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Posted 13 Jan 2013 23:39 #121
I would like to point out the following:

1. Professor David Gartry, consultant @ Moorfields Eye Hospital, DID NOT argue when I stated that research shows it cannot be proven that laser eye surgery does not cause MGD!

2. As you are in the laser eye surgery business understandably this of course would affect your profits if MGD proven to be a cause.

3. Research conducted in Japan found no conclusive evidence to prove laser surgery cannot be causal.

4. I had perfect eyelid health prior to my operation, stated in my pre op report, and photographs of my eyes show no problems at all.

Lets be honest - Laser eye surgery is a dangerous game with greedy companies willing to sacrifice subjects to poor examinations, lies about their suitability and convince them that surgery IS safe without risks..

Check YouTube videos where undercover reporters are told this in consultations with surgeons. The industry needs to be regulated and believe me it's only a matter of time.

Innocent people are getting their eyes damaged by these cowboys with lasers believing they are in safe hands.

Time and time again I read the same old lines from people in the industry...

Too many victims to risk your eyes I think!
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Posted 12 Jan 2013 20:52 #122
Laser eye surgery does not cause Meibomian gland disease. It may aggravate the condition by affecting the delicate balance of the ocular surface and thus important to identify and treat prior to surgery. There are treatments available for dry eye but they are not "cures". Do your research well and you will find solutions.

Got to wonder why there is a variation in pricing - hate to say it, there are compromises and short-cuts when laser or any kind of surgery is performed cheaply. Eyes are far too important to risk with some sort of high street group.
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Posted 09 Jan 2013 20:37 #123
I believe Keratoconjunctivitis sicca is the technical term for dry eye syndrome.
I had dry eyes prior to opting for surgery with Optical Express. Dry eyes sounds like a quite innocuous condition but, as I have found out since surgery it can be anything but, and can be very debilitating. Pre surgery my dry eyes caused discomfort and and an intolerance of contact lenses which in turn restricted my activities.It was because of this intolerance that I decided to find out if I could have surgery with this condition. I was pleased to be told that it didn't make a difference.
Since surgery I have had horrendous problems with my vision and am in constant pain. Optical Express keep telling me that different people heal at a different rate and that it will improve. I have been to many appointments but I am not improving at all and Optical Express just don't seem interested.
So I have done some research and it looks like dry eyes after surgery should clear up by 12 months latest. I have also found information which suggests that companies like Optical Express should look very carefully at dry eye patients as surgery often isn't suitable. They did not look carefully at me and it is well over 3 years since my surgery and since my problems started.
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Laser Eye Surgery Causes MGD! was created by METHYL BROMIDE

Posted 07 Jan 2013 12:16 #124
I am a victim of laser eye surgery (lasik) I am involved with fighting these companies with regards to their terrible treatment of patients with regards to
2/Surgeons not up to the job
3/Poor after care
4/Poor consent forms
5/Victims wanting help and advice.

I have a multitude of problems as a result of laser eye surgery and apart from starburts and ghosting of images now fight with MGD.
I have no DOUBT laser eye surgery causes MGD and it cannot be proven that it doesn't.

Also - someone who was treated by OPTICAL EXPRESS is in limbo as they look down their vision is blurred, they look up their vision is clear? They have been told they need surgery to correct it? They were told it was their eyes at fault and their vision didn't get accustomed to the changes made?

HOW CORRUPT and negligent! Your thoughts on that?
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