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Posted 16 Apr 2013 08:46 #71
Whether caused by laser eye surgery or not, there can be no argument that DES - MGD if you prefer - is unarguably a frequent result of eye surgery.

There is also a vast difference between using eye drops occasionally and relying on them like a drug addict just to get through the day!

Before surgery I only occasionally used eye drops (preservative free) when wearing contact lenses - usually in air conditioned environments - but did not have a problem with DES/MGD.

Since surgery I'm frequently in agony feeling like needles are being jabbed in my eyes. Every morning I wake up and have to open my eyes very slowly because of the pain.

The real likelihood of this was not explained to me at my consultation. The consent form lists DES as a possible side effect but does not go into further detail or describe the reality of living with what then is termed MGD.

Laser Eye Surgery - dry eye is a confirmed side effect.

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Not sure about the logic there. I see patients with MGD.every day ( a lot of them) and they have not had laser eye surgery.

Laser eye surgery does not cause MGD. MGD probably pre-existed and symptoms worsened or becam manifest because of a change in the equilibrium of the ocular surface.
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Before my surgery I had never met anyone who suffered with MGD or Dry eyes, or any of the other problems mentioned by so many people here who also hadn't suffered with them before surgery.

I therefore cannot accept these problems were not caused by eye surgery.
by OE Victim
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Posted 10 Apr 2013 21:27 #74
Just to clarify: The concentration of an active agent (antibiotic / steroid) is very high and this along with preservatives can aggravate (not cause) MGD.

Preservative free lubricants should not be contributing to your symptoms. Worth trying different types of lubricants - Sodium Hyalorunate vs Hypromellose. Numerous preparations out there e.g. Hayabak, Hyalocare, Hyaloforte, Hyalotears, Systane Balance.

For MGD/Posterior Blepharitis specifically warm compresses and scrubs daily and Omega 3 (re-esterified) in fairly high doses should help long term
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HI IntheBusiness
In your comment it states that 'eye drops' can cause blepharitis.
Since surgery I have been diagnosed with posterior blepharitis. I have also been left with chronic dry eyes for which I am using preservative free eye drops throughout the day and night. Are you saying that the eye drops could be aggravating or even contributing to the problem? If so, what would you suggest as a solution?

Many thanks
by Poppy
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Many years ago I ended up at Moorfields after suffering months of sore, itchy, runny eyes every time i wore contact lenses. It was discovered I had an allergy to the preservatives in the comfort drops I was using and as soon as i switched to preservative free the problem was gone!

Suffering with problems following laser surgery I was therefore horrified when the optom handed me a bottle of artificial tears as part of my treatment! I have since wondered if many of the reports of blepharatis etc... could be caused by this.

In the same way hospitals provide sterile dressings for wounds surely it makes sense for clinics to similarly avoid some of the post op complications & automatically provide preservative free drops whilst also advising the patient to avoid anything with preservatives.

Of course preservative free eye drops are more expensive so perhaps that has bearing on it.
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Blepharitis - Blephara = Lids -itis = inflammation

Two broad categories: Anterior Blepharitis and Posterior Blepharitis

Causes - mainly:
1) Seborrheic - both anterior and posterior
2) Staphylococcal - anterior )bacterial)
3) Demoxex folliculorum and praevia (parasites)
4) Omega 3 deficiency
5) possibly other essential oil imbalances
6) Eye drops
7) preservatives in eye drops

Just to illustrate this is a very complex area and requires a good clinician with good clinical acumen to diagnose and then treat appropriately.
by InthebusinessnotOE
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Posted 09 Apr 2013 21:46 #78
by Stressed
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Posted 09 Apr 2013 21:40 #79
Can someone PLEASE tell me if I have Blepharitis or MGD????

Today I had a consultation at Optical Express' Harley Street 'Waiting Room' & told I have BLEPHARITIS!!!

The surgeon said this is an infection caused by nasal or throat infection


Can anyone tell me if they have this problem after surgery & if they had it before surgery?
by P***ed Off
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Some consultants will tell you it's the same thing!

Google and read up on Blepharitis and Posterior Blepharitis.

OE have no clue whatsoever!
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