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Posted 20 Nov 2013 21:03 #31

My 'Counsellor' DID NOT sell me a treatment based on anything the Optom proposed

My 'Counsellor' decided on the procedure suitable for me and offered a discount if I signed up there and then.

My 'Counsellor' told me that the procedure was the safest surgery possible and that nothing could go wrong.

My 'Counsellor' told me colours would be unbelievably vibrant and if I chose Wavefront I would have crisp clear vision at night for driving, she told me she was speaking from her own personal experience of laser surgery!

My 'Counsellor' told me that me pre existing dry eyes and contact lens intolerance would not be a problem whatsoever.

All this was BEFORE I even saw an OPTOM who of course she was sure would agreed.

I can post more on this but it's not the time or place.

As for 'Russian Roulette' Kenneth, I have to agree with you that nobody sits in a room deciding whose eyes to ruin, which is exactly why I used the RUSSIAN ROULETTE analogy!

In Russian Roulette nobody decides who gets the bullet - duh, it's the unlucky one who does! And ANYONE walking into an OE consultation could be one of the unlucky ones, as I was and so were many others posting here.
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How many times do I have to say this.
The Optometrists and surgeons make the money-they choose the suitable and unsuitables. Counsellors sell the treatment on the back of who the Optometrists put forward.-Some are sales people, not optically trained.
The surgery staff just do it the (profanity deleted) treatment. They have NO SAY in who is treated, unless they have attained certain levels of knowledge and have confidence and ability to stop them.
Blame the others who decide.
It is NOT Russian roulette. Nobody sits in a room and decides 'lets ruin Mrs A's eyes today'. Complications in surgery unfortunately happen.
If you truly think that people deliberatly decide to ruin eyes then that is ridiculous.
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Posted 19 Nov 2013 16:58 #33

According to this the El Dorado continues.
Wow! £6000 bonus has the power.

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Posted 18 Nov 2013 23:27 #34

"Optician and glasses retailer Optical Express is withholding bonuses to staff as its uncertain financial situation continues"

Time for OE staff to wake up and realise they won't have jobs soon so why not speak out & help people as they leave the sinking ship!!
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Posted 17 Nov 2013 14:48 #35
Ex employee: I agree with Caro, but wonder if you have yourself spoken up to anyone who is in a position to use the information to benefit the patients?
by Just Wondering
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Posted 17 Nov 2013 11:54 #36
Well said Ex employee! I respect those who come forward and speak out, and I am one of the victims.

Sometimes overwhelming circumstances stop people from seeing what is really going on around them, for a while, but at some point if they believe something is wrong then they must speak up and help make things change.

Don't lets stop at OE staff though......... If you work for ANY company that treats eyes and their owners like cheap commodities, be it Optimax, OE or Ultralase, if you have issues praying on your conscience and would like to sleep at night, then do the right thing and help put an end to the suffering ALL these high street clinics are causing their patients.
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Posted 16 Nov 2013 08:41 #37
Optical Express staff and ex staff should speak up. They have the power.
by Ex employee
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Posted 11 Nov 2013 23:36 #38
If everyone who pretends they care were as honest and fearless as Sasha Rodoy & put their money where their mouth is then maybe thousands more poeple would still have good eyesight :angry:
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Posted 11 Nov 2013 09:59 #39
Ken, if you are still reading this, Mr X is right to suggest that you help Sasha Rodoy, as I do believe that what goes on in this industry is upsetting you. Sasha is a lovely, and clever lady, who I know would protect your identity. If you were to help her, I have no doubt that you would feel much better about the whole situation, and you would surely earn some respect for your integrity.
Yesterday, I broke down and cried, because the pain I felt post surgery, 7 years ago, is still just as raw today........only worse, because now I have lost all hope of things improving, and my eyesight which is terrible, is now getting even worse. I am not alone. I watch on as people continue to have the treatment, unaware that they could be the next victim. You are in a position to help put an end to this.
by Caro
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Well it would seem as though Ken is not going to post again......

In the hope that Ken may still read the posts?

I believe I am a reasonable person, I also believe everyone else on this forum is a reasonable person.

Everyone expresses themselves differently however, whilst some use words to express their anger and heartache. I think think that when I meet some of these people of O.E. at higher levels I will probably have some difficulty in restraining myself to not throttle them to death :whistle:

I understand your wish for anonymity and respect it. I would suggest that you do support Ms Rodoy in her efforts as an ex employee because it will I'm sure be most helpful. That is of course up to you.

I will address your points in the hope that you may read them and for the others that visit here.

Your analagy of a person that works in a nightclub toilet is not essentially a great comparison, I appreciate they probably don't enjoy the job but the worst thing that they could do is perhaps spray you with an unpleasant aftershave. It might hamper you in seeking the company of a companion for the night but it wouldn't totally ruin your life.

A more accurate comparison would be a plastic surgeon. A good one basically immediately explains all the worst case scenarios to the point where you would actually question whether a procedure is even worthwhile. They rarely fill you with false hopes.

I'm afraid I totally disagree with you that staff are not as responsible as the surgeons or higher management.

It was the staff that recommended me for surgery, staff who told me I was an ideal candidate, staff who assured me that I would be without glasses etc. I could go on but I think you get the point.

I agree the surgeon didn't do their job either in terms of explaining the REAL RISKS.

If anything staff are the most at fault here alongside the surgeons.

You suggest postponing if you are not told the risks. I hope that you rethink what you have stated in this sense because how could you know whether you have been informed of all the risks? We thought the so called experts would know what they were doing and we believe, quite wrongly that we have been informed of the risks.

It's a bit like saying "Don't buy a lottery ticket unless it's got the winning numbers on it"

The reason that people have been unaware of the high numbers of complications is because they have had no one to complain to. Surgeons answer to the GMC but the industry answers to no one. People have not had a voice, no one to turn to, or have just given up completely.

Your point to Pinocchio relating to looking at computers all day........... Well let's think about that one for a second. Don't some people have to look at a computer all day to do their jobs?!

As you touched on previously no one has any idea how someones eyes will react to this surgery and I mean no one.

That is what people should be told.

It's based on best guesses and I concede some are lucky and everything woks out, some have their lives turned upside down and inside out.

I have studied a lot of papers relating to clinical studies at great length as a result of the problems I now have, this is not something your average person could do or would have the time to. All the studies are inconclusive, some using animals. Correlations have been observed but that's about as good as it gets.

Before anyone says it..... Yes I wish I'd done that before surgery but you wouldn't know where to begin looking for this information in the beginning.

This industry should be dissolved immediately. Eye surgery should only ever be used to treat cataracts or if ones sight is so bad that there is no alternative. It PERMANENTLY damages your eyes.

Sorry for the extremely long post, I hope some took the time to read it.
by Mr X
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