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Lasik enhancement/retreatment rates were up to 20% when we first started Lasik in the UK in the mid 90's. Flaps were regularly lifted to perform enhancements. Fortunately technology improved tremendously and enhancement rates have gone down to less than 4% (in good hands).

I personally have no problems lifting flaps to correct. What is a concern in lifting flaps again is epithelial ingrowth. This is often technique related (surgical skill and experience) and patients need to be watched closely with the ingrowth treated promptly and properly.

Lasek on a flap is a big problem as haze is a strong possibility and to avoid this Mitomycin C is used. Flaps are also thinned out and there is high risk of epithelial problems If the treatment does not work, the option of lifting a flap again is out the window.

Pick your surgeon and centre well to a) improve your chance of good outcome b) reduce the need for retreatments c) in the event you do need a retreatment it can be performed with minimal chance of trouble
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It's my understanding they can't (or shouldn't) perform Lasik twice, any enhancements after Lasik has to be a Lasek procedure.

Welcome to the club, in the glass wearing department.
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February 15th, 2013:
Having worn glasses and contact lens for 27 years and hated them, I decided to go for eye laser surgery. After tests/scans was told I was suitable for surgery on both eyes.

Had lasik surgery on 24th July 2012 but my left eye didn’t change.

Back to the clinic so many times for follow up tests and scans, each time seeing a different person who've all fobbed me off.

Finally managed to get them to book me in for an enhancement on my left eye, but with a different surgery method (something that wasn’t mentioned in the initial consultation) by this time the sight in my right eye was deteriorating.

Then had a phone call to say that I couldn’t have it done as something was "weeping" and they needed to monitor it, to go back in three months (April 2013). Had a phone call last week asking me to go in for scans which I did do last night. I was told that I shouldn’t have come in so soon, even though somebody had phoned me, they carried out an eye test and scans, just because I was there and then I was left in the Reception area. I had to ask what was happening and was told to come back in a month as ‘things’ were changing. When I asked about the "weeping" the lady told me that nothing had been weeping.

I have asked many questions and never given a straight answer.

I have gone from wearing one pair of glasses for distance to having 2 pairs of glasses 1 for distance and 1 for close up, they have told me that some people like to have one eye for distance and one for close.

I just want to be able to see, that is what I have paid for, I have asked to see the scans as I do not believe a word they say, I left last night in tears. Would not recommend Optical Express.

I was sent to OE Harley Street on 26th April and told they could carry out Lasek to rectify my left eye - there and then!

Bit strange because for first laser treatment I was told not to wear make up or perfume which I was that day. They did not have my first scan so could not compare with the scan taken that day, I have an appointment today at Milton Keynes to have the scans explained to me (wish me luck with that one!). I do not want Lasek, which I refused 3-4 years ago.

If I had know this at the beginning of treatment I would have reconsidered, but although I asked questionslike "what if it doesn't work" the answer was always "we will just do the procedure again" but that it would work!

Whilst in the waiting room at Harley Street there was one unhappy patient demanding to see a senior member of staff not just shop floor.

Unfortunately as this is not the first time I have witnessed this it has really put me off having any further treatment with OE. This is my eye sight that we are talking about!

I no longer have any trust or faith in OE.

So now I have paid the money for two eyes but only one eye is right and I have to wear one pair of glasses for distance and another pair for reading - more expense in the future.

I'm not leaving it here that's for sure!
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