Royal College of Surgeons CSIC farce!

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In Orwell's dystopian '1984' society the people are programmed to accept that 2+2=5 if Big Brother says so.
When our eyesight is ruined and clinical records state that the result is brilliant (as my Optimax records did) we are expected to accept it.
When we are told that we can see, and that we fell down the stairs, see floaters etc, simply because our brains need to adjust, all I see is an Orwellian nightmare that needs to end now.
The government needs to address this urgently, openly and ethically.
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Quote by George Orwell. Says it all really.

"In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia"
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The truth will out because there are too many victims and their families, that are hurting and very angry. We will make sure that the public knows what is going on. If this country does not respect our human rights, then I may seek justice elsewhere.
by Victims and their families
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Without reason or explanation, the 'Liars Moon' post, added on Saturday afternoon, vanished from both 'Sasha Rodoy' and 'OERML' Facebook pages on Sunday evening!

I was unable to repost until I removed a perfectly harmless and valid link to the RCS site, previously included in the post, but now inexplicably blocked by Facebook!

Call me paranoid, but there can be only one institution responsible for this action :kiss:
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Subject: Re CSIC farce
From: Sasha Rodoy
Date: 15 March 2015 17:30:11 GMT
To: jim.fowles@dh.gsi.gov.uk

Dear Jim,

As you are aware, last year Dan Poulter and Jeremy Hunt both advised that I should meet with you and Noel Griffin, as they were too busy to do so.

Accompanied by John McDonnell, on 20 October ’14 we met at Richmond House, and it was agreed that you would recommend to Dr Poulter that he meet with me.

This email followed a phone conversation with Noel Griffin on 5 November:

Although you had categorically told him at our meeting in October that this was unnecessary, John played the game and emailed Dan Poulter:

Dan Poulter replied by letter, telling John that he should contact his office to arrange a date to meet with me.

Three meetings were scheduled and cancelled by the Minister, the last one at extremely short notice.

Dr Poulter emailed me on 24 February, almost three weeks ago:

John’s PA then called the Minister’s office to chase up a new date, and we were all shocked when he was told the Minister was unaware that I was attending the meeting!

I appreciate that he’s a busy man campaigning for re-election, but is Dr Poulter's memory really so poor that he can’t remember the content of his letter to John?

After being refused a seat in Tuesday's CSIC meeting, and understanding that you are a committee member, this gives me cause for concern.

Being fully aware of my role as patient advocate and lead campaigner, you have made no attempt to include me in any CSIC discussions concerning the refractive eye surgery industry, or introduce me to the committee.



Please advise which refractive eye surgery ‘patient groups’ have met with the CSIC, and - more importantly, why I have been excluded.

I look forward to your earliest response.

Sasha Rodoy
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Back to the Royal College of Surgeons...

It was a surreal experience for me, but if anyone who'd known who we all were had seen me and The Three Bears step out of the lift, they would have rubbed their eyes in disbelief!

I knew the floor plan because I’d called the RCS for directions the previous day, so I zapped ahead of The Three Bears… turned right into a small corridor, right again, and down a few stairs, to where a man was standing outside the meeting room writing names on a list as people arrived.

There were at least twenty name cards on lanyards neatly laid out on a table. Unfortunately I was unable to read them clearly as I was wearing distance vision sunglasses, and no time to change with the Three Bears on my tail, in a hurry to get to the Chairman before Moulsdale did!

Thinking at speed I considered just grabbing any ID card, but instead I told the man that I was not expected, that he didn’t have one for me, and gave him my name and business card.

He was fine with that, wrote down my name on his list, and gave me a lanyard and a black marker to write my name on a blank ID card.

So far so good…

But then David Moulsdale rocked up, looking somewhat healthier than he had in the lift!

He said: “This lady is not invited!

His word seemed to carry a lot of weight, as the nice man then snatched the card and lanyard back and told me a big fat lie: "We are a little constrained for space…”.

Within a few minutes a woman named Claire Flatt arrived to talk to me, and I realised that David Moulsdale must have called her when we exited the lift.

I explained who I was, that I am a Patient Advocate, and if Optical Express had a right to be there so did I.

I added that the meeting was held only thanks to my endeavours to have refractive eye surgery included in Bruce Keogh's report, and she should check with Dan Poulter’s office for clarification of my role. I said I wanted to be included in the meeting and saw no reason why I should not be.

Duh! Of course she knew exactly who I was, telling me that she was in touch with Poulter’s office and was the 'Project Manager’.

I have since found out that Claire Flatt is the CSIC Policy and Implementation Manager.

She said: “Thanks for coming along, do you want to come with me…”

Walking down the corridor she asked who’d invited me, and how I’d found out about the meeting!

I told her no-one had invited me, but certainly didn’t explain how I’d found out - let them worry who their mole(s) may be!

I said that as I am the only person representing patients in this matter I should have been invited. I told her I’d spoken with John McDonnell the previous evening, that he was as horrified as me that we knew nothing about the meeting.

I said that I wasn’t there to make a fuss, or to cause problems, and saw no reason why I should not be allowed to attend the meeting as an observer.

I questioned Steven Schallhorn’s presence, saying it should be pointed out that he is not even licensed to practise as a surgeon in the UK.

Claire found an almost empty room, just one man working on his laptop, and left me there while she went off to get someone else to talk to me. By then it was almost 9.30am.

I am far from gullible (except on that fateful day in 2011 when my life changed forever) and had by now realised I was not supposed to have known about this meeting, especially when Claire confirmed that Dan Poulter was connected, so I knew I was going to have to fight for inclusion.

However, I was still clutching a paper carrier with my Starbucks coffee and croissant, and I don’t function well without coffee to kick start me!

Fifteen minutes later, I’d finished breakfast, made a few phone calls to update John McDonnell and various journalists on the situation... yet still no-one had arrived.

I decided I would simply walk in to the meeting and state my case for inclusion, as per my original game plan.

But, just as I was about to do so, Lavinia Blackett arrived. She too described herself as Project Manager, although listed on the RCS website as 'Assistant Director Professional Standards’.

I imagine that Lavinia’s account of our discussion might be that she had tried to reason with me and that I was entirely unreasonable.

Let’s be clear here (anyone likely to be similarly facing me in the future should take note), I cannot be reasoned with when I have right and logic on my side, especially if the ‘reasoner' is talking complete and utter bullsh*t.

My eyes might be ruined, but no-one can persuade me black is white!

Lavinia spoke to me as if I were half witted, with a patronising smile that did nothing but irritate the hell out of me! She said the meeting was for providers, and not the right platform for me, that: "we can arrange another meeting for you to air your views.”

I laughed, pointing out that the Health Minister has already cancelled three meetings with me, and ignored John McDonnell’s repeated requests for a new date.

Not forgetting that Dan Poulter also lied last month, when John’s PA was told that he didn’t know I was attending the meeting, even though he sent John a letter last year agreeing to meet with me, which is why said cancelled meeting was arranged.

It must be asked, why was a meeting with the CSIC not set up for me to “air my views” before I gate crashed on Tuesday? Who else is able to provide the information I have to this farcical CSI Committee?

I truly believe that if there were any genuine intention to control the refractive eye surgery industry then I would automatically have been invited to talk to the CSIC months ago.

So I told Lavinia I wasn’t interested, at this juncture I wanted to be at THIS meeting!

This went on for more than five minutes until I finally reached saturation point.

Many people have told me how scary I am when I’m angry, but luckily for people who frustrate and anger me, like Lavinia, I’m not physically violent.

A few times Lavinia had nervously looked over at the man with the laptop, until I told her that I didn’t care if he heard what I was saying, that I wanted transparency.

I told her I was going to the meeting whether she liked it or not, and advised her not to try and stop me, that if she laid a hand on me I would have her charged with assault!

She said of course she wouldn’t do that, and off I went - fast, but turned right instead of left frown emoticon

The corridors are labyrinth like, but it worked to my advantage, because by the time Lavinia realised I was out of the room she assumed I’d gone to the left, and so did she.

After walking into a cupboard I found my way back and headed towards the meeting room. As I approached I saw Claire at the bottom of the stairs, standing in front of the doors with someone who looked like a security guard.

Lavinia was by now behind me, and instead of screaming for them to stop me - as I’d have done in her place, she called: “Claire, Claire!”, in such a refined manner that Claire didn’t hear her.

With Claire and her friend standing in front of the doors I didn’t think I had much chance of getting past them, and was ready to fight my way into the room if I had to!

By now I was so fired up that I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but I think they must have been in shock, because I simply weaved around the pair until the palms of my hands were on the doors.

A hard push, the doors opened, and I was in!

To be cont'd... :kiss:
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Posted 13 Mar 2015 22:36 #17
I would be terrified to let any surgeon come near me now, because I would not be able to tell a good one from a surgeon that whores themself, doing whatever is asked of them by the highest bidder. The reputation of many hospitals, authorities and individuals could be badly damaged, if the problems of this industry are not handled ethically and openly.
by No more surgery for me!
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It is not only me who is now questioning the lack of transparency and reluctance of the CSIC to provide me with the information I have requested!

On 11 March @ 8.45am I emailed Lavinia Blackett, copied to Stephen Cannon, John McDonnell, Daniel Poulter, assorted journalists, and other interested parties:

I followed this with three phone calls, and a second email asking for an acknowledgement of the first.

No response!

This left me with no alternative, and at 11.08am today I emailed Lavinia for a third time, copied to same previous recipients - but this time with an additional request:

I look forward to Lavinia’s response in due course.

Meanwhile, today’s pin up on OERML Facebook is CSIC Chairman Stephen Cannon - or Steve as he prefers to be called, and I’ll be telling you more about our brief encounter tomorrow, and why it's not just the State of Denmark stinking!
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Posted 12 Mar 2015 16:23 #19
I know I promised to publish the 2nd part of Tuesday's tale today - and I never make promises unless I intend to keep them!

However, you must appreciate that I can't risk giving anyone in this industry an excuse to sue me, and I am therefore very careful to check as much information as I can before I publish.

In an attempt to do this, I am still waiting for Lavinia Blackett, CSIC Project Manager @ RCS, to reply to my emails, and/or return my phone calls.

But the RCS appear reluctant to answer my questions, and the longer their silence, the more I am convinced of collusion with the government - and others!

Lavinia has until tomorrow to respond, and then I will continue my tale regardless.

I will tell you how the Chairman, Mr Stephen Cannon, denied that the meeting was held behind closed doors, when I accused the CSIC of lack of transparency.

Yet, there has been no mention of the meeting on the RCS website: www.rcseng.ac.uk/

Meanwhile, apologies again - I want to tell you about it as much as you want to hear it!

I can only offer this today, and hope it will entertain you until tomorrow :kiss:
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Surely in such a corrupt industry, where corruption appears to have spread to so many other once respected hospitals, authorities, and possibly even government (?), it would be sensible to invite people to a meeting from other sources, who have experience and knowledge of the industry, such as victims/campaigners! We have first hand experience of the problems that need addressing, and Sasha has a lot of information that informants and victims have given her. There are all too many people that want to keep a lid on things, but the truth will out, and the longer the pressure builds up beneath that lid, the more shocking it will be when it all boils over and out of the pan!
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