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Posted 11 Jun 2013 12:37 #371
the man actually wasn't left blind.
admin: Which one, because there've been a few?
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Posted 23 May 2013 23:10 #372
RLE is increasingly being promoted but is not as cut and dried as presented. Should the desired result not be achieved after lens exchange then a laser enhancement is offered. However more than one laser enhancement may in fact be required.

I needed a yag laser capsulotomy for capsular opacification/secondary cataract in less than a year and this not only caused me to suffer constant, shadowy movement within my vision (floaters) but also caused a shift in the lens implant with an associated change in my prescription!

The possibility of needing yag laser was mentioned to me at the consent appointment and is on the consent form but there is nothing about the possibility of being left with floaters, or that it might cause such a change in vision necessitating yet further laser.

These possible consequences from treatment with yag laser should be on the consent form and discussed with the patient.
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Posted 14 May 2013 13:35 #373
I have been offered RLE surgery by Stephen Hannan to be performed by David Teenan - after reading the post today how he left someone blind in one eye!!

I think Stephen has got to be joking!! My eyes are precious to me even if they are not to Optical Express.
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Posted 14 May 2013 09:37 #374
Last Saturday I was contacted by the very worried family of a man left blind in one eye following recent RLE surgery performed by David Teenan.

The patient underwent emergency surgery on Saturday to save his sight, the outcome not yet known.

Three days on and Optical Express have made no attempt to find out how the patient is or make an apology.

Myra Pridham was left blind for one year following IOL surgery performed by Prof Jan Venter.

Yet how many people ask the same question before any refractive eye surgery, "Can you go blind from this?" and are told "No"?!
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Posted 30 Apr 2013 17:21 #375
Increasing numbers of patients under the age of 45 are contacting MBE with problems following RLE surgery, some only in their twenties!

"Cataract surgery is the removal of the natural lens of the eye (also called "crystalline lens") that has developed an opacification, which is referred to as a cataract. Metabolic changes of the crystalline lens fibers over time lead to the development of the cataract and loss of transparency, causing impairment or loss of vision. Many patients' first symptoms are strong glare from lights and small light sources at night, along with reduced acuity at low light levels. During cataract surgery, a patient's cloudy natural lens is removed and replaced with a synthetic lens to restore the lens's transparency."

NB: There is a high risk of retinal detachment with RLE surgery.

When I asked him recently an eminent specialist told me that, unless it was an extreme prescription, he would only provide RLE to patients aged 50+ .

Yet Optical Express routinely offer this procedure as an option to laser, putting the patient at unnecessary risk of retinal detachment - which at least two MBE clients I know so far have suffered as a result of RLE.
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Posted 27 Jan 2013 13:10 #376
Not ideal to use drops - however with increasing age pupils get smaller anyway.
by InthebusinessnotOE
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Posted 23 Jan 2013 23:29 #377
Surely pupil restriction can't be a viable long term option, as it would restrict your night / dim light vision. Like Danny's says, seems like a cop out for a botched Laser procedure.
by Anonmouse
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Posted 23 Jan 2013 15:54 #378
Bewareof the preservative in them ! !
by Interested
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Posted 22 Jan 2013 18:24 #379
I tried these drops after around 5 months and things just were not getting any better, for a short while (30 mins) I thought that it was brilliant, I could see properly at night time, but after this 30 mins I suffered from blistering headaches, it's common with any kind of drops that alter pupil size apparently, I even tried pilacarpine (sp?) drops just over a years ago and these were even worse, they almost blinded me for 2 hours while they started working, it was horrible and left me unable to see anything while they were working.

I would steer clear of drops like these, long term use is not advised and really when you think about it glaucoma meds shouldn't be the answer to botched lasik.
by Danny
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Posted 21 Jan 2013 18:09 #380
I was advised that I could use it longterm can thiese drops be used longterm for constricting the pupil
by Anonymous
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