to OE Birmingham and after several scans and tests I was told I had actually become long sighted (I was short sighted before my previous laser surgery). I explained the reading/computer problem and it was suggested I went for IOL surgery. I was told I would no longer require glasses for reading or computer work but my distance vision may suffer slightly. I was Ok with that, so I decided to go ahead.

My right lens was replaced at Bridgewater Hospital, Manchester on 19th October and my left on 26th October. Following each procedure I had to return to hospital the next day for a checkup. On each occasion I was handed the standard reading card and I told the optometrist, after much toing and froing of the card, that I could just read it, but it was extremely blurred. I was told that would settle down in a few weeks. I was also told that I now had no distance prescription.

When I returned home and switched on my computer, I couldn't see a thing. Everything was just one big blur. I tried changing screen resolution, using high contrast text - no joy. So now in order to read clearly or use the computer, I am back to wearing 2 sets of glasses.

I also have very bad ghosting and nighttime glare. When I look at a streetlamp over 20 feet away, I see 4 images of the lamp. Again, I am told this will pass with time, but I am not confident. With these additional problems my sight is now worse than before.

I have a 1 week follow-up appointment in Birmingham on Saturday, so I'll let you know what happens. I think they have implanted the wrong strength of lenses but we'll see what they say.

Anyone know a good lawyer in the Midlands??

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Hi Robin
I was 55 when having surgery my eyes have always been good except for needing glasses to read, I have regular eye checks ever 2 yrs. Yes floaters can be caused by age but when I was in the new clinic in Cork yesterday to see if they could be lasered to break them up the surgeon said "That trauma to the eye as you get older can cause them " think having lenses replaced would be pretty traumatic ! Also cataract surgery is one of the biggest causes of floaters. I have seen people in Dublin in both clinics in Cork all I'm told is you'll get used to it so far I've had them since July and are no better. I also suffer with halo's still which mean I can't drive at night as I can't judge where on coming cars are and have to stop till they pass, I was also told yesterday that I have dry eyes which are causing the pain in them one side is only 11 the other is just 5 normal is 15 and they could still get worse ! Now if some one had sat me down and told me this could happen I would have run screaming from the clinic never to reappear but they sell it as a safe procedure. What they need is a pair of glasses you can look through and say, if you can live with vision like this take a chance. Would I have or recommend RLE - NO.
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I think that the optoms and surgeons sometimes forget how disturbing floaters can be and can be a bit lacking in empathy?
You do not say how old you are or if you have required a yag laser? Yag laser can cause floaters in your vision but should settle in time/your brain learns to not see them, so try to be patient. They forget that us Joe Public are not eye experts and probably also don't want to put us off having our lenses exchanged.......however in my opinion insufficient information is given for informed consent. I think that if patients are better informed of the various side effects or natural processes that can occur after surgery, plus given better support when they do occur, then they will cope a lot better and experience less worry and stress and also anger...
There is also the process of posterior vitreous detachment that I think they would do well to explain to patients at the consent process. This happens naturally as part of the ageing process and can bring about retinal detachment if you are very unlucky. It is known to occur within a few years of lens replacement surgery and I think that this information should be given to patients. Just because it may happen anyway is no reason to not mention it and it may happen earlier in your life through lens replacement? It can be a disturbing and upsetting experience if you don't understand what is happening to you. It should also settle down given time. Go back and ask them to fully explain the cause of your floaters to you.I hope that they settle and you can enjoy good vision as floaters are HORRIBLE.
by Robin
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Posted 12 Oct 2013 18:03 #359
Has anyone else out there had this procedure and suffered problems?

I had Refractive Lens Echange surgery in October 2012 and my eyes have now developed floaters making it very difficult to see as they are very big and always present. I was told that I would see through them eventually and basically to go away and get on with it. Having gone back again to another branch I was told it had nothing to do with op and would improve.

I paid € 3594 for this surgery but OE are not interested in the problems. My eyes are now worse than before surgery. The head office has so far ignored any complaints I have sent. I am waiting to get hold of my contract so I can see if I signed anything to disclaim their botch job.

Please can you help me or put in contact with anyone else in this situation.
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IDesign = iSpin.

Slightly better aberrometry for a platform that's not quite 21st century
by InthebusinessnotOE
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