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Of course what Optical Express (and Optimax) is doing is wrong if the patient is not given full information concerning an unlicensed drug being administered to their eyes!! In some cases patients haven't been given an MMC consent form at all and in many others told to quickly sign immediately before surgery without any significant explanation. I haven't heard of anyone being given the option not to have it, and who would go ahead if they knew the story beforehand?!

Sheraz Daya won't use MMC for good reasons and if a world renowned surgeon thinks that way then it worryingly supports any fears we laymen have about it :blink:
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Why are there many reports of the use of MMC only being revealed to the patient on the day of surgery ?
This does not give the patient adequate time to research this drug and it's potential problems, and it's bad practice that it's use is only revealed when the patient is in a very stressed situation.
It's interesting to note that The Centre for Sight won't use this drug at all. nor do they perform lasek due to the discomfort and long unpredictable healing times. I do not recommend anyone to take the risk of any refractive surgery procedures as there's no cure for most of the damage and vision problems that can result from undergoing such surgeries.
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It is against theGMC rules and I think, against the law of th UK, to give someone a drug against their wishes . certainly the GMC rules regarding unlicensed drugs stipulate that the patient must be given all the information necessary to allow them to make an informed decision and must be given the reason for the use of the drug and must be told about any side effects

What OE is doing is totally wrong
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Re Delayed Toxicity

"Mitomycin-C affects DNA in the same way as beta-irradiation does, and looking back at the radiation literature we see that problems with corneal and scleral flap melts did not develop for 15 to 20 years after treatment.
"So, only time will reveal the long-term safety of mitomycin-C in refractive surgery," Dr Palmon said.

Dr Palmon's concerns about potential late complications were echoed by panel members Eric Donnenfeld MD, Jonathan Rubinstein MD and Dimitri Azar MD.
Dr Rubinstein noted that he has begun to see superior stem cell problems in eyes that are 10 to 12 years after a glaucoma filtering surgery procedure with adjunctive mitomycin-C.
"These patients are just beginning to show up with significant conjunctivalisation of the superior cornea and I think we will have to wait to see if there are going to be long-term complications secondary to stem cell effects," he said.
Dr Azar, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, US remarked that treatment of haze with mitomycin-C is entirely justifiable.
"But because it is so efficacious in that indication, it makes more sense to use mitomycin-C therapeutically rather than prophylactically," he added.

This is very worrying. Wouldn't want this but I didn't know I had the choice.

Will OE pick up the pieces though???
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Mitomycin C FACTS

1) It is a radiomimetic - like radiotherapy and its effective is accumulative.
2) Was pioneered for use in Glaucoma surgery to prevent scarring and its use was extended to pterygium surgery and later to laser eye surgery.
3) Very little science has been done on its use in Laser eye surgery
4) this is a drug that requires special processes to avoid harm to both user and recipient
5) Haze can occur in a refractive correction as low as -1.00 ( I have seen this in my own cases) however more common in higher levels of correction. Occurs less with lasers that have a small spot and low energy
6) Who knows what the very long term effects are going to be ? Does it contribute to horrendous dry eye being experienced by some ? Who know - not studied.
7) As there is no science to support its "safety" and as it is not licenced for use in this context,should it be used in highly elective lifestyle surgery ?
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Hi Poppy

They most certainly do use ETHANOL it dissolves anything it touches (ACID comes to mind!!!!) Have you watched the youtube video of it being used in LASEK SURGERY it is stomach churning :sick: wish I had watched it before my enhancement I WOULD NEVER HAVE PUT MYSELF THROUGH THAT!!! Just GOOGLE Lasik/Lasek Surgery on youtube.
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As well as Mitomycin I believe that during LASEK they also use Ethanol. This also is NOT licensed for use as an eye drop. Ay views on this?
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This drug was used on my eyes during my enhancement without my knowledge and without my consent!!!!!

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I had LASEK and therefore MMC.
As Nick said, as laymen how are we expected to know what questions to ask prior to surgery?
We entrust the care of our eyes presumably to ethical professionals.
It may be that this procedure carries some long term effects that are not yet known about? Although the Consent Form states cleverly, words to the effect, there are so many things that can go wrong that we do and do not know about, that we are unable to mention them all. In other words, whatever goes wrong, we accept no responsibility and it is all the patients fault for having agreed to surgery in the first place.
Even those patients who are satisfied with their outcome could be unaware that they may be in store for long term damage which has not yet materialised.
This really needs to be pursued.
Optical Express need closing down once and for all.
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"Since mitomycin C does cause damage to cellular DNA, research is underway to try to better understand any safety concerns that the medication may pose. While there could be a theoretical concern for delayed healing of the epithelium (top layer of the cornea that needs to reform over the treated area), Leccisotti demonstrated that the epithelium appears to heal over at the same rate with or without the mitomycin C.[14] There has also been a special interest in the effect of mitomycin C on the corneal endothelium. The endothelium (the inside layer of the cornea) serves to pump out fluid from the stroma, keeping the tissue relatively dehydrated and consequently clear. This layer of the cornea serves a vital purpose, but it does not regenerate, making any damage to it particularly worrisome. To date, there has been conflicting evidence about whether mitomycin C use results in a decrease in the number of endothelial cells in treated eyes, with some studies demonstrating a decline and others noting no statistically significant difference in cell counts. Larger studies with greater follow up are needed to help delineate this risk."

This is unbelievably scary. How can they get away with it. I think this is at best assault and at worse (a possibility in the long term) GBH !!!
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