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Post op 2 yrs trying to watch TV my eyes are stinging & in serious discomfort! can't belive I've let this torture be done to myself!!! If this was a war there would be an invetsigation!!!!!
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All I can see on this website is the situation regarding eye laser surgery is getting worse, with yet more victims posting their circumstances, I shudder to think what this site will be like 12 months from now.

The message needs to be got to the potential victims sitting in the waiting rooms of OE and Optimax up and down the country.

I also suffer from dry eye syndrome, it can be painful when I wake up, from my understanding and according to the links I posted, it is linked to rapid eye movement due to dreaming.

When is this nonsense going to end?!
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"Dry eye may result infrequently in impaired wound healing and decreased optical quality of the cornea, but it is transient, lasting from a few weeks up to 1 year. Patients should be warned about this distressing complication."

Then why are so many people suffering with DES two or more years post op?
Why is this common problem not explained in full BEFORE surgery?

Why the f*** did i do it :dry:
by OE Victim
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I'm baffled.


Brush PRK to denude the epithelium, instead of alcohol based techniques, also result in quantitatively lower ocular dryness after surgery. The amount of corneal hazing after surgery is also decreased with brush technique.

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I am in the middle of litigation but I would be delighted to join any combined force to bring to the notice of the press/media/public the tactics of OE.
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OE don't appear/or wish to acknowledge how debilitating the symptoms are that we suffer and I was unable to continue my job which required me to spend many hours on a computer, I was fortunate however to take early retirement.

I have been contact with My Beautiful Eyes and I have kept Sasha updated with my progress and I will certainly keep looking at the website for guidance. In terms of what I do next will depend on whether I make any progress over the next 4 months, which will then be one year since I had Laser treatment, and on what OE propose. I need to understand what my prognosis is and if I can't get this from OE then I assume I will have to pursue OE to agree to an independent assessment. I need to have a better understanding of what medical options are to improve my condition.

One thing for sure, I do not intend to have any "enhancements" - once bitten twice shy.
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Richard, if you haven't done so already, I suggest you contact My Beautiful Eyes advisory service:
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Posted 21 Jan 2013 13:04 #109
For what its worth, I thought I would add my sorry tale to those above. I had Lasik wavefront 8 months ago at a cost of over £3K for the "privilege". I thought after many years of relying on glasses (-10) I would be enhancing my life; how wrong was I! I was nervous about preceeding with the procedure and although I never had any previous problems with dry eyes, I was sufficenly concerned at the time to ask questions on the matter during my consulation. Regettably OE staff dimiss these concerns by stating that some people do get dry eyes but provided they take the drops supplied, the symtoms normally last only a few week to around 3 months. I was also told at the time by the Optometrist who examined me on the day of my initial consult that she had only ever seen one case of long term issues with dry eyes and this was for someone who had underlying problems to start with, so there was no need to worry.
So in May last year, I went ahead with the treatment. Eight months on, I suffer badly with dry eyes. For the first six weeks I could not drive, watch Television, use the computer etc, my eyes hurt too much. I also suffered badly from halos, startbursts etc day and night. I became very depressed.

Since then I have had regular appointments with OE who continue to tell me that it will improve and that the healing process varies from indivdual to indivdual. They also suggest that it may take up to two years! Strange, I dont recall anyone suggesting that prior to being treated!!

Last week, I was given two puntual plugs, oddly though my eyes in the past week has felt worst, no improvement at all, which is a major disappointment.

So where does one go from here? I don't know; the deed is done and whilst I can only hope that it will improve, I fear however that I made the worst decison of my life that day.

Concerning the issues with halos etc, I still get them at night but it not as severe as it once was and is manageable although not as good pre op.

My main issue with OE is the lack of proper risk assessment and consultation prior to treatment. Its all done too quickly and the risks associated are not fully explained or detailed. As a result you are making a decision without the full knowledge of the facts. I suppose I was naive and trusted too much and assumed that the patient's interest would come first before any financial concerns, stupid, stupid me!
by Richard
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Whoops the newest posts are on the first page not the second page. Sorry and thanks for your replies.
by mrdryeye
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