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Posted 14 Jul 2013 12:50 #11
1. Optical Express obviously believe a refund is sufficient compensation for damaging your eyes.

2. 20/20 vision does not mean perfect vision or even good vision. This is a common misconception!

3. "Tough luck" attitude if it goes wrong

4. Money back AFTER #StephenHannan has made you jump through hoops to prove you don't have 20/20 vision - decided by him!

5. People with serious problems still fighting OE for money back years after surgery

5. Optical Express will force you to sign a gagging order before a refund will be given to anyone
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Posted 13 Jul 2013 20:36 #12
20/20 vision for how long though? That is the question, it can be a very brief but passing phase, and more than once! Just the biostatistics presented in a new way?

"1) * Optical Express Biostatistics July 2012, 93,758 patients. 99.3% achieved 20/20 vision or better. Based on a study of the most common prescriptions of patients that we treat; low to moderate near sightedness of patients 40 years or younger.

2) ** Based on 35,818 patient responses"
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Posted 12 Jul 2013 22:43 #13
Flash name for yet another dangerous piece of machinery which "allows physicians to capture a wider range of myopic patients than any other aberrometer"

Plenty more damaged patients in their sights then!?

"The iDesign aberrometer represents a new and exciting direction for diagnostic devices in the world of refractive surgery," said Steve Schallhorn, M.D., Global Medical Director of Optical Express."

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Posted 12 Jul 2013 15:41 #14
Perhaps with a money back guarantee they might be more stringent about who they deem to be "suitable candidates".

It's a shame OE won't give anything back to those they've already damaged.

Understandable though, because if they refunded only 10-20% of their damaged patients I believe they would have gone under sooner than they are going to!

Sickening that OE sent this offer to their damaged patients :sick:
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Posted 12 Jul 2013 14:52 #15
Received OE email ad today (signed by Stephen Hannan) inviting me to,

...join us as we celebrate the launch of iDesign iLASIK with an amazing laser eye surgery offer:

20/20 vision or better or your money back.*

Small print reads,

*Available only to those receiving iDesign iLASIK treatment for best vision for both eyes, confirmed by us prior to treatment as suitable candidates. As measured by us at least 12 months following initial treatment or 3 months following enhancement treatment.

Hopefully someone with better IT skills than me can post the entire ad?
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Posted 09 Jul 2013 18:34 #16
That makes me laugh somewhat, if it wasn't so blatantly untrue it would be so comical.

The surgeon in my case never saw me until 2 mins before the operation, even then he did pretty much bugger all for all of 90 seconds before actually performing the surgery, which should not have been performed AT ALL.

As for the optoms, they are just as bad, my particular one, a Ms Dasi Raju lied through her teeth to me, I have very large pupils and asked her directly if have large pupils and if it will affect my night vision etc, despite having my scans etc in front of her showing my huge pupils she just lied and told me my pupils weren't large and i am at no risk. All pure, blatent lies which have now contributed to my permanent disability called my vision.
by Danny
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OE Flyer. was created by Mr Starburst

Posted 08 Jul 2013 11:49 #17
Extracts from an OE flyer that came with a Sunday paper this weekend.

Top of front page
" Free Yourself This Summer ".
Truth: "Free Yourself This Summer From a Normal Happy Fullfilling Life Where You Can See Properly ".

Back page:
" You wouldn't trust your eyesight to just anyone, neither would we ".

You are in fact trusting your eyesight to "just anyone" with OE, as you don't meet the actual operating surgeon as part of the consultation process

Quoted in the flyer:
" Your consultation will be carried out by our highly skilled and experienced optometrists ".

It is totally against all current best advice regarding refractive eye surgery not to see the actual surgeon at consultation.

Clinics run in this way cut corners/costs, and fundamentally compromise patient safety.
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