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Understandable commentary- especially those who have been harmed and are very emotionally involved and feel completely helpless in terms of getting justice.

Contrary to what has been said I do believe there are many highly professional surgeons out there who have no problems reporting objective findings. Just to clarify, expert witnesses provide objective reports and findings. It is for the courts and their proceedings to decide based on evidence whether there has been medical negligence.

Yes UK is a relatively small country in that many doctors in the business know each other. They do in my observation and experience follow a code of ethics. They do so because they are professionals. By the way they also have a stick - If they do not conduct themselves as the profession expects (by omission or commission), they run the risk of being accused of misconduct and being held accountable by the General Medical Council. Something that cannot be taken too lightly.
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Well said Sasha, and it is so TRUE.
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This is a topic I intend to cover at length another time.

I have tried to engage with the big boys at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists but let's just say I'm probably as popular there as I am at Optical Express!

Bear in mind that they're mostly practising surgeons :kiss:

One highly renowned consultant at Moorfields, also a Royal College examiner and advisor, was sued for negligence and I believe there're few surgeons in the industry who haven't been!

Because I'm bringing negative attention to the industry it's worrying each and every one of them and surgeons are closing ranks.

This is one of the reasons they won't speak out against their colleagues: Dr X might be asked to write a report re Dr Y's negligence, but next week it could be Dr Y asked to write about Dr X, so they watch each other's back.

Simplistic perhaps, but it gives some insight as to why it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain honest and unbiased reports for legal cases even when the experts are paid as much as £2,000 a time!

Professor Harminder Singh Dua, RCoO president, provided Danny's expert report (see True Stories) but now claims he's too busy to do any more.

Jacqui (see True Stories) saw THREE independent surgeons for an expert opinion before the third told the truth!

I've seen the reports myself and the first two suggest Jacqui should never have been advised to have RLE, yet when asked to state whether they believed OE were negligent the surgeons refused to commit themselves.

The third was totally honest in stating his opinion that OE, the surgeon and optom were all negligent!

It should be noted that this surgeon is now retired so has less to lose than those still working in the industry.

NB: I have a meeting with MPs at the House of Commons next week, so if you have anything you'd like me to mention please email:

I also recommend you contact your local MP and ask for their support.
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I'm sure Sasha could comment on this, my opinion from what I've heard, is they cover each others backs to a degree, as it's money flowing down all round.
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PROFESSIONALISM AND GOVERNING BODIES was created by garyhughesnemma

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Has anyone contacted the royal college of opthalmologists to make a complaint re these consultants Is there a governing body for optomotrists and has anyoe lodged an official complaint
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