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Posted 12 May 2014 19:26 #271
There are two pillars of morality

1. Reciprocity / Fairness
2. Emphaty / Compassion

Optimax lacks both.

"Comprehensive aftercare" has no meaning.
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I had Supracor treatment in November 2012 which the surgeon Mr Ammar Almasri recommended.

He told me it would be fine and the worst case scenario would be that I'd have to wear glasses for about two weeks for night driving. He explained my close up vision would improve straight away but my distance vision would take up to three months.

But when I went for my first monthly post op appointment I was told Ultralase had been taken over by Optimax. The optometrist could not answer any of my concerns as she was not familiar with the Supracor procedure.

In the first month my distance vision had not improved. I had double vision, halos and starbursts. The optometrist told me to come back in three months.

After three months there was still no improvement and by now I was getting worried. I was told to come back in a further three months - 6 months after initial treatment. My distance vision had not improved at all.

I saw Mr Joseph Karthikappallil, who offered me Monovision, a procedure I did not ask for. However, he told me I would have to wait a year for more surgery.

I was eager to have corrective surgery which I booked for November 2013 (12 months post op), but the Cardiff branch changed my appointment several times. When I eventually had my appointment on the 16th November I was shocked to be told Ultralase had gone into administration and for any further treatment I would have to pay £195 per eye.

I was already repaying a Hitachi finance agreement £4,311.

I made an appointment for the following week and was told by a member of the clinic staff that I was the fourth person from the Cardiff branch whose Supracor treatment had not worked.

I reluctantly paid the £195 on the morning of the appointment and signed the relevant forms. When I saw Mr Karthikappallil he informed me that if he performed further surgery in my left eye I would certainly lose my close up vision, that there were no guarantees that it would work and my vision could get worse. I told him I could not take that risk, which he said was a wise decision as your eyes are so precious.

The close up vision in my right eye is now very poor and if I lost the close up vision in my left eye I would have gained nothing. I have complained to Hitachi Finance as I'm paying them £239.50 per month.

Whenever I phone Hitachi for an update they keep fobbing me off telling memy case is with the legal team, or the management team, or they'e waiting for a response from Ultralase. This has gone on for months! I am not asking for compensation, all I want is for Hitachi to wipe out my debt and release me from my contract as I have not had the goods and services I signed up for. Optimax have now agreed to honour the Ultralase life time guarantee but this is of no use to me.

I now wear glasses permanently and my vision is worse than before I had treatment. This has gone on for so long it is making me ill, I find it difficult to sleep as it is always on my mind. I have now been offered an appointment to see a senior surgeon in Birmingham on 23 June but I don't see the point.

If Hitachi don't sort this out I will seek a refund via the Small claims court.

I would not recommend either Ultralase or Optimax Clinics - or any company that Russell Ambrose is connected with!
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Copied from: www.facebook.com/pages/Optimax-Ruined-My-Life/295634560585119

" www.barkergillette.com/profile.php?sID=26/
"She works exclusively on behalf of Claimants. The practice works closely with AVMA.”

www.apil.org.uk/ "Fighting for justice for injured people"

How can Jodi Newton represent Russell Ambrose if this is true?! I wasn't aware that he is an injured patient!?

She should be reported to the AvMA and Apil because obviously her profile is for marketing purposes and untrue!"

I must agree, and would also include the ASA for misleading advertising. This woman is marketing herself as a legal champion of the people whilst instructed by Russell Ambrose, anathema to all she claims to represent.

Ms Newton is a mercenary, anyone's for the right price!
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It’s almost 3 years since the fateful day I naively allowed Optimax surgeon Seethappa Madhusudan to irreparably damage my eyes.

Following publication of my ORML website Russell Ambrose asked my representative, Sasha Rodoy, to arrange a meeting in order to try and resolve my problems without need for legal action.

On 17 November 2012, at the request of both myself and Russell, Ms Rodoy accompanied me to a meeting at the Optimax head office in Finchley Rd. I recorded the meeting, not just for my own protection, but because I was also aware that Sasha had experienced problems with Russell’s selective memory.

As a goodwill gesture Russell agreed to refund my £2,000 payment for surgery, plus £500 I’d spent on eye drops, and my £15 car park fee. Approximately eight weeks later I received a £2,515 cheque from Optimax.

Since then I have received no "lifetime aftercare” as detailed on pages 2 & 5 in the Optimax booklet given to me pre surgery , in fact I have received nothing more at all from Optimax - not even eye drops for my chronic MGD.

Last month I wrote to Russell Ambrose asking for eye drops and payment for treatment for my chronic MGD. I also asked him to pay for glasses as I am struggling with my vision constantly.

The next day Optimax`s legal team Barker Gillette sent a letter attempting to bully me and directly threatened my career. Meanwhile, Russell has ignored all my requests.

So much for “lifetime aftercare"!
If it weren’t enough that Optimax have damaged my eyes beyond repair so that my chosen career is no longer a consideration, they’ve destroyed my enjoyment of life - which directly affects my family, and I suffer so much that I want to rip my eyes out, Optimax also deny responsibility.

I advise anyone considering surgery at Optimax to research their “Comprehensive Aftercare” in depth, as the promises made before surgery are not kept should you end up with problems afterwards - like me and so many others. If in doubt I recommend you phone Optimax with a list of questions concerning their aftercare policy: 0800 093 1110

A friend of mine did this earlier today, and asked the telesales person a simple and straightforward question. What is Optimax' “Comprehensive Aftercare” as detailed on their website?

The Optimax rep told my friend it was: “The way we look after you after treatment”!

She pushed for more information but he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about and admitted he’d only been working at Optimax for 2 months.

So my friend called back and spoke to another telesales rep named Tracy. She asked Tracy the same questions who told her the following:

1. EVERYONE will develop dry eyes after laser (This is new as I wasn’t told this, nor was anyone else I’ve spoken to suffering with post op DES/MGD)

2. Optimax will not operate on you if you have dry eyes (Really?)

3. Optimax won’t discharge you if you still have problems after surgery (So where’s my aftercare?)

4. Optimax will provide eye drops until they’ve cleared up (Lies!)

5. Optimax wouldn’t operate on anyone if dry eyes were going to continue for 4 years (How would they know in advance?)

6. She gave 100% guarantee that dry eyes are not permanent and will definitely clear up between 2 - 6 months (Lies!)

My friend repeated these answers back to Tracy who confirmed them. NB: We had the phone on speaker and recorded the conversation.

Btw, my friend also asked about problems with MGD after surgery.
Tracy asked her: “What’s that?:(
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21 companies operating to date. Not bad. Some very recently created. My favourite name is the BARTRAP
He must had been having a kind of precognition about his own future while creating this name :lol:
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Posted 02 May 2014 23:42 #276
Southwell House
39 Fitzjohns Avenue

Ambrose is renovating Southwell Hse where he and his family now live. It is also his registered business address.
Google "Russell Ambrose" for more details.

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Posted 01 May 2014 22:54 #277
admin: I am not approving this post (deleted) simply responding to express my utmost contempt for 'Omega' who thought their ignorant and uninformed opinion would be of interest to anyone.

FAO Omega: Myra Pridham did not simply suffer a "bout of post-operative inflammation", she was left blind for an entire year due to post op negligence, not knowing if she would ever regain her sight.

Re your comment that "your and my taxes" were spent on helping Myra regain her sight, I suggest you read some of the True Stories and countless post op problems discussed here on OERML to better understand that Myra is just one of many thousands of people damaged by elective eye surgery. All needing aftercare provided by the NHS at every level .

I suggest you better employ your time writing to the government about this expenditure of taxes which upsets you so greatly, which Myra and everyone else paid too - before they lost their jobs due to debilitating results of eye surgery!

Don't forget to mention the amount of money also being claimed in benefits by many of these people now unable to work!

Unfortunately this is NOT "sensationalism", it's sadly true!

And why should you be concerned about the lack of details posted by 'Informer' re Myra's successful legal action?

For the record, I couldn't give a flying f*ck that this "does rather disappoint" you!

Out of respect for Myra and disgust for your ignorance this post will be deleted as soon as you have had time to digest and hopefully choke on it.

Troll off!
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Perhaps Optical Express would like to use this in their Optimax promotion!

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Posted 01 May 2014 20:04 #279
Optical Express promoting Optimax?

Sounds crazy!

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Posted 28 Apr 2014 10:35 #280
I am left with lifetime problems with my eyes after surgery at Optimax & was sickened to find this video on You tube. Not only shocked that someone in Russell Ambrose's position would publish videos of himself with his young child on the internet, but also disgusted that he flaunts this while people like me can't even get so much as my money back or eye drops from this man!

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