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Sadly Sarah, I'm not surprised you have problems from having a KAMRA inlay put into your cornea.

This device is made by USA company AcuFocus, whose CEO at the time of its FDA approval was Jim Mazzo, now Global President of Opthhalmic Devices Carl Zeiss Meditec & buddy of ex OE chairman of OE's medical advisory board Steve Schallhorn, now Carl Zeiss's chief medical officer.

Some quotes' & links that I found re the KAMRA inlay.

"To suggest that inlays are easily removed with reversal of all problems is naïve."

"The significant reduction in contrast sensitivity at all spatial treatments is probably too much of a compromise for normal patients.  I would suggest that corneal inlays in 2013 should be approached with caution and used very selectively.  You will need to follow them closely and have a way out of the problems that arise.  Is it too much to suggest, what we all intuitively know, that the profession will only solve lens based presbyopia with a lens based solution."

"But don’t expect the coming onslaught of commercials to give you the full story on KAMRA – like the tales of eye damage, lost eyesight, and hundreds of people who are already saying it’s the worst decision they’ve ever made."

"AcuFocus, which developed the surgery, will tell you that thousands of KAMRA inlays have already been implanted in other countries. But the truth is, hundreds were later removed due to customer complaints.

Even during the clinical trials, people were begging to have the inlay removed so they could return to their old reading glasses.

Sarah, don't even contemplate getting OE's butchers to remove this thing. You need to go to a proper expert ophthalmologist, not the cowboys who put this piece of junk in your eye in the first place.
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I've only just found this page. I had the Kamra inlay implanted on 22nd April 2010 at the Optical Express Upper Harley Street Clinic. At first everything seemed fantastic, having had Lasik treatment to correct the long vision too my eyesight was amazing almost immediately. Follow up check ups were always positive although I kept being told that my eyes would take time to get used to the Kamra inlay & eventually the eyes should focus together. I had a check up a couple of years ago, although I don't receive any reminders & was frustrated I'm now needing to wear glasses for all computer work, Reading & all close work. The inlay doesn't appear to have done the job it was supposed to do. When eye tests were made the room was so bright & that made it much easier to read fine print but who has that sort of lighting at home & generally around them. I've now got the dilemma as to what to do? Is it worth looking into removal of the inlay so that at least both of my eyes can work together properly or do I put up with it. I paid such a lot of money to have this done but not sure where I stand so many years after this procedure.
Opinions would be welcomed please :)
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OH NO ! I'm horrified by this. I have seen several reports from people around the world who've had this bodge job done on their eyes, with most having to have this insert removed due to various problems occurring. This is yet another example of a procedure being invented for the enrichment of those in the commercial refractive surgery industry.
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My husband had KAMRA eye surgery at The Optical Express Harley Street Clinic on 25.03.10 by Dr Jonathan Carr. From that day since he has had dry eyes,blurred eyes, ghosting and halo effects. His sight in bright light and in the morning was OK and he could read with out glasses but after about midday the symptoms would appear and he couldn't read without glasses. To watch TV or use the computer he often had to close the treated eye. He has had follow ups regularly and given the usual line of "give it time" and a new eye drop or gel to use.

This went on until the situation became so bad that he had to use glasses for all reading at all times of the day and was plagued with dry eyes, blurriness and halo effects. Driving at night has also been very difficult because of blurring. He then had a review with Jonathan Carr and asked him to remove the KAMRA lens. This was done on 17.05.13. Since then he has had regular check ups & eyesight is improving very slowly. He still has ghosting and halo effect and needing BLINK eyedrops throughout the day. OE won't give him a prescription for glasses as the eye still hasn't settled.

Has anyone else had this type of treatment?
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