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Replied by admin on topic Optegra’s lies

Posted 26 Dec 2018 15:23 #11
As I predicted would be the case a few years ago, I am now regularly contacted by increasing numbers of Optegra damaged patients, many who underwent lens exchange surgery, previously marketed as ‘Clarivu’ and promoted by lucratively paid Ruth Langsford, who is not my biggest fan after I upset her sales pitch in March 2015 - read previous posts for the full story :kiss:

My complaint to the ASA referred to a billboard posted at a busy London railway station, spotted by a refractive surgeon who sent me the image.

Every little bit helps, and you too can make reports like this to the ASA, no matter which company it concerns.

You’d be amazed at how much info I receive from ophthalmic surgeons with small practices, all hoping I’ll discredit the bigger providers (Optical Express, Optimax, Ultralase, and Optegra) and therefore lessen the competition.

And when I find time to write my next NMMNG post, I’ll tell you how Optimax owner Russell Ambrose provided me with info about OE and David Moulsdale, before he realised to his dismay that I was working against him, not with him, as he’d so arrogantly convinced himself that I was - as if!

Which reminds me, I hope to publish news concerning my treatment that will put Optimax in the spotlight by late January or early February.

Watch this space!
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Replied by Sue on topic Faulty TOPCON lens [OCULENTIS]

Posted 28 Dec 2017 23:59 #12
I had Topcon [Oculentis] multi focal lenses fitted six years ago at Optegra. I have had problems with blurred vision for the last couple of years and had YAG laser a few weeks ago with no improvement in vision.
Apparently the problem is that some batches of these Topcon lenses are faulty and are clouding and discoloring and for me it’s like looking through a haze of Vaseline. The retinal surgeon I saw yesterday said it’s difficult to get them out and then not enough support to keep new lenses in place , even more so now the back of the eye had been weakened by YAG lazer. He feels a mono focal lens on the front of the cornea is my only and best option now which is a big op under general anaesthetic and then I’ll poss need glasses to read. So fed up !!!
admin: Sadly, it is not being explained to patients that once they have YAG laser after lens exchange/replacement it is extremely difficult to explant the lens, and the responsible surgeons are unarguably negligent by not informing their patients of this fact!
Who was your surgeon?
Pls send your phone number :kiss:
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Replied by SueA on topic Mark Wevill & CLARIVU MPlus lens

Posted 28 Nov 2017 17:05 #13
Clarivu monofocal lens replacement performed by Mark Wevill at Optegra eye hospital, Birmingham.

In June 2016 I visited Optegra for an initial consultation with Mark Wevill to discuss Clarivu replacement lenses. I was given the option of mono focal lenses (one long sight and one short sight) or multifocal lenses. Mr Wevill explained that some patients experience excessive halos with the multi focal lenses and that these patients go on to have these lenses removed and exchanged for mono focal lenses. He then put glasses on me with the mono focal lenses in and asked if I could see distance and close up. I could, so he said my brain would cope ok with these lenses.

I decided to go away and think about it and after seeing the advert with Ruth Langsford I decided to go ahead.

In November 2016 I attended Optegra for the first operation. Right eye short-sight mono focal lens. I was given three lots of eye drops one of which was Maxidex (steroid), 1 drop 4 times a day for 4 weeks. In December 2016 I had the second eye operation. Left eye long-sight mono focal lens and an eye test on the first eye. Again, I was given the same eye drops.

In January 2017 I attended Optegra for the check-up and I had problems with my eyes focusing. Mr Wevill said I had an allergic reaction to the drops and I was told to stop taking them. I pointed out that the instructions for the Maxidex specifically said “NOT TO BE TAKEN FOR LONGER THAN 10 DAYS” yet I had been prsecribed these or four weeks. I expressed concern that Maxidex was a steroid and that these promoted growth and healing.

In February 2017 I attended Optegra as my eyesight had not improved. Mr Wevill said I needed YAG laser on both eyes and he was surprised it had to be done so soon. So was I, convinced it was caused by the Maxidex. The YAG was done straight away with no explanation as to the consequences of this.

In March 2017 I attended Optegra and saw Mr Wevill as my eye-sight was still blurred, and a shadow down the side of my right eye had appeared. I also had halos. I was told this would improve and if it didn’t I may need laser treatment.

In April 2017 I attended Optegra and saw Mr Wevill. My eye-sight was still blurred, the shadow was still in my right eye and I still had halos. My husband also expressed concern as I could not focus when it was dusk and I was no longer able to drive at night. Mr Wevill said I should have laser in the right eye. I was under the impression this was just a tweaking to correct the prescription. It became clear this was a more major procedure when Mr Wevill said I would need to wear a contact lens for two weeks. My husband asked Mr Wevill what my eye-sight would be like after the laser and asked if it was possible to be shown the outcome. Mr Wevill put glasses on me to show me and it then became clear he was going to laser my short sighted lens and make it long sighted. This would mean no short sight at all.

I left Optegra in tears with a prescription for glasses!

I could not believe I had been so stupid and was totally distraught at what I had done. It has taken me a while to come to terms with the fact I am now worse off than I was originally, and my life has had to change as I cannot drive at all at night.

In October 2017 I attended my local opticians to ask them about the shadow. They thought I may be seeing the corner of the lens and it needed further investigation. I was also told I had astigmatism in both eyes and that I needed varifocal glasses.

I am now left with the following problems:
• Cannot focus
• Astigmatism
• Shadow down right side of right eye
• Unable to drive at night
• Unable to see when it is dusk
• Severe headaches.

If anyone is considering this operation, think long and hard. For me, it was the biggest mistake of my life and I am left to suffer the consequences.
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Replied by admin on topic Ruth Langsford

Posted 07 Nov 2017 15:39 #14
When I met Ruth Langsford in March 2015, she was asked how she would feel if someone had surgery at Optegra thanks to her lucratively paid Clarivu promotion, and was left with damaged eyes.

She insensitively replied that it would be nothing to do with her, 'It’s like promoting shampoo, it might work for me but not for them' - recorded!

I argued that she would have to accept some responsibility if the person had gone ahead after trusting Ruthie's reckless and unconditional recommendation to, "Do it, do it, do it!"

And to prove my point, from a recent email...

'In July 2016 I went to see Optegra in Birmingham regarding lens replacement surgery after seeing Ruth Langsford’s advert. I had no major eye issues...
I can honestly say my eyesight has been awful since having the surgery done… I am now unable to focus at all at any distance… I was and still am, experiencing halos, light flashes and excessive dryness and I am unable to drive confidently during the day and I cannot drive at all at night. As soon as it gets dusk my eyesight fails. I also suffer with terrible headaches… I have lost all confidence in Optegra… I am so depressed and would really appreciate some advice

Included in my advice was that this person should write to Ruth Langsford and see what her response is - if any!

it should also be considered that Optegra's advertising suggests that Ruth Langsford was blind before surgery, when in fact she simply needed to wear glasses!

All so sickening :kiss:
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Replied by admin on topic OPTEGRA

Posted 17 Oct 2017 18:36 #15
Optegra previously marketed the company as a superior eye surgery provider, at one time even advertising 'Clarivu' lens exchange as a unique procedure.

In fact 'Clarivu' is simply a brand name, as the ASA agreed when I complained, and 'unique' consequently removed from the advertising.

Some of you may remember reading about the Clarivu sales promotion I infiltrated in March 2015 (wearing a wig that fooled no-one!) accompanied by three fellow campaigners, where TV presenter Ruth Langsford, Optegra's highly paid 'ambassador' for Clarivu, delivered her careless pitch for lens exchange, telling the dinner guests, 'Do it, do it, do it!'

After my own unanticipated pitch to the guests, with info packs handed around the room by my colleagues, I very much doubt that Ruth earned her purse that night!

Optegra surgeons have their fair share of damaged patients btw, some who've posted here, and others I know of in litigation.

And they must be struggling, because Optegra have now stooped lower than Optical Express (hard to achieve) by advertising on Groupon!

But there's more :kiss:

As most of you know, in May 2015 I was appointed as lay adviser to the Refractive Surgery Standards Working Group (RSSWG), formed to revise the College standards, but removed in June at the behest of David Moulsdale, a convenient excuse for the College to exclude input from damaged patients.

Two Optegra consultants sat on the RSSWG, James Ball and Bernie Chang (Bernie then Vice President and Chair of the RCOphth Professional Standards Committee).

Taken from the 2016 Consultation draft:
'4.6 The following are considered socially irresponsible and are prohibited:
4.6.1. Time-limited deals
4.6.2. Financial inducements

Presumably because the College has NO regulatory power and can't prohibit anything, the eventual 2017 publication watered down the wording:
'4.6. The following should not be used:
4.6.1. Time-limited deals
4.6.2. Financial inducements

The reason I mention this is because Optegra's offer on Groupon is in breach of points 4.6.1 and 4.6.2.

'25% off... 31% off... Limited time remaining!'

Hypocrisy oozes like pus whichever way you look - especially from the doors of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
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Replied by Shebbie on topic Cancelled consultation

Posted 06 Jun 2017 18:35 #16

I was booked for a consultation at Optegra last week. I felt tired of wearing glasses and wanted the freedom of perfect vision.

I came across your website the night before and within minutes I just knew that I must not go to that appointment. I cancelled it that night and just wanted to thank you for influencing me to do that. Your statement of 'why would any sane person want to have their healthy natural lens removed and replaced by an artificial one' really brought it home to me what I was about to do. So just thank you for saving me from that.

Very best wishes
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Replied by Shirley on topic OPTEGRA Yorkshire

Posted 08 Nov 2016 13:20 #17
Hi CP, Nov 2016 and my probs continue. I haven't formally complained as I prefer to try to keep on good terms until all avenues for resolution are exhausted. It feels like Optegra have been through the stages of wishing I'd go away to now agreeing to further treatment. Having swapped natural eyesight problems for a different and worse set of problems I don't think I will ever achieve the glasses free no problem eyesight that the advertising for this procedure promises.
What issues are you experiencing?
admin: (i)Shirley, I strongly advise you to complain asap - see my reply to Jonathan in General Chat thread!! (ii) CP & Shirley, if you send your email addresses I will put you in touch with one another.
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Replied by CP on topic OPTEGRA Yorkshire

Posted 10 Jul 2016 21:45 #18
I am in a similar situation. Have you made a formal complaint?
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Replied by Shirley on topic OPTEGRA Yorkshire

Posted 17 Mar 2016 22:26 #19
Hi, I had this Clarivu procedure at the Yorkshire Optegra clinic and am having lots of problems. Would appreciate swapping stories if poss.
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Replied by admin on topic Clarivu evening with Ruth Langsford cont'd…

Posted 19 Apr 2015 19:07 #20
At that point I decided the game was over and tried to give Ruth an information pack I’d prepared (she wouldn’t take it), which included details from unhappy Optegra patients.

I said, “I suggest you read this, I’m Sasha Rodoy and I’m actually leading the campaign calling for…"

She interrupted, almost spitting, “Well I know, I know who you are!

Dammit, I knew the mermaid wig gave me away :kiss:

Me: “Oh you do?

Ruth: "Of course I know who you are, that’s why I came over to say hello!

Of course you did Ruth, that was obvious when you completely ignored me and spoke only to Carmel!

Ruth: "I’m not hiding from you.”

Me: "Then why don’t you invite me and other damaged patients (onto one of your shows) - like Claire (RLE) and like Carmel (Laser), who’ve also been damaged by this industry, while people like you get paid…

Ruth interrupted, “You haven’t been damaged by Optegra

Me: “It doesn’t matter - this gentleman used to be with Optimax (indicating Manzar Saeed)… and you are being paid to encourage people to have eye surgery, where there is no regulation, there’s no regulation at all!"

Not to be outvoiced Ruth responded to everything I said with, “Yes… yeah... Ok…”

I then addressed the room, everyone now listening, “Anyone who is considering having this surgery; my name is Sasha Rodoy, my website is Optical Express Ruined My Life, my campaign is My Beautiful Eyes. On OERML website you will find a forum topic which is about Optegra. This surgery is not safe - why the hell would you have your healthy natural lenses removed if you don’t have cataracts?

Ruth was trying to get the room’s attention, saying, “This lady is very well known for doing this... you must all make up your own minds…”

Me: “Ms Langsford can dismiss me all she likes because she gets paid for this, and she’s earning millions of pounds for what she’s doing, please look on the internet!

Ruth: “I’m not dismissing you, thing is…”

Pulling out info packs, which my colleagues quickly distributed around the room, I said, "And if anyone wants to have a look at this…”

Ruth: “No I don’t actually!

Me: “You don’t because you’re going to lose to much money."

Ruth didn’t have a script to work from so kept repeating variations on the same theme, “This woman’s well known for doing this…”, and trying to talk over me, which is not easy when I’m in full swing and want to make a point - as I’m sure the Dept of Health officials and CSI Committee would confirm.

Me: "Of course I’m well known, I’m running a UK campaign, I’m representing tens of thousands of people who’ve been damaged by this industry… why don’t you do some research?"

Ruth (scathingly): “It’s not tens of thousands… it’s not true…”

Me: "Yes it is Ruth, absolutely it is! And whilst you’re making lots of money out of this - and you said you take no responsibility…”

It had become quite heated, with Ruth continuing to interrupt with inane and fallacious comments.

Four young hotel security guys materialised by my side indicating they wanted me to leave. I said, “Wait a minute, let me finish first!"

To Ruth: "You are promoting this surgery, you are encouraging people in the same way that Mel B encouraged people to have laser eye surgery, but she now has problems herself."

Ruth: “How do you know that?

Me: “Oh purlease, do your research!

Ruth: "She’s not here, where is she?

Me: “No she’s not here, but I have done my research. I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life campaigning and helping people who’ve been damaged."

Manzar Saeed spoke up: “Can I speak?

Me: “Yes, you can speak

But Ruth continued…

Manzar Saeed: “Sorry, can I say something?

Ignoring him Ruth said, “You’ve done your research, and I’ve done my research…”

Me: "You haven’t done any research Ruth, your research is how much money is going into your bank account! You are paid millions for what you are doing...”

Ruth said, “I wish!”, snorting contemptuously.

Me: “Over the years, you’ve been doing this for more than a year…”

Ruth turned her head to our audience, sneering, "Millions? I’m not paid millions! You have no idea…”

Me: “OK let me correct that; you have been paid more than a million pounds for what you’ve done...”

Ruth: “That is absolute not true, it’s not as much as that…”

Me: “Really? Because I have an idea of how much you’re paid!

Ruth: “You really have not got a clue, you have no idea what I’m paid!

Me: "Why are you being so defensive then?"

Ruth: “I’m not beng defensive…”

Me: "You’re being very defensive...”

The security guys, who’d been very patient up to that point, said they now had to ask me to leave the premises.

Me: “The final word I have to say on this is please google Sasha Rodoy, and My Beautiful Eyes, and Optical Express Ruined My Life. And PLEASE, do not have this surgery unless it is the only option to going blind because you could end up damaged like ten of thousands of others

To Ruth I said, “And shame on you!"

Worried I wasn’t going to leave, the security guy said, ”Please, or we’ll have to call the police!

I told them I had no problem with that because of the publicity it would bring, but of course it’s the last thing Optegra wanted. However, our work was done and it was time to go home.

Walking toward the door Ruth was again teetering around the room repeating her mantra, “She does this all the time…”

I again said, “Shame on you Ruth!” and left the room.

I suspect Optegra didn’t take too many bookings for Clarivu that evening, and I hope that anyone who was still considering unnecessary cataract surgery went home and did their research after being lucky enough to have been given information they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Ruth told me she was not responsible for any problems suffered by customers buying Clarivu at her recommendation, because she doesn’t perform the ops, the surgeons do, and I see her point, to a limited degree. But having told me, "it’s like promoting shampoo, it might work for me but not for them”, how can she then unreservedly tell people, “Do it, do it, do it”?

And to call herself an ‘ambassador’ for Clarivu is a complete misuse of the term. Ruth Langsford is a TV personality with a lucrative advertising contract to promote a product.

Promoting a lingerie company for payment is one thing, but ‘celebrities’ endorsing medical procedures must stop!


Before meeting Ruth Langsford I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but now she has no excuse to deny knowledge of the major problems within this industry.

Ruth admitted that she knew who I was, and will be reading this, so perhaps she’ll reconsider whether or not she has a responsibility to all those she irresponsibly tells, “Do it, do it, do it”!

NB: I later learned that Manzar Saeed apparently still works at Optimax as well as at Optegra.
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