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Posted 01 May 2024 13:05 #1
During yesterday’s Westminster Hall debate on ‘Preventable sight loss’, in less than 9 minutes John McDonnell did more for me than my own MP Theresa Villiers has ever done in 9 years 👀

Referring to me, my work, Bad Eye Day lobby, numbers damaged by unregulated refractive surgery, lack of aftercare, NHS costs, etc…, John invited the health minister to meet with us.

View the 8.48 mins clip here: 

Unlike her numerous predecessors, refusing to acknowledge or address this scandal, hopefully Victoria Atkins will find time in her busy diary to do so - as a matter of urgency!

Unedited Parliament TV link: parliamentlive.tv/event/index/eace9df9-d...ed299007?in=17:35:50
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Posted 02 Sep 2023 17:13 #2
I truly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when this was brought to my attention - especially given Maria Caulfield’s involvement 😡

Botox treatment deserves a public consultation leading to government regulation, but not the unregulated refractive surgery industry?

Government vows an end to 'wild-west' cosmetic treatment industry after thousands of Brits claim they've been botched…

Announcing the consultation, Minister for the Women's Health Strategy Maria Caulfield said: 'Whether it's Botox, dermal fillers or even a chemical peel, we have heard too many stories of people who've had bad experiences from getting a cosmetic procedure from someone who is inexperienced or underqualified'

‘Calls for views from industry and people who have undergone these procedures will be used to shape regulations

Government plans to ban unlicensed providers of cosmetic treatments in England have been opened up for public consultation.

Ms Caulfield said it was the government's role "to ensure consistent standards for consumers and a level playing field for businesses and practitioners

Wtf is going on?

It’s not as if the government are unaware of this scandal, or of its incredible cost to nhs.uk, and state benefits to the many thousands of damaged patients no longer able to work, with me (and others) having repeatedly put it under their noses for the last 12 years!

As I’ve posted previously, my local MP, Tory Theresa Villiers, totally ignores me, offering ZERO support, not even responding to my request that she attend Bad Eye Day lobby last April!
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Replied by admin on topic Alok Sharma MP

Posted 14 Apr 2023 16:54 #3
Don't think this needs much comment from me :kiss:

As you can see from his response to Mr Saunders on 2 March, Alok Sharma couldn't even be bothered to sign the letter himself, the signature a definite forgery - presumably with the MP's approval!

'2 March 2023

Dear Alok, thank you for your reply to my letter 23 February 2023 inviting you to be present at Bad Eye Day in Westminster 17th April 2023.

I do feel from the reply that you have either not really understood the letter I sent or indeed not read it, as the reply contains a passage that has been cut and pasted see paragraph starting "Since its arrival…." Which is the standard reply of other Conservative MP’s who have written to their constituents!!

You mentioned laser eye treatment but my letter to you was about refractive lens replacement surgery...

You also mentioned that the complications are extremely rare, perhaps you should read the harrowing accounts of people who have had not only had laser surgery and rle, but how it has affected their lives, I did also ask you try and make this a cross party issue so now is your opportunity to make this so.

This whole industry is run by business people whose only interest is in profits and is causing suffering as a result and I believe that strict regulation by whatever Government is essential so please rethink your decision to attend this meeting, you have the details.
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Replied by admin on topic Mike Freer MP

Posted 02 Apr 2023 16:10 #4
With excuses not to accompany their damaged constituents to Bad Eye Day pouring in from the majority of Conservative Party MPs (who can look forward to bigger donations from Johnson & Johnson et al) I have yet to receive the courtesy of a long overdue RSVP from Theresa Villiers :kiss:

At least her colleague Mike Freer (MP for the neighbouring Finchley & Golders Green constituency) bothered to reply to his constituent!

This is a screenshot of the email in its original format, albeit factually incorrect, and ignorantly sent without salutation.

As for telling his constituent that he ‘would welcome the opportunity to review any briefing materials’ - wtf does he think the purpose of a lobby is?

And if genuinely unable to attend, simple enough to send one of his Parliamentary Assistants!

From his website: 'I'm here to help, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.'

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Replied by Sasha Rodoy on topic Theresa Villiers MP & Bad Eye Day Lobby

Posted 28 Mar 2023 17:21 #5
As my MP, Theresa Villiers has of course been invited to Bad Eye Day to support me, so this Facebook ‘new memory’ was quite timely :kiss:

It should be noted that David Moulsdale’s fellow Scot, Carrie MacEwen, is now General Medical Council (GMC) Chair 😳

The vast majority of Conservative MPs are replying to Bad Eye Day lobby invitations from their constituents with a copy/paste response, proving that they either don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, or simply toeing the party line, which is refusing to acknowledge the #refractivesurgery scandal in favour of Big Pharma - many MPs of course with shares in the pharmaceutical industry.

Theresa Villiers is unable to similarly respond, because she knows the truth, as the above attachments detail.

I first invited Theresa to attend BED lobby on 23 January, receiving only an automated acknowledgement. And it should be noted that she has always previously responded to me within a week of my emailed correspondence.

I followed that email with three reminders, on 9th, 16th, and 24 February… plus four phone calls to her Barnet constituency office, when I spoke with three different young men, each telling me they'd let Theresa know I'd called, and remind her of my invitation.

My fourth call was more than two weeks ago, when I told one of the young men (who I'd previously spoken with in February) that I didn’t accept his excuse that Theresa was still planning her diary, and he should tell his boss it was disappointing that the person presenting BED lobby on 17 April hasn’t even had a response from her own MP!

I remained polite, but could sense his prickles rising at my vehement criticism, and that I would be publicising the fact that my MP had time to complain about the mixed gender toilets at the GB News studios: 'she was most disconcerted to find men coming in whilst she was touching-up her make-up', yet not concerned with the far more important issue of the refractive surgery scandal, not only irreparably damaging people's eyes and lives, but costing the country £zillions, in nhs.uk aftercare and state benefits.

I do try to keep my word, so job done!

I suspect that Theresa is between a rock and a hard place, unable to send me the same bullsh*t copy/paste response Tory HQ is giving to MPs, because she knows it's not true, and if she went against the party to actually support me, she’d jeopardise her chance of another ministerial position.

Of course I could be wrong, and happy to publish an apology if proven so!

Otherwise, Theresa Villiers’ name will be added to my (s)hit list of MPs who’ve made excuses not to attend BED, or simply ignored their constituent’s invitation, while some of my favourite emails from MPs will be published, and/or read out on 17 April, with Rishi Sunak’s response to one of his damaged constituents an absolute classic!

Meanwhile, Theresa's priorities are clear for all to see!

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Replied by Sasha Rodoy on topic Bad Eye Day Lobby II - 17 April 2023

Posted 21 Mar 2023 17:50 #6
As well as MBEF members damaged by laser and lens surgery speaking at BED - plus a surprise celebrity guest, who recently offered his support for the campaign calling for government regulation of the refractive surgery industry, there are a number of other surprise guests and speakers.

MPs are directly invited by their constituents to accompany them to BED, and those who refuse without providing a VERY good reason will be publicly named and shamed!*

Lawyers from various legal firms who represent many of the victims will be present, as will of course the very important journalists, who will have an opportunity to personally interview people after the lobby.**

All invited - and that includes the industry spies, who stalk me at court hearings and public meetings, but are in fact very welcome to come to BED, and I'll be sending personalised invitations to some of their employers.

This is the second Bad Eye Day Lobby, and as in October 2014, when only representatives from the General Optical Council could be bothered to attend, invitations to BED II will be sent to the General Medical Council (GMC), General Optical Council (GOC), Care Quality Commission (CQC), The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth), et al.

*If you are not a member of the private MBEF Facebook group, and would like an invitation template to send to your MP, please email: info@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk
**Press enquiries: sasha@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk

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Replied by admin on topic Maria Caulfield

Posted 29 Jan 2023 18:36 #7
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Mental Health and Women's Health Strategy maria caulfield toeing the party line, rather than risk her ministerial post by challenging the government’s conspiracy of silence :kiss:

Speaking at a debate on eye health, hosted by Jim Shannon MP on 11 January 2022, John McDonnell publicly asked Maria Caulfield if she would agree to a meeting to discuss the #refractivesurgery scandal and its lack of regulation.

At a Zoom meeting on 14 March 2022, also attended by Lyn Brown MP, with only half an hour to speak, I was limited with the amount of info I could provide, but did however manage to cover a lot of ground.

I began by explaining that this isn’t just about #laser surgery, but ALL #refractivesurgery, stressing that #lensexchange post op problems have increased exponentially since 2014, also mentioning #pauldance's suicide in 2020, etc...

I explained that, with only 12 months aftercare from private providers, the NHS is frequently left to pick up the pieces.

I highlighted the wrongness therefore of #NHS #cataractsurgery contracts given to these same companies, countless thousands of their damaged patients referred to the NHS (often by the providers themselves) for expensive aftercare and treatment.

In her summary, when I had little time to contradict, Maria noted that the problems appeared to be mainly with younger people under 40.

I thought that perhaps she had misunderstood me, but given her letter’s lack of reference to #lensexchange ops, now I'm not so sure!

Maria expressed what appeared to be genuine concern, agreeing that something had to be done, promising to look into the matter and come back to us within two weeks.

(I'm not going to tell you what John said to me immediately after the meeting, but unfortunately he was, as usual, spot on!)

Time went by, emails unanswered…

In desperation, nearly FIVE months after our Zoom meeting, on 1 August, I tagged Maria on Twitter, and she finally responded: ‘I am no longer the minister responsible’.*

And that was all we got from her!

The pink highlighted paragraphs in Maria Caulfield's letter to Mike Freer MP only refer to laser eye surgery, with no mention of lens surgery, and you'd think we never had that meeting!

Yet another copy/paste job, the same words bandied about by government ministers in countless letters I've read over the last five years, some of theses posted on my sites!

NB: Fru Jaggard was operated on by Bobby Qureshi (lens surgery), who was struck off the medical register in 2019 - something the General Medical Council & Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service did manage to get right between them!

However, having won her case for negligence, there are now issues with Qureshi's insurance indemnity, hence the content of the published letter.

*Tweets in previous post.

Attachment not found

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Replied by admin on topic Maria Caulfield on Twitter

Posted 02 Aug 2022 22:48 #8
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Replied by admin on topic Meeting with Minister Maria Caulfield

Posted 18 Mar 2022 22:27 #9
Monday 13 March, a long overdue meeting with a government minister :kiss:

In fact, more than 8 years overdue, after previous meetings arranged with Daniel Poulter, Ben Gummer, et al, were postponed, rescheduled, postponed, cancelled, new minister, start all over again…

Simply any excuse to avoid meeting with me and then be forced to publicly address the scandal of the unregulated and often corrupt refractive eye surgery industry.

This meeting with Maria Caulfield* came about as a result of the Westminster debate, when John McDonnell asked if she would agree to meet with us - see previous posts for more info and videos. (Big thanks to Jim Shannon MP for his part in enabling this meeting.)

The three MPs were accompanied by members of their staff, with nine people in total attending the half hour meeting.

Introduced by John McDonnell, summarising with bullet points and outlining our work since 2012, stressing the urgent need for government intervention.

Handing over to me, I provided more in depth detail, the seriousness of the problems suffered by so many thousands of people, including but not limited to, blindness, suicide, job loss, litigation… especially highlighting the £zillions in cost to the NHS, left to clean up after the private sector - which I have always said would be the pressure point for the government to finally pay attention!

Lyn Brown MP continued, briefly describing the problems suffered by a few of her own constituents who‘ve been in contact with her (guaranteed there are hundreds if not thousands more) before handing over to Maria Caulfield.

I was impressed with Maria’s receptiveness, her attention and understanding of the points raised.

She agreed with me that there was a need for data to provide accurate numbers of the many thousands of people left with damaged eyes after private surgery, forced to rely on the NHS for expensive aftercare after their 12 months ‘warranty’ runs out (often sooner).

I mentioned having proposed this at a meeting with the CEO and MD at Moorfields Eye Hospital a few years ago, and that they’d agreed to do so, but that the new CEO, Martin Kuper, has to date refused to even acknowledge my existence - ignoring my email correspondence and tweets!

Having been given the lion’s share of time, even though there was plenty more to say, I managed to cover a lot of ground.

I also mentioned the ‘rabbit up my sleeve’ (preview to be publicised next month), that I have no doubt will cause embarrassment to the government when they’re asked how this could have been allowed to happen (the rabbit), the answer being lack of regulation and therefore in their interests to address this asap!

I promise you that Maria took it all very seriously, she expressed genuine concern and agreed that something has to be done!

She said she will consult with her team and see what options are available, and assumed I would be willing to engage with them further - of course!

Lots more to tell, but I don’t want to give away too much at this stage, as certain industry stakeholders will no doubt be pulling their pet MPs out of their pockets to try and stop this happening.

*Maria Caulfield MP was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Patient Safety and Primary Care) on 17 September 2021.
#blindedonthehighstreet #stormsasha
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Posted 15 Feb 2022 19:08 #10
For background information, I had sent John McDonnell copies of correspondence with the GMC et al, and statements from a few damaged patients, and we had a Zoom meeting the day before, to discuss what the most important points were that I wanted him to mention in the debate, as he warned that he might only have a couple of minutes to speak.

Happily, he was allowed longer than expected, and was able to make reference to everything that I’d highlighted.

In summarising, Maria Caulfield said this:
‘I want to touch on the points raised by the hon. Member for West Ham (Ms Brown) about her constituent, Darren, and those raised by the right hon. Member for Hayes and Harlington (John McDonnell). I am concerned about issues around laser surgery and the impact they are having. I am happy to meet the right hon. Gentleman and the hon. Lady, and other colleagues, to discuss that. The Care Quality Commission regulates that area, but I am concerned by the information shared today and I am happy to look at the issue further. It is important that the situation of people with minor eye ailments is not made worse by having surgery that may, or may not, be suitable for their needs.’

John had referred to refractive surgery, as I’d advised it was important to do, to mention both laser and lens exchange surgery, but the minister appeared to have little knowledge of this corrupt industry, claiming that the CQC regulate the area of laser surgery. This indicated to me that she was probably referring to the oft regurgitated Tory copy/paste party notes on this issue, though she did at least agree to John’s request to meet to discuss further.

And whilst this is more than anyone in the government has offered in six years (since my many times rescheduled meeting with health minister Daniel Poulter was finally cancelled shortly before the 2015 election, and the next with his replacement Ben Gummer, that didn’t happen in 2017), a previous meeting with DoH government officials resulted in empty promises and lies.

I spoke with John McDonnell yesterday, who confirmed that his office has now secured a date for our meeting with Maria Caulfield next month, so I can only hope that this is not postponed, or that Boris the Buffoon suddenly reshuffles the cabinet!

Fyi: 20 October 2014, prior to planned meeting with health minister Daniel Poulter, it was deemed that I should first meet with Department of Health officials at Whitehall, at which meeting I blurted out ‘bullsh*t’ a few times, interrupting their inane and monotonous bullsh*t, until they finally listened to me, for all the good it did!

The DoH officials subsequently lied to me, after my repeated emails asking when the promised meeting with Poulter was happening were ignored. They eventually responded that they had replied, but I hadn’t contacted them as they’d asked!

So I asked them to forward a copy of their alleged email correspondence, but instead they sent me only text, without header, no dates, no recipient or sender details! My request for the actual email to be forwarded to me was ignored - because of course it did not exist!

Yet another ploy for the government to avoid meeting with me, which would force them to acknowledge this scandal - and accept and admit that there is NO regulation of any worth! If any, it is self regulated.

On 6 Sep 2019, at the behest of Caroline Dinenage, I met with Deputy Director of Health and Social Care for Jennifer Benjamin, and Duncan Hall, representative from the Professional Regulation team.

After listening to my presentation, Jennifer said it’d been very interesting, and there was a lot for them to consider, but they couldn’t do anything!

A meeting with the CQC in 2019 was similarly underwhelming…


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