RGP or hybrid lenses

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For further details of my decision contact info@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk :kiss:
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Hi Anonymous

Please can i contact you directly regarding your re treatment? I am hoping you can contact me via Sasha please?


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Posted 25 Aug 2013 08:38 #3
Is anyone here wearing RGP lenses?
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I wanted to trial a hybrid contact lens rather than undergo further laser to my right eye having had a really bad experience - made worse by preservatives in the eye drops OE provided.

However, I was told that my cornea was too steep and oblate (flat) for hybrid lenses and nor was a rigid gas permeable contact lens an option due to a "clash" with the toric intraocular lens in situ!

If hybrid lenses are unsuccessful have you considered scleral lenses? The problem is finding expert practitioners/consultants here in the UK as there is a real gap in the market.

With post refractive eye surgery problems increasing it would be reassuring to know specialist help was available.
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I am currently waiting to try hybrid lenses after a consultation at the local NHS hospital who referred me to a nearby complex contact lens specialist optician.

I have tried RGPs and they were grossly uncomfortable. I had fluctuating pain and dryness in my eyes for weeks after trying them only a couple of times and suffered a migraine after the short time they were in for. Despite all of this my vision was really really clear, something it hasn't been for a while now.

I have corneal scarring as a result of a laser procedure and even with correct prescription glasses I can only see clearly for a couple of metres, anything beyond that is fuzzy. I'm really hoping that they work as if they don't my only option to regain better vision is a corneal transplant. My vision still won't be great without them in, but my quality of life compared to right now would be so improved.

However as I am only in my early 30s, the risk of rejection is 40%!

Fingers crossed.
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Posted 16 Jun 2013 20:18 #6
I have emailed a few optometrists to see if they do these lenses so just waiting on a reply back from them! Glad to hear your enhancement went well, l did it help your dry eye?

Pls can I mail you for details?

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I was keen to try hybrid contact lenses rather than have any more laser procedures and knew that RGP's would likely be uncomfortable but were meant to be good for dry eye. The combination of the soft 'skirt' with the RGP centre seemed worth trying and I was hopeful they could be the solution to provide me with crisp clear vision.

I searched the internet and found a lovely local Optomotrist who fitted hybrid lenses. However he told me that due to the shape of my cornea they weren't suitable, so I tried a RGP contact lens in one eye instead, which was extremely uncomfortable and didn't provide particularly good vision.

I think that you need 'post surgical' hybrid lenses if you've had refractive procedures and need to find an optometrist familiar with those.

Definitely worth a try and you might be more successful than me.

I eventually went on to have a successful second laser enhancement on top of RLE with a world renowned surgeon, not OE!
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Has anyone tried hybrid Contacts or RGP to help their vision? I came across this while endlessly searching on the internet :whistle:
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