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Posted 19 Jul 2015 22:23 #71
Sasha count on my support!
I would get of hospital if needed - just hope i'm not actually having treatment at the time!
Next operation on left eye in 7 weeks time at Moorfields.
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Replied by admin on topic Bad Eye Day!

Posted 19 Jul 2015 21:19 #72

We're taking 'My Beautiful Eyes' Campaign directly to Parliament on 14 October, from 4.00 - 6.00pm in Committee Room 10.

The lobby is being sponsored by MP John McDonnell, and we invite you to join us!

Press and TV will be there - as will your MPs once you tell them about it - and lawyers, and other interested parties!

Damaged patients are joining us from Scotland, Ireland and overseas...

Write to your MP and tell them you want them there - if not, why not? It's their job to listen your concerns and represent you, regardless of whether you voted for them.

They’ll be delighted that you’ve taken the time to visit the House of Commons and lobby Parliament.

This is also a great chance to see the inside of Westminster Palace, it's a stunning building!

The meeting will start at 4.00pm, but please allow up to 45 minutes to clear House of Commons security, as there's usually a queue.

We really hope you can join us – it’s going to be fun!

I’ll be posting more details in due course, meanwhile, this is to give you plenty of time to buy a cheap day travel ticket, book the afternoon off work, contact your MP…

I’ve worked very hard to get this far, but I can't do this alone!

Please contact me to confirm you'll be attending: info@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk

No excuses people - I need you to be there :kiss:
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Replied by admin on topic Hansard Transcript: 7 July 2015

Posted 08 Jul 2015 19:56 #73
Complet bullsh*t from Ben Gummer - presumably a by-product of the beefburgers his politician father force fed his children during the 'Mad Cow' scandal!
www.express.co.uk/news/uk/577667/Cordeli...BSE-scandal-25-years :kiss:
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Replied by admin on topic Health Minister's lies today!

Posted 07 Jul 2015 19:30 #74
As I mentioned earlier, notice how Hunt shows no support for Gummer’s lies!

Meanwhile, I have just returned from a meeting with John McDonnell @ House of Commons.

Ben Gummer walked past us and I had to be almost physically restrained from chasing after him!

John said it was a waste of time as security would throw me out. And he was right, because I'd have had a hard time keeping my hands from his throat!

But don’t worry, Gummer is going to regret the lies he told today - soon :kiss:
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Replied by admin on topic Ben Gummer

Posted 02 Jun 2015 17:02 #75
With the election finally over and Parliament back to work, Ben Gummer is the newly appointed Health Minister.

It’s encouraging that Ben - aged 37, is shortsighted and wears glasses. Cue for Optical Express to send all government ministers offers of free surgery!

Working on the premise that Ben has not undergone laser eye surgery I'm presuming he doesn’t like the idea, so it seems possible we’ll agree on one point at least when we meet!

And meet we shall!

His predecessor, Dr Daniel Poulter, did all he could to avoid me for more than a year, right up until the election, as did his predecessor Simon Burns for two years.

Last week Poulter spoke with Seb Corbyn, John McDonnell’s PA. He told Seb that he was raising the matter with Gummer and would tell him to meet with me.

Perhaps Poulter doesn’t like Gummer, throwing him to me so soon in the young man’s budding political career!

John McDonnell will be chasing this up so I hope to have a date to announce soon.

Meanwhile, all the letters damaged patients sent for me to give Poulter at our last cancelled meeting in March will now be given to Gummer. It’s not the name that matters but the position.

And if you live in Ipswich, please contact Ben Gummer’s constituency office and ask to meet with him!
Tel: 01473 232883

And if you don’t live in Ipswich, simply email young Ben and ask him what he’s going to do to stop this unregulated and corrupt industry from destroying so many more people’s eyes and lives!
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Replied by admin on topic Didn't knock at my door!

Posted 02 May 2015 15:52 #76
I caught up with a local conservative campaigner early yesterday evening. We’d met previously when she was a councillor and she remembered, saying, “...something to do with eyes?”. Her flippancy suggested either a hard day’s campaigning or a slug of fortified wine!

In no uncertain terms I explained why conservative candidate Theresa Villiers would not be getting my vote, having told me in 2013 that she was too busy (as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland) to support my campaign!

Yet on 14 April last year Ms Villiers found time to play 'postie' for the day, a great photo opportunity and obviously far more important than concerning herself with the problems her constituents are suffering thanks to an unregulated industry: www.theresavilliers.co.uk/…/theresa-villiers-mp-turn…

Ashley B (Mr Abs), owner of the now deleted 'Optimax Ruined My Life' website and Facebook page, is also one of her constituents. With both of us in her constituency (and Ashley's intended career as a police emergency response driver destroyed after lasik) you think she'd show some interest!

I added that Daniel Poulter had cancelled three meetings with me, to which the ex councillor replied, “Who’s Daniel Poulter?”.

I said that he was the Health Minister and surely as a conservative she should know this! She didn’t, but said she did know who Jeremy Hunt was.

Enough said :kiss:
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Replied by admin on topic Election promises!

Posted 22 Apr 2015 10:29 #77
I’m still waiting for my local candidates to knock at my door, although my address is probably highlighted on their lists with a note advising, AVOID

But for those of you who do get a visit, no matter which party they represent, be sure to ask them if they know about the My Beautiful Eyes Campaign calling for regulation of the refractive eye surgery industry. If not, tell them - while you have their undivided attention!

If they start waffling on about cosmetic surgery (the gospel according to Jeremy Hunt and Daniel Poulter), tell them invasive eye surgery is most definitely NOT a cosmetic procedure!

When they promise you that of course they’ll support the campaign, be sure to ask if you can contact them after the election with a reminder of their promise and a request for their active support.

This is a rare chance to pressure hopeful MPs while they’re promising they can walk on water - please use it
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Replied by admin on topic Health Minister avoids meeting Sasha Rodoy

Posted 31 Mar 2015 15:21 #78
Parliament was dissolved yesterday and Health Minister Dan Poulter can congratulate himself on successfully evading me for two and a half years!

You may recall that he cancelled yet another meeting on 4 February - without apology, claiming that “parliamentary business” took precedence (see 27 Feb post).

As Health Minister, surely his meeting with me (arranged weeks in advance) fell under “parliamentary business”?

Dr Dan might have been too busy to meet with me, but he did recently find time to visit a few 'Eye' shops, obviously far more important to him than the tens of thousands whose eyes are damaged by this corrupt and unregulated industry!

His mission now is to get re-elected, and should this happen, I warn Dr Dan that he will have to meet with me eventually!

He can also expect a demo on his Whitehall doorstep, with press and TV cover.

To everyone reading this in the UK: when your local candidates come knocking for your vote, ask if they are supporting the campaign for government regulation of the refractive eye surgery industry.

If they say they know nothing about it, tell them to contact John McDonnell, and only then you will consider voting for them!
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Replied by admin on topic Dr Dan's email...

Posted 27 Feb 2015 09:08 #79
It took Dan Poulter 21 days to send this email - notice the absence of an apology!

And what was our meeting if not "parliamentary business"?

John McDonnell has heard nothing from the Health Minister and is as disgusted as I am!

Dr Dan claims: "we do take the issue of refractive eye surgery very seriously".

Indeed they do, seriously avoid the issue :kiss:
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Replied by admin on topic Health Minister cancelled - again!

Posted 04 Feb 2015 15:08 #80
Unsurprisingly perhaps, at relatively short notice, Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter 'postponed' his meeting with me for the second time this year, citing: "Unavoidable diary commitments”!

It had not been easy to find a mutually convenient date to suit four busy people, all with tight schedules and little room for manoeuvre, and this was arranged weeks in advance.

Poulter’s office then sent a cancellation email to John McDonnell's office late on Friday, but this was not received until Monday. I was informed yesterday at midday, but was too angry to post details until now!

Last night I sent the following email to Dr Poulter, copied to various journalists and government representatives. NB: Names edited with Mr X/Mr Y/Z for reasons which will become public after this meeting finally happens:

"Dear Dr Poulter,

Having fought for more than two years to meet with a member of the government health service it was therefore a huge disappointment when I was informed that I was not allowed to attend with John McDonnell and Prof Dua on 6 May ‘14.

Having finally agreed to meet with me late last year, albeit seemingly reluctantly, your office then cancelled two scheduled meetings until a third was confirmed for 4 Feb ’15.

It was pointed out to your office that cancellations caused problems for ‘X', who would be accompanying us. [paragraph redacted]

Since the MPlus lens story in the Observer (attached), not only are many concerned parties (worldwide) monitoring my activities, but so are the press and media, all who were aware of our meeting tomorrow.

‘Y' has been working on a related story for the ‘ Z' for the last few weeks, Yesterday ‘Y' asked me if there was a possibility they could also attend our meeting - without camera. I advised ‘Y' that it was unlikely, especially at such short notice. ‘Y' appreciated that and arranged to interview me, ‘X' and John McDonnell immediately afterwards. Now also cancelled.

Dozens of patients damaged by this industry have sent me letters over the past month, for me to give to you in person, and I have received countless emails wishing me luck for our meeting tomorrow.

So when I was called this morning and given the bad news that you had cancelled, I cannot tell you how upset I was, and still am!

Many thousands of people have put their trust in me, and depend on me, and it is therefore with a sickening feeling that I now have to post on my websites that our meeting has again been cancelled, at extremely short notice, and in my view without good reason.

Meanwhile, the refractive eye surgery scandal continues to escalate every day, while you and your colleagues continue to ignore it.

I am assured that a meeting is being rescheduled asap - preferably before the next election!

Sasha Rodoy

John McDonnell contacted Daniel Poulter earlier today, and we are waiting for an alternative date to be offered as a matter of urgency. As soon as I have news I will post.

If you live in Dan Poulter's constituency, I suggest you contact him and tell him if you think he deserves your vote on 7 May:
"I'm Dr Dan Poulter, MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich. The people of Suffolk are always my first priority…"
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OERML & My Beautiful Eyes Foundation rely on your support to expose the horrors of this unregulated industry.

Your help is very much appreciated!