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Posted 17 Feb 2013 18:34 #11
The Consent Form is the Legal Contract between the patient, the surgeon and Optical Express.
I believed that anyway because that is what the form states. WRONG. Optical Express is merely the TRADING NAME and MY legal contract was actually with Optical Express SOUTHERN Ltd who are now out of business.
Legal view is that the Parent Company, Optical Express Holdings Ltd have no responsibility or duty of care for the work done by their subsidiary companies.
You will note that the actual Company name is missing from ANY documentation or OE's website. This is clearly deception.
by Poppy
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Posted 09 Feb 2013 02:36 #12
This is for those that have found this site prior to surgery.

Joe Tye/USA
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Posted 15 Jan 2013 10:08 #13
I read somewhere a while ago (unforunately I can't find the source) which suggested the US Navy is now phasing out laser surgery in favour of IOLs.

With starbursts unarguably too often a major & debilitating side effect of refractive eye surgery I am seriously considering contacting any airline I fly with in the future to check whether or not the pilot has undergone eye surgery.

Another way perhaps to put pressure on this industry.
by Me too!
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"As a former "Top Gun" F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot and military eye surgeon, retired U.S. Navy Capt. Steven C. Schallhorn, MD, has a unique perspective on custom (wavefront) LASIK.

Dr. Schallhorn is an ophthalmologist particularly interested in keen vision for fighter pilots. He established a refractive eye surgery program at San Diego's Naval Medical Center and was the first U.S. Department of Defense eye surgeon to perform PRK, LASIK and phakic IOL procedures.

Until his retirement in 2007, Dr. Schallhorn also directed and oversaw expansion of the U.S. Navy's refractive eye surgery program to many other locations.

Now in private practice in San Diego, Dr. Schallhorn is the medical director for Optical Express. He is a frequent speaker at conferences where the world's leading eye surgeons discuss refractive surgery procedures such as LASIK.
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I went to Optical Express Braehead Glasgow & had my consultation with LISA WEBB who assured me of miracle surgery & I would have 6/6 vision. I was so excited as I have never had great vision so I went to see the SURGEON DAVID TEENAN-if that's what you would call him!

I was given the consent form in the waiting area-had a short time to sign as DAVID TEENAN came out and showed me in didn't tell me of even one risk-looked in both eyes for a quick second & said I was suitable.

DAVID TEENAN & LISA WEBB did not do the correct pathology in the first place-if they had I would not be in this position!

I hate my eyes! The lenses feel like they should not be in my eyes and I would like to rip them out

Another big problem - getting rid of my problems is not safe as I have had YAG LASER which makes a second procedure more risky!

So i am left with poor vision and all these adverse symptoms which are so debilitating.

OE told me lies from day one and still insisted I had 6/6 vision even though what I was seeing was totally different.
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Posted 11 Jan 2013 15:34 #16
Following failed surgery I requested copies of my notes from the branch. There were several entries that were incorrect or false. OE failed to diagnose a pre existing eye condition that I had and was unaware of. They should have advised me of the likely consequences or even advised me against surgery. The Consent Form, rather cleverly is produced AFTER the appointment is booked and payment has been made in full. The Consent Form rings alarm bells as the product of a Compan trying to cover themselves for anything and everything. The paragraph relating to dry eyes is woefully inadequate and does NOT accurately communicate the probability of this problem occurring.
It is the same for 'enhancement' surgery. My surgeon told me AFTER my procedure that his failure rate was 5% the manager of Shrewsbury branch told me it was at least 10%.
Optical Express deliberately mislead patients in order to make profit, it is as simple as that and no one can deny it. Their marketing statistics use sample patients allegedly from a section of those who by nature of their age and prescription achieve satisfactory results if they are lucky. OE fail to advise each individual before surgery of the likely outcome that they can expect pertaining to their personal circumstances. I am 62 with moderate degree of shortsightedness but was lead to believe that I too could expect 20/20 vision. Absolutely NOT TRUE. I was misled and missold.
The terrifying thing is that OE refuse to accept any responsibility for jeopardising people's eyesight and continue to blatantly market their services knowing that they are misguiding the public.
by Poppy
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Posted 11 Jan 2013 14:05 #17
I had surgery around 3 years ago. I had dry eyes before surgery and after surgery now have severe dry eyes. They told me when I went to find out if I was suitable that my dry eyes didn't make any difference, but I know now that they were lying!
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